Becoming the General's Wife

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9. Dream

Denise had saved them. Harry was hurriedly escorted out the room by her maid. The General sat there, a smile on his face. A kind one it was not.

“So...wife. Inform me.”

Of what?

“Pardon me, I don’t seem to understand your request my lord.”

“What elaborate plan have you come up with for my new business venture?”

“I wish I could answer that my lord but seeing as you have also declined to share some information with me, I have no plan” she paused “at the moment.”


“What information do you require?”

“What is the purpose of your business? What product or service do you wish to offer to the market?”

He laughed, “Dear wife. ” he leaned forward and she felt her cheeks flush. He truly was a handsome man, it was a shame how twisted his personality was.

“I want to conquer the Verradus Economy”

She choked on her own saliva. She was coughing wildly, not a care of how she looked.

“You’re mad. It’s impossible. ”

“Oh...I do believe its possible.”

“My theory...regardless of ...” cough “what ideas it might’ve sparked...” more coughing “it has no potential to monopolize the market.”

“Wife, you made a theory based off of a fairy tale, you and Lord Stuart worked on inventions that...”

“Are theorized. You’re saying that magic stones are real and they exist in the mines of the Northern gates and you want to bring those inventions to fruition, so that you can monopolize the economy but whoever controls the economy needs the military to take over...”

No. Impossible. She looked up at him after her blabbering monologue.

“You want to conquer the country.”

“And this is why I married you, Colette. You can bring my dream to life.” he turned to his servant, “Prepare the horses and Harry Wellington. We’re leaving for the mines.”

Denise was in shock. The General was mad. He had lost his bloody mind. He was the only man in the country with absolute authority over the Verradus military and now he wanted to conquer the economy. If he did, it would cause an uproar in the country. The nobles would be outraged. But what could be done? The emperor could do nothing. The man practically owned his entire country. Revolts would be minuscule, the nobility were few in numbers, there was no law that could ultimately stop him. He would be unstoppable.

She was brought out of her thoughts when her ‘husband’ lifted her on a massive horse. A black horse, fitting for the General.

He climbed next to her and they road away.

It was a jerking experience. She had ridden horses before but not one as massive and powerful as this one. She watched the autumn scenery change. From the paved roads of the Northern Town to the golden forests. It was beautiful, until they stopped.

“We walk from here.”

She was glad she wore boots. He helped her off and they walked forward, deeper into the forest. The beauty slowly dissipated as they walked further inside.

“My lord” she was scared. Her knees were probably knocking together, creating an intense jarring sound.

He stopped.

“Yes wife”

He was enjoying this, the bastard.

“How much further?” she tried to smile.

“We’re here already.”

But there was nothing there. Just trees and up ahead, a cliff.

“Come wife”

“Where are we going?” screw manners

“The cliff”

The words, they echoed in her brain creating despair.

“No.” she stood her ground and he scooped her up with little abandon. He was her husband after all.

“Let me go!” she shouted hitting his chest.

“Help me! Somebody!” He was getting closer and closer to the cliff.

He clicked his tongue and jumped. She didn’t scream. She just waited patiently for death once more.

“My lady? Are you alright?”

Stuart. That was Stuart’s voice.

She opened her eyes and found herself on some sort of bed. It was a massive and circular bed.

“Stuart” she said, she hugged him, “He wanted to kill me. He should’ve fed me to the raptors instead. Thank you for saving me Stuart. He was such a horrid man, a horrid man.”

“Wife” it was a command. Not even a consolation prize.

She looked up and there stood the mad man, his sword drawn. She jumped off and pulled Stuart behind her.

“No. You wanted to kill me and you still want to kill me. ”

“So you married your attempted murderer?” he smiled.

“Unfortunately” he was in her face. He cupped her face, it was gentle.


Stuart scurried from behind her.

“Wife, you’re testing me.”

“Then explain why we jumped off a cliff and why am I still alive”

She hadn’t noticed but there was a large group of people around them, watching them with curiosity.

“The entrance.”

Self control.

“I wish my lord had explained that earlier other than jumping off without my knowledge.”

“I thought it would be fun. But you seem to annoy me at every turn.”

He was so close, his lips grazed hers. She too that as an insinuation and she grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him. He responded eagerly.

She got that right. Thank God.

She broke the kiss and he just stared at her, like prey. A look of added curiosity to his new prey. But she was flushed. She didn’t expect herself to do that but she felt that she had to. He was nudging her to do it without words. But she was still mad.

“My lord, may I receive a reward for your ignorance?”

“Ignor...” he didn’t even finish his statement before she slapped him.

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