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A message brought from another world, this is the waking call for adorning the Earth, and though it carries warnings of what threatens us, it carries the seed for our plan how to respond

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What you’re reading is an ongoing search for people open to what I say…even though this one isn’t my world.

You can just call me the Kosmokomeno. My life began on this same planet, but where I come from, Alexandros (the Great here/ the Divine there) lived long enough to establish Κόσμοκομένη Γῆ - his beautifully-ordered Kosmokomene Ge. My home endured the tests of power and became a world adorned, but only because our people reached the threshold of Beyond and survived (but that was over a millennium before now…). I’m upfront about where I’m from because it’s best to avoid people who can’t grasp figurative language, and for those who do enjoy metaphor and continue on, I’m offering my insight into what approaches your world, bringing you this story:

Let there be nine spirits embodying the cosmic adornment, and each of us shares ties with each of them – yet always one connection is stronger than the rest. As for me, I’m entangled in the knot of souls brought together through the spirit Innamable, all those free and unconstrained who fulfill destiny by doing anything needed for adorning worlds. That sense of freedom is why I responded to another spirit’s invitation and made the unlikely journey that brought here me to you.

The call came from the spirit who peers through the Beyond, the Perspectator, by the efforts of an embodiment born onto Earth. A boy when he forged the connection and opened the way, he’s now a man ensnared by dreaming and planning – especially since your world is being racked by a bout of voracious greed. Alone he has no hope of escaping the Beyond, not without some connection to this world, the kind that people like you can provide. I am here to help him find you, and for you to find him and those with him. This is why the Innamable brought me to your world, bearing this call for awakening the adornment of the Earth. And as you follow along, you see it stirring, you witness its beginning because it confronts you now with these very words.

This message works only for those concerned enough about the future to actually do something (more than complaining), later it will take deeper stories and actions to convince the rest to help. Anything that might happen to this world has happened elsewhere in cosmic-existence, but still no one can predict how a climax of history goes. I myself have witnessed the ways that worlds both survive and perish, and here all I can do is hope that enough Adorners find these words and reach out to their own spirit.

While the Perspectator convey ideas and stories that inspire the adornment for this world, we Innamable fulfill any role to make that inspiration reality. Right now, this means finding Wayfinder, whose own destiny is to locate and awaken the remaining adorning spirits from among humanity’s billions.

The first spirit, Perspectator, is different from the others because only one person is needed to carry the ideas that rouse the rest, and when he finds the first Innamable and Wayfinder of Earth, they will form the foundation for adornment. That isn’t to say these words aren’t meant to invite everyone of any spirit to participate, don’t forget this is a message for your world. Whether you know it or not, everyone will face an unfamiliar choice, “Am I the kosmic or the chasmic?” Every being and every world is confronted with this dilemma, but who would fare better than those adorned in the beautifully-ordered good?

The nine spirits of the adornment are already deeply tied to this world, they are universal concepts, and they are at the heart of the Perspectator’s work. Spreading these ideas and stories is how we sound the call that awakens Adorners around the globe. It begins with a theme that warns that as humanity’s power grows, so do the consequences of decisions, offering both humanity’s most beautiful hopes and our most unsettling fears.

Right now, these words I carry from the Beyond are meant for you frontline Adorners, those people already awaiting this movement and this moment. Together, we can first approach this deep and heavy topic through the lightheartedness of entertainment, where everyone can learn the difference between worlds kosmic & chasmic. Through the escapism provided by other worlds, they can watch as those in beautiful-order usher gracefully into their climax of history, while worlds discordant, hollow and polluted struggle with their own ramifications. It’s already begun with this game-like message, where spirits find likeminded souls and organize them into the Adorners. So playing along, perhaps you’ll imagine your future history, consider truly participating, what you might do, and so find the spirit entangling you…

Innamable have one purpose: to fulfill whatever role is needed in adorning the world; they are the free & uncontainable, and when their soul is corrupted, they approach two extremes: the aimless Trespassed or those unaware of being controlled, the Chattel
(And any wild effort needs inspiration and direction…)

Perspectator look through the Beyond for answers that aren’t in experience or reality, they are the imaginative & creative, but in the extremes they become the deluded Tangled, or else the hardheaded & rigid Sclerotic
(But eyes fixed on the Beyond cannot easily pay attention to Reality…)

Wayfinder have a foot in Beyond and in Reality, they are the hopeful & ready who search for other Adorners, but in the extremes they can become the naïve & reckless Decoy, or corrupted by despair to become the Harnessed
(And collecting Adorners requires a place for them to call home…)

Set are the prepared & fulfilled whose role is to establish a community for all Adorners, but in the extremes they can lose their purpose and, driven by the wrong reasons, become the Wretched, or even replace it with their own self-centered desire as the Hollow
(Yet, to establish a place in this world requires resources…)

Acceptant fulfill riskier duties by dealing with the earthly concerns of riches and resources; their extremes are those whose desires overcome the drive to adorn as the Voracious, or as those who don’t even realize their corruption as the Deniant
(Now to ensure the Adorners have effective guidance, they must be informed…)

Striver are the curious and eager to learn, in the extreme they can become the obsessed, fixated Absorbed, or even get lost so deeply that they become narrow-minded, and unaware of it, as the Myopic

(As the Adorners grow, they need protection from threats within and without…)

Unclouded are the fair-minded and protective who guard the interests of the Adorners, and so face high risks of corruption; in one extreme becoming the controlling Pillager as the other lose any grip on righteousness as the vengeful & unjust Haunted
(And for this specialized system to work, harmony is essential…)

Entwined have open minds for tying together the adornment itself as with the rest of the world, organizers who avoid losing perspective to become the conformist Mimic while resisting the other extreme, becoming the aggressive & discordant Shattered

(Finally, as the Adorners take form on the Earth, they need a heart…)

The Kosmic offer guidance for the others, the wise and universally-minded who risk falling victim to pride as the Parodic, or even rejecting the adornment as part of its adversary, the personification of emptiness, the Chasmic

The strength of your ties with each spirit, or its degree of corruption, are things only you can decide – as whether you help adorn the world. But if you have come this far, you’re probably one who heeds the Adorner’s call, and for you there is more to learn with this message from the first Perspectator:

These words are an introduction to a narrative that is as elaborate as it is ambitious. Its aim is to explain a set of deep ideas about our world and a complex plan of action by disguising it as entertainment.

The adornment of the world has real and practical implications for society, its first real-world goal is illustrated in the concept Striver, a spirit that represents the independent Academe, our world’s system of research & education. Its driving goal is to transform the state so that human knowledge is free from control of politicians and the elite interests who control them. Both groups form the segment of society that profits from our problems, one deriving power and the other money to bribe them for that power, and all because they control the institutions responsible for solving the very problems that cement their position. While politicians and elite interests have incentive to cultivate our problems, their opposites in the Academe derive success by eliminating these problems, and yet they are treated like subordinates to the most corrupt people in our world. When will the public distinguish between the system that’s finding our solutions and the one milking our problems for power and money?

This far reaching reform extends into providing actual oversight against government corruption, because as an independent branch of the state, it also has the tools to supply the judiciary with evidence of malfeasance and illegality. In the economy, it unleashes the full potential of our experts in technology and problem-solving by devoting public resources without consideration for the wealthy’s status quo. Most importantly, it gives humanity a common, global goal that simultaneously diminishes the inequality and division that encourage and conflict.

I should stop here because the Academe merits its own message, and I only want to provide a brief introduction to the complexity of adornment because developing this process further is going to be done with other Adorners. So to help gain perspective, you should recognize that there are multiple ways to look at it, but I recommend three dimensions specifically, and they’re described relative to that thing we all share, reality:

Realistic: the sympathetic & the practical see it as an organization and strategy for reform, a tool made more effective through its other aspects, a unique form of long-term public outreach

Irrealistic: the enthusiastic &the driven embrace the metaphor, fans of the art & entertainment who see it as a channel for using what usually distracts us to achieve something beautiful

Superrealistic: the passionate &the committed focus on the ideas at the heart of both organization and metaphor as expressions of their own personal drive, the most strident supporters who live the adornment – in other words, the people with the strongest ties to the spirits

One person might see an entertaining game that melds works of fiction with a narrative to affect reality, another a global reform movement with a unique method for growth, and someone else might simply find existential answers – or likely see all three perspectives. But they are all of them Adorners.

By reaching out to the public through arts and entertainment, we introduce the dilemma at the threshold of Beyond through stories that embody the themes, conflicts and goals of adornment. In this outreach stage (the spirit campaign), nine core groups are formed to carry this out:

The Innamable are the default group, until all others are ready;
Perspectator are the creatives whose stories, music and art describe adornment;
while the
Wayfinder are the networkers who’ll seek out the other Adorners…

The Set oversee community and the democratic process;
Acceptant are in charge of financial interests;
and the
Striver embody the free Academe, the primary goal for reform.

To protect the Adorners’ interests, the Unclouded oversee security and legal affairs;
Entwined coordinate both between these groups and with the wider world;
and those with universal perspective, the
Kosmic, relinquish their earthly concerns in the name of ethics, to forge the central guidance of the adornment out of desire to avoid corruption.

This is how it looks, but I can only see the seed when it’s meant to become a global tree, so its shape should change as it grows. Until then, let’s hope the Kosmokomeno succeeds in planting that seed – by waking up Wayfinder, so he’ll conclude things:

This is a hilariously ambitious and intricate plan, clearly, but having read these words, is there any reflection on the reason it’s necessary? Your world demands desperate persuasion that it’s lacking the one thing necessary for not only confronting the threshold of Beyond, but for any global problem, for any of those metaphorical slow boils to match the more literal one in your atmosphere! What your world needs is adornment, whose definition I quote, roughly, from my own world:

“An embodiment of what ideas and goodness unites humankind”

This is not the unity envisioned by the very governments who’ve shattered the world with catastrophic warfare, legitimized theft and murder, and it’s not the goodness defined by groups convinced that being good belongs exclusively to them. These ridiculous ironies only illustrate the soul-polluting aspects of this world, why it’s so vulnerable and desperate, and most of all, why free knowledge is necessary. If you want to live in the beautiful world, if you are one of the Adorners…reach out, introduce yourself to your spirit, and forward this chance to other Adorners, too!

(Reaching out to your spirit, you will receive a canned response with specific information about what’s ahead, and be assured that your contact information is for the Adorners alone)

writing & editing, illustrations, musicians & composers, and more – even critics:


social media, marketing & fundraising, non-profit:


customer service & hospitality, human resources, events organizing:


Business & finances, investment, entrepreneurs:


Academics & education, journalists & analysts, any expert knowledge:


Legal affairs, forensic accounting, self-defense:


politics, public relations, grassroots organizing:


this world lacks the concept embodied here, but Pontiff means bridge builder:


anyone, but especially programmers and web designers:


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