The Prince and the Flower

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36 Years Ago

The raging sounds of thunder crash in the middle of a fight between the Fay and Humans, along with the Allies of the Humans attacking and bringing destruction to the Mother Tree. The Commander Knight cries out “Don’t let them kill Mother!” His army of Fairy’s nod their heads and kill the Fleet of bloody creatures. The atmosphere is dark and rainy. The drips of water from the grey sky comes tumbling down on the surviving soldiers.

The King and Queen of the Flowers run away from the storming bodies of Ethasha Dynasty Knights as the King leads his wife and 13-year old son to the hidden docks that lead out of the Sotephia Empire Walls. The boy shakes as tears fall from his face, holding his mother’s arm, “W-What’s going on? Are we under a-attack? Where a-are we going?” He stutters. The Queen holds him tightly as they run to the boats. The King blocks the entrance with deadly vines. “Get on, quickly!”

The Queen places her son inside the wooden boat and kisses his forehead, sobbing as she has her hand on his cheek, “It’ll be alright. Remember the lullabies I sang to you. Remember your Father and I. You are never alone, I’m right here.” The King and Queen hugs their son, the boy trembles in fear, “I-I promise mother, father. I will make you proud.” The King smiles at him, “I know you will, my son.”

The vines behind the family burn to ashes and a sea of soldiers surround them. The King brings the anchor in the boat and pushes the little canoe to the open ocean. “We love you, Clematis.” He says in a soft voice. The boy throws the rag off his eyes to see himself drifting away from his parents. The soldiers holds their spears near the King and Queen, “Surrender or else” they say in a husky voice. The King’s deep golden eyes glare at the Ethasha Soldiers, “Never.”

The King attacks them with a vine throwing several of the Soldiers to the sea. An arrow flies into the Queen’s heart. She spits out blood. The King’s chest starts aching as he watches his wife die slowly. “NO!” He cries. He blasts the rest of the soldiers to the wall, killing them with the thorns of the vines.

The ruler of the Ethasha Dynasty throws an icicle to the King’s head. He chuckles “Pathetic, King Ivy. I thought you were better than this.” He kicks the bodies down into the deep ocean. Clematis breaks into tears, “FATHER!!!” He screams. King Zavir’s eyes looks at the distant boat, seeing the boy in tears and sighs “My wife will not like to hear that I killed a kid’s parents in front of him. Oh well, I haven’t won yet.”

The King’s robe slides over the painted red of his fallen soldiers as he exits the docks and to the surface of the Empire. He orders his 682 surviving soldiers to return to the Ethasha Kingdom. The rusty soldiers got on their horses and fled to the Castle. King Zavier rides on his horse with a smile on his face, “I’m coming home, Nadia. Your father is coming home with pride.” He says in his head.

He arrives inside the castle, he takes a deep breath. “Nadia! Arya! I’m back!” A shadow of an 11-year old girl runs to her dad with a bright smile on her face and hugs him tightly, “I knew you would come back! Did you defeat the evil Sotephia people?” Zavier chuckles “Yes I did. Just for you and for our people.” Nadia smiles “I’m so proud of you! Mother! Did you hear that?” A tall woman in a gown walks to her husband with a smile “Yes I did Nadia. Welcome home Zavier.”

King Zavier happily hugs his daughter and wife “Thank you for welcoming me back.” Nadia hugs him “I need to continue my studies, father! I’ll see you at supper!” She runs off to the libraries waving her father goodbye. Zavier sighs, “Ivy’s son escaped in a canoe and watched me kill his parents.” Queen Arya gasps “I know the Sotephia Empire is our enemy but that is just too cruel action to do in front of a young teenager, Zavier!” She says in a stern tone.

King Zavier walks to the nearest window to look out the view, “The worst thing is ,is that he’s alive, and he’ll come back at us with another army later! We cannot accept the fact that we have no control of Nature like that kid! He’ll just run off and train to become the next ruler of the Sotephia Empire so he can get revenge probably. So this time, I won’t hesitate to kill our enemies for the sake of the family and our Kingdom.”

Queen Arya hugs him from behind, as the warmth of her body calms Zavier. “Let’s not worry for now. Your army did the best they could. The kid will indeed grow strong, but he won’t stand a chance against us. As long as we are together, our kingdom is at balance.” Her hands holds Zavier’s as she stares at their rings. King Zavier turns to her direction and leans down his head to kiss her lips. “Alright. But it’s best to prepare for whatever will come.” Our future rests on Nadia. She’ll make us proud.” Zavier says with a warm smile on his face. The Queen nods her head, “The next rulers will bring peace to our people by winning the War.” She says in a soft tome.

Nadia peeks out the library doors to see her parents happy and well. She smiles “I won’t let you down mother and father.” She walks back inside the empty library. She sits back down on her chair next to her skyscraper of books and her scroll and quill in front of her. She continues writing. “I wonder what the Prince of Sotephia looks like. . .” she questions. “Maybe I’ll see him someday.”

Clematis looks down at his rag and satchel filled with water, books, and scrolls from the Empire looking gloomy and depressed. He clenches his fist “I won’t let that happen again. I will make you proud mother and father.” He opens the scrolls and reads them to gain more knowledge. He knows that he won’t fail his parents and knows that the Sotephia Empire will win the War.

That is . . . if they do win . . .

The light of day shines through the ashy clouds as the monstrous hails if rain slows down. The royals look out of the window to see the weather lightning, hoping the next generation will decide which of the 2 Kingdoms shall in the murderous War upon them. The War was a sign to all people that the 2 sides were separated, distant, and broken. One of the 2 sides must win, right . . . ?

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