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The Incubus [MXM]

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Noah Duffy was an average college student. Then he met a lunatic who said he was a vampire and bit him to prove it. Said lunatic turns out to be more authentic than Noah thought. Worse still- Noah is becoming just like him and he’s powerless to stop it.

Fantasy / Romance
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Gay Thoughts Can’t Catch Noah

Tony had invited me to a party at his parents lake house. It was finals week but how could I say no to my roomie? Anyways, even though I knew it was a bad idea I also knew that I needed to get laid. I'd been so unbearably horny lately and it was like every girl I was with didn't do it enough for me.

I needed something to loosen up a little bit. The first few days of tests and extra stress were a bit much for my brain and I needed alcohol and hopefully weed and boobs to soothe it.

And I did not regret a single second of that party.

Well... at first I didn't.

"Tony, hey," I drawled and slung my arm over his shoulder. He was one of few people that was shorter than me. It was quite a feat considering my meager stature of five foot, four inches.

He glanced up at me and looked a little bit startled. His cheeks pinkened a bit but I decided that it was the alcohol.

"What's up, Duffy?" He smiled and smoothly slid back.

I rolled my eyes, "ugh, if I ever get married I'm taking my wife's name. Duffy is so lame."

He looked at the ground, "yeah," Tony shrugged, "your wife."

I found that odd but maybe it was a recent break up or something.

"Well I'm gonna hop. Meet back up later when I'm drunk and high?" I grinned and walked backwards.

"Drunk and high," he inclined his head with a charming smile. I wormed into the crowd and high fived a few familiar faces before eyeing the drink table. And food. Delicious, delicious food. Had to have snacks for the Munchies.

I picked out a red solo cup and filled it up with whatever was in the big keg. It tasted fine to me, I could roll with it.

A hand tapped on my shoulder. I could feel the acrylic nails all ready. With a turn I saw a girl in stilettos and a skin tight pink dress. The lipstick was heavy but oddly attractive. And the boobs. Right in my face. Hot.

I leaned back against the table.

"Looking for something?" I gave her my most charming smile and flicked my tongue over my lower lip.

She responded with an equally seductive smile and pushed her bosom against me. I rolled my bottom lip between my teeth. It was early but not too early.

I kissed hard and cupped the curvature of her spine as we tumbled into an empty room. It was dim but I was horny and her tits were rubbing me in all the right ways.

A soft moan escaped her when I slipped my fingers through her silky brown hair and tugged at the roots.

"Ah," she gasped and bit down on her lip. "I wanna blow you."

Blood rushed straight to my dick when I pictured her lips sealing tightly around the base.

"Get on your knees then, baby," I cooed with a smirk and didn't release her hair as she sank down and pulled my erection out of my jeans.

A deep groan erupted from my throat as she wrapped those pretty red lips around the tip and stroked the slit with her tongue.

"Fuuuck," I hissed and tightened my grip as she sank deeper on my shaft. "That's it, come on, baby."

I was getting too caught up in the sex that I hadn't even thought about closing the door. Her mouth was just so warm and easy to fuck that I was stuck in the mesmerizing motion of pushing my cock in and out of the wet cavern.

"Ah, that's good," I bucked my hips and drew closer and closer to coming. A shocked gasp and the loud creaking of the door rocketed me out of my pleasure as we both looked at the intrusion.

Tony looked surprised and a little bit pissed too.

He recovered quickly and set his jaw as he glared at the woman on her knees with my dick still wet from her mouth.

"Get out," he scowled and I quickly tried to push my length back in my pants as I hurried to leave.

"Tony, look-"

"Not you," he narrowed his eyes at me, "her."

I watched with mortification as she scurried out of the room as fast as possible with bright red cheeks. Tony stomped over to me.

"I- okay, I should have closed the door and I'm super sorry. If we could just-"

He shoved me backwards. I yelped softly when I landed partially on the bed.

"So you want to get your dick sucked, then? In my room?" Tony scowled and shoved my chest down against the mattress. I was so confused.

"This is your-"

"The only person sucking anyone's dick in here," her ground out and dropped to his knees, "is me."

Before I could even argue my cock was in his throat. I gasped and released a surprised moan.

What the fuck was happening? I though Tony was straight. I thought I was straight.

I banished the thought immediately. I was straight. This couldn't actually be happening. It was just- I-

"Tony," I gasped, "oh- fuck, Tony."

He sucked hard and vigorously until I couldn't handle the pleasure anymore. I fisted my hand in his hair and fucked his face mercilessly. I didn't hold back like I had with that woman. I fucked him. That little voice had crumpled to nothing within the heat of Tony's mouth.

"Oh god," I hissed and pulled at his hair, "yeah, yeah, I'm close. I'm gonna come on you, Tony. I'm gonna come on your face."

He moaned happily around my dick and let me fuck him obediently. I clenched my jaw tight and screwed his mouth until I jerked my dick out and jacked it a few times before I busted my load all over his flushed face.

Tony panted and swallowed gently as he gazed up at me under half closed eyes. He looked positively fucked out- and just from a blowjob.

Then I realized that it was a man between my legs. A man.

I jerked out of my trance and threw myself off the bed as I shoved my dick back into my underwear.

"I- I have to pee," I squeaked and ran out of the room like a bat out of Hell.

I was deep in the wooded back area of Tony's estate. I could still see the house and hear the party but no one would find me here. The moon was bright and round tonight. I could easily see through the little clearing I was in.

My mind was a mess. It was a sharp contrast from the tranquil sounds of nature.

What had just happened? Did I really nut from a blowjob from a guy? I couldn't believe it. I really couldn't. It was all so fucking surreal.

But one thing wasn't a lie- that I had to pee, I mean. I really did. I just needed a bit of fresh air. With a heavy sigh and a shake of my head I stood behind a tree in case anyone came from the house. My dick was flaccid now, but I could still feel his mouth on it. I quickly erased the sensation from my mind.

I wasn't gay.

With that final thought I released my bladder with a deep groan. After a moment I shook it a bit and tucked my member back inside my underwear.

A branch snapped loudly a few feet from me.

I whirled around with my fly still unzipped.

Nothing was there.

I swallowed hard and shook away the creeping apprehension. It was nothing. The biggest animal out here was a woodpecker.

Another snap! on my other side. I looked again. Still nothing. This time I thought maybe it was a prank.

"Hello?" I called nervously and glanced around, "is this a joke? If it is, it's not working. You guys can't-"

Another crack! right behind me. I yelped in terror and glanced back. Still nothing.

"You can't s-scare me," I sounded uncertain, "this really isn't funny. Stop playing games, guys. It's not-"

I screamed when claws dug into my back and a heavy body slammed me stomach first into a nearby tree trunk. I yelled and kicked and thrashed without restraint as my assailant held me firm against the tree.

"Hold still, little incubus," a man whispered in my ear. Those talons pushed in harder. "Or I'll rip you to pieces."

I quieted when he wrapped a hand around my throat as a warning.

"Who are you?" I breathed out shakily as my body pressed harder against the rough bark. "What do you want from me?"

"Want from you?" He mocked me in an arrogant tone, "you know what I am. You know what I want."

He emphasized the want with a chaste kiss on my neck. I tensed up. This was too much gay for one night.

"What are you?" I squeaked and bit down on my bottom lip.

His body pressed flush against me. I was acutely aware of how much bigger the man was now. I could feel the hardness of his torso against my back, the muscles beneath his clothing.

"Don't play coy with me, demon," he snapped and the hand around my throat tightened. "You're going through the change. I could smell the reek from a mile away."

"The- the what? What change?" I faltered. What the hell was he talking about?

I gasped when he jerked me around and shoved my back against the tree.

And wow I wasn't gay. I knew I wasn't. I liked boobs and girls and pussy and I was most definitely straight.

But this man... he was admittedly the most handsome person I'd ever met.

His hair was wavy and black and swept to the side by the wind. His eyes were dark and glowing at the same time. They were a warm brown color that contrasted harshly with the glare he was giving me.

"Don't tell me you don't know," he snarled, "Incubi don't abandon each other. Who is your mentor? Who is taking you through the change?"

I was now convinced that he was actually insane.

"Please," I whimpered and scrunched my eyes shut, "please don't hurt me. I don't know what you're talking about."

I hadn't noticed I was biting my lip so hard until I busted it. He stiffened and watched the blood bloom on it.

An arrogant smirk appeared on his face.

"What a stupid little thing you are," he mused, "don't you know not to bleed in front of a vampire. Especially not when your blood smells so good."

A wh-

My mind went blank as he pressed his lips against mine and swiped the blood off my lip with his tongue. I pushed at him and whined helplessly as he forced his tongue between my lips. I thrashed harder and when he wouldn't get off me I bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood.

The man shoved back and scowled at me as he whispered a few curses.

"Bad move, little thing," he said darkly and I went to run but he only slammed me back against the tree and lunged for my throat as he sank what could only be described as fangs into the tender flesh. I was so shocked that when I opened my mouth to scream, nothing came out.

Of course I fought him. I thrashed and kicked and pushed but his grip was firm and unyielding.

"S-stop!" I gasped and writhed against his hard body, "stop, it hurts! It-"

I cut myself off with a different kind of pain. My gums ached and pierced until something- something broke the skin. I could taste my own blood as I cried out and went limp against my assailant.

He pulled back slowly and methodically as his tongue dragged over the bite.

"What-" he began and tilted my head back before squeezing my cheeks to force my mouth open and observe my new and mysterious wound. "Who are you?"

I was a bit dazed and light headed so I didn't answer right away. The man shook me a bit and forced me to look at him.

"Who are you?" He growled and I trembled partially in terror and partially in fatigue.

"I-I- Noah?" I didn't know what else he wanted from me.

He frowned again but the glare softened.

"So you really don't know," he tsked, "stupid little thing."

And then his mouth enclosed on my own and I didn't even have the strength to fight back.

His tongue pressed inside my mouth and I tried to push at his chest but I only ended up pulling him closer. The man- the... vampire- licked the blood off my lower lip and inside my mouth. I let out a breathless sigh and dug my fingers into his shirt as I endured the kiss.

Eventually he pushed back to let me breath but the minute he released me my knees buckled and I slid to the ground.

My head was fuzzy. My mouth hurt. My neck hurt.

He stared down at me with a look of disdain.

"Get up. We're leaving."

"N-no," I whimpered, "no."

Then I heard a shout far off. It may have been far, but I would recognize my best friend anwhere.

"Noah! Noah!" He cried and I could hear the thumping of his feet among the foliage. The vampire turned partially and sniffed the air with a look of disgust.

"Another one? Pests," he grumbled and yanked me up by my arm. I whined softly when he swept me up into his arms.

And then we were falling.

Or flying... I couldn't exactly tell.

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