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Be a Guy, just to be Gay

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Arlena Flionne Gyrre reincarnated into another world just after her 18th birthday in Earth. She was unlucky enough to die in such a young age but she gained more misfortune in the world she is living right now as Athen Jin Vorx. Gender Discrimination. One of the most awful experiences women experienced in Earth in the past, however, She never experienced it in her past life. She never knew it was this horrible. After being sold off into slavery, she died by being tortured to death by her 'owner', she then wished to be born again as a man to fix this twisted world.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Not yet...

Arlena Flionne Gyrre, 17 years old. I was considered a beauty and a smart woman. I was used to being praised and being rewarded. Modern society was boring as it was safe if you have money and power. I was naive but because of my family background, I was on the top of the world in a blink of an eye. I was born in the era where gender equality existed and no one judged you for who you are except for some petty people.

Since I was naive, I made a huge mistake in my own company because I was betrayed by my lover. My business fell down as well as myself. I was in distress so I committed something I never knew I could do in my 18th birthday. I committed suicide..

I soon woke up as a baby, a baby girl.. I was calm and collected because I've read way too many comics and novels about reincarnation and et cetera. I was wondering if I could live a good life in this life but my naive self was once again betrayed...


I am now called Athen Jin Vorx, daughter of the Count in the western side of the kingdom. I have an older brother but he hates me for being a 'woman' and an illegitimate daughter of the household. Yes, I'm an illegitimate child of this household. I was only accepted in this house because my mother died due to child birth and I had the blood of their family.

Although this family is a Count's family, this household is in charge of the whole western side military called Orpthx. The military had a symbol of snake and tiger similar to the Count's crest which had a Dragon and a mythical beast that is formed like a lion.

The Vorx household is the strongest household in the whole western side of the kingdom. They did were not raised into a Marquis or a Duke household because of the lack of wealth and supporters from the Dukes and Marquis' who are in charge of maintaining the equality of the area. But the citizens exactly knew the reason why the County wasn't raising in rank, it was because the higher ups were afraid of losing their power.

And I, as the daughter of the Count, couldn't do anything. Despite being a weak, naive and frail woman, I was being treated in luxury because a few gold is still worth a lot of money and even if the family is not wealthy, we have enough to support everyone living and working in this place.

I am currently turning into 16 years old tomorrow. Sadly, living my life here is lonely as I have no friends and the maids are only a few and they're always working. My father is always busy but he takes good care of me. My brother is a jerk and he takes the discrimination between genders way to much and I know there are many more out there like him.

"Young Miss, your tea is here."

"Okay, Thanks! Just put it there on the table."

I smiled at the maid and she got out of the room.


What? What just happe---EEKKK!!!



I nodded due to panicking and fear of this man in front of me covering my mouth.

He is handsome. I know it just by looking at his eyes. Even though he wore a mask, I can tell it! He is a HANDSOME VILLAIN OF SOME SORTT! His midnight blue and an ashy highlighted hair, bloody-red eyes, nice body figure and he's goddamn tall! MY TYPE EXACTLY!

He let his hand go and said, "Please keep this a secret" and just left.

I stood there in a daze, just staring at the window he broke where he had entered and exited. I hope I could meet him in the future. ACKKK!


I pinched myself to go back to reality.

"Now, how do I fix this..."


_What? That asshole is here? _ is what I want to say but.. Argh! Never mind!

"Let him in. Ah- no wait." I quickly covered up the mess by letting the curtains down and quickly cleaned the dust in the floor.

"Let him in now."


The sound of the door opening made a loud noise in a very quiet and airy room.

"Hey sis." The man infront of me is my half-brother Lewis Dan Vorx. He is a very average looking guy with a great physique and a talented artist. He might be great but he is a jerk! He got the same purple eyes and dark brown hair like me but my hair is lighter than his. He got the characteristics of a true Vorx by being great in sword and arts.

"What is it brother?"

"I'll save you."

"What? What nonsense is this?"

"Father will sell you off."


"I know... I'm sorry but You really need to escape.... I warned you."

"SHUT UP!!!!"

He then quietly left the room while I stood there in rage.


"When is the set date?"

"Don't be hasty Sir Froix. The goods are ready next week."


"What is it Sir-"

"Vorx. I'm Vorx."

"Yes Sir Vorx?"

"I'm still trying to be the good father you know? Just wait for 2 weeks. It's not yet ready. Just 2 weeks."


"Are you sure about this Sir Froix?"

"Shut up merchant."

"Tch. Fine."

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