Becoming the General's Wife

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2. Death

The carriage was filled with tears , Colette’s mainly. The frail beauty had been forced onto the carriage, her luscious dark hair was a mess and her piercing blue eyes were red from the tears. Her ‘papa’ waved at her with his false tears as the carriage left and Denise’s mother stood beside him. Her only family being left behind to deal with the monstrosity of the man. The Duke glared at her to speak, just once, to utter the truth to his beloved Colette. But she wouldn’t. She was bound by the oath of servitude. She was sure to die, if she did so.

Colette took Denise’s hand and she she pushed her away. Denise didn’t have a good relationship with Colette. Colette was spoiled rotten, to put it simply. She cried and wailed when things didn’t go her way. She didn’t have any apparent charms apart from her face. Even Denise could give credit where it was due. Colette was an enchanting beauty. That was the description shared by the gentlemen that spoke of her. She had dark black hair, crystal blue eyes, pale white skin and pink full lips. She was in every sense of the word, a societal knock out. Some of her suitors called her a fairy. It wasn’t wrong.

Her short comings however, were many. She wasn’t the brightest of the brunch and it was truly incredible that she was the product of the vile man she had left at the capital. God was unfair. Mentioning her short comings was too tedious for Denise, she had to prepare for the General. She had acquired a book from the merchants. A book that spoke of the General and his deeds. At such a young age and the Blood Lord already had books about him. The book literally mentions him as the Blood Lord at every single moment. The author must be a fanatic or a lunatic.

“Denise, I know we haven’t been the best of friends, but I just want you to know that it’s just the two of us now. We have to stick together. Lets be friends”

The goddess sniffed into her handkerchief.

“I am only to act as your personal maid. I am to act as your eyes and ears and provide you with the necessary information to keep you alive.”

“Thank you, but you’re also supposed to dress me, bathe me, prepare my tea when I ask, and all in all, care for me. Ah yes! ensure that I am fed without poison and then keep me alive and away from his lordship.”

“That as well.” Denise almost clicked her tongue.

“Keeping me company is also part of the roles as my personal maid.”

“My lady, do you know how his lordship defeated his enemies in the War of Codes?”

She scoffed, “No. Am I supposed to? You do that.”

“That is exactly what I’m doing my lady”

The journey was quiet.

“My lady, the road is too narrow, we may have to walk”the coachman declared after stopping the carriage.

“What do you mean walk?” Colette asked unhappy at the thought of walking, sullying her dress and maybe high society finding out about it.

“The carriage cannot pass with passengers inside, I ask my lady, to walk ahead and then I will make my way with the carriage.”

Colette huffed and puffed but the coachman was right. We had to get out. Moreover, it was still daylight and two of the Hildebrand knights were with us. It was marginally safe.

“Come now Denise, we will sully our shoes.”

“Yes my lady.”

Denise had to accept her role eventually.

The knights crossed first, ensuring that it was safe. They stood at the other end of the road, waiting for the two women.

It was time for Denise and Colette to cross.

“I will cross ahead of you. I am your master.” Her face couldn’t get any longer at this foolery.

Denise sighed and nodded. Colette began to walk.

“Tell me Denise, why am I being married to this man?”

Denise froze. It was completely unexpected for Colette to even ask these questions. She had a mind?

“Don’t look at me like that. I know that sometimes, I can be a bit, dumb.”

You don’t say.

“But “she continued, “I am not an utter idiot. So tell me Denise, why am I marrying this man?”

Denise opened her mouth to speak but the oath lingered in her mind. She could speak but the consequences would be dire. That was the effect of the Miller Oath. An oath of complete servitude, if broken by any Miller, the consequences would speak for itself. Denise was taught as a child. Colette was aware of this as well.

“I’m sorry my lady.”

She sighed, “I appreciated the secrecy at least” Colette turned and smiled at her, “I do hope I can be happy with him, you know?”

Denise saw the small falling rocks before she saw the bolder making its way to Colette.

“Ever since mother died, I hoped that papa would love me a bit more. Maybe, he wouldn’t look at me with contempt sometimes. Maybe...”

Denise jumped on Colette, falling off the edge and the bolder rolled after them.

Denise was seeing dark spots, her legs were heavy. A large shadow loomed above her, the bolder had crushed her legs. she began crying. Next to her lay Colette, unharmed. Denise was dying.

“Colette” she croaked, “You have to get help.”

For herself.

Denise was going to die like this, miserably and with so much regret. if only she wasn’t a servant. If only she wasn’t shackled by this oath. She hated her life and how she had lived it so far.

“Colette, he sold you to cover up his mistakes. You are his scapegoat. When you go back, fight for yourself, your life is yours. Don’t beg for his love, he will never love anyone. Live Colette, live.”

Denise fell onto the grass. She didn’t have anything else to say, her mother would mourn and the Duke, well he’d be happy to get one problem off his chest. Many were to come.

Goodbye world.

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