Becoming the General's Wife

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8. Do It

You can do this Denise.

She stared at the mirror and Colette stared back. She was torturing herself. How could she ‘give away’ Colette’s body. She barely paid attention to anything when the maids were giving her her bath. Colette would be reeling that Denise was openly contemplating just doing it. She was back in the newly wed chambers, dressed in something that hid nothing. Where was the fabric? She never noticed the maids slipping it on her because she was too caught up in the act itself in her head.

When they were done and she was deposited in the room, alone. She saw everything. Who requested this? White sheets with dark covers, sultry scents filled the room, rose petals on the floor and bed and two jugs of (she sniffed it) wine.

How was she supposed to get out of this one? Teleportation? Telepathy? Transmutation? Alchemy? All unavailable options for her limited skill set. She paced the room. What was Colette’s game plan? Obviously she didn’t plan on getting this far in the marriage, not even the wedding itself was in her ‘to do list’.

Denise groaned and sat on the bed. She stood up quickly when the door opened and the general walked in, his clothes practically falling off his body. Who walked around their own castle in this manner? His hair was dripping wet, a shower. He was thoughtful.


He was not thoughtful. At all.

“Seduce me” she replied.

She was mad. She just had to be. Who in their right mind would... The general was in her face and on her lips the minute she finished her poor excuse of a taunt. His hand went lower and she was directed slowly backwards. She didn’t realize they were on the bed until he was on top of her, his shirt gone.

“My lord” she wanted to protest but he was on her lips again and everything seemed to disappear.

Author’s note: I decided I’d delve deeper into this ‘First Night’ as a special chapter later on. Bare with me here. It will all come together. Eventually.

Carry on now.

The birds were not singing and the room was very quiet. She was alone. Her back hurt. Her morning as glorious as it was, was not reflected in her current state. Her hips, they hurt the most. Her legs, they barely moved the way they should be moving in a normal capacity.

“My lady” a maid was at the door. How efficient were these maids?

“A bath has been prepared for you” she really was happy to hear that. In one agonizing painful motion, she was led to her bath. There it was...solace. Absolute solace. At first it was painful but it melted away. Just like how she wished all her problems would melt away.

The maids massaged her shoulders and kept the bubbles coming. She was in heaven. Once she was done and her stiff limb and sore muscles were bearable she went to bed in her room. On her bedside table was a letter. She was in pain but it might be useful, probably detrimental to her suvival.

She opened it and the handwriting almost made her choke.

To Her Lady, The Duchess of the Northern Gates,

My name is Harry Wellington, of Wellington Inventions. I was recently under the employ of your father, who was my investor in my engineering practices. However, he has sent me a letter, essentially cutting me off of our promised agreement. Kindly ascertain my dues with your servant, Denise Miller, regarding the agreement. It would be most kind.


Harry Wellington.

Harry was in the streets. The bloody duke had nicked him the moment Denise was announced dead. She was angry, very angry. But this was an opportunity, she hoped she could make this work. She had a lengthy letter to write.

The General expected her audience at breakfast the next morning. She didn’t expect to see him again after the previous day’s events but the man wanted to see her. Did he have feelings for her? Had she unexpectedly broken the barriers to entry that were this man’s heart?


“This man, he’s a wanted criminal.” The General held her letter with ease and no shame whatsoever.

Denise went red. “You read my letter”

“I have men that do that, something interesting as this is the only reason it has been brought to my attention.”

He was a cold cold man.

“Yes, he is a wanted criminal.”

“You’re aware of this and you still call for him.”

“It’s terrible thing that was done to him” she tried to maintain whatever dignity she had left.

“A mad genius”

“He was exiled from his home country of Cygan because of his inventions but he has sworn his loyalty to me”

Interest, that was the feeling he gave off when she said that.

“Why you? Why would a Magical Tinkerer offer their loyalty to you?”

“Because I gave him a home when he had none”

And the general laughed.

The fact that Harry had sent a letter to her through Colette’s name meant that the oath was still in fact working. He was an exiled tinkerer, he did have his original name scraped from the Books of Cygan and the reason he swore his fealty to her is because she promised him a way to bring his inventions to the top of the Verradus magic and scientific world.

“My relationship with him is of no concern to you my lord, but he is detrimental to the Viler Business and whatever goals you have in store for it.” He hadn’t explained that to her and she was bringing it to his attention any way she could.

The General stared at her and smiled. The room went cold.

“Bring him in”

In walked a very large man, he held an even larger axe. He was bald except for the small bundle of hair tied at the center of his head. In his hand was a hunting bag.

“Hank, I do believe you haven’t met my wife”

He huffed as a response. The man huffed.

“This is my right hand man, Hank.” The general was kind enough to introduce him,” Hank, kindly drop the man. ”

Anvil proceeded to ‘deposit’ a restrained Harry on the floor. How did he get here so soon?

“Harry” she exclaimed running to him. The general caught her before she could get to him.

“I am not privy to allowing my wife to run fondly to other men.”

She had to still herself. Only she could get the both of them out of this situation.

“My Lord”



He smiled, “Yes, my dear.”

“You’re being rude to our guest.”

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