The Prince and the Flower

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Chapter 1

36 Years Later

The Prince of the Ethasha Dynasty closes the book of the War’s History, letting his obsidian-highlighted hair blow in the breeze. He stares into space, thinking what would happen if the War ended. His breath relaxes in the warm atmosphere. His crown glistens as the sun beams near the tall tree under the prince.

A tall, frail but young butler walks from the inside of the castle. His suit is all clean and his pairs of shiny black shoes appear before the prince, “Prince Kalum, it’s time for dinner.” He says in a stern but soft tone. Kalum’s sapphire eyes look at the butler’s emerald eyes. He gets up and holds the Dictionary-like book in his arms, “I’ll be there in a bit, Terence.”

The Butler looks at the 19-year old prince disappointedly, “You’ve said that for the past week now. Are you ok? You can tell me if you want.” Kalum looks down “I don’t know. We’ve been at War for years. I don’t know if we’ll be ok. Isn’t there another way to win? Without any harm to anyone?”

Terence hesitates to walk to Kalum and rest his hand on the prince’s shoulder for a few seconds.

Terence gives him a warm smile, “Life isn’t fair, but the best we can do is live. The Gods gave us the gift to live, but we, the people of these lands have taken advantage of that and killed several innocent people. I wish the same thing as you. Maybe you have a chance to change our world when you become King. The Ethasha Dynasty will be there for you, and so will I. And I will never let you give up, no matter what. I believe that the Sun will always shine for you, the river’s won’t run dry because of you, everything will be in balance because you will end our War without no violence.”

Prince Kalum’s chest lightens, a small smile runs across his face. “Thank you for believing in me, Terence.” He says in a soft voice. The butler smiles at him, “You’re welcome, little prince. Your food will get cold. Let’s head back to the castle.” Kalum nods his head. Both men walk inside the Palace.

The Prince sits down on his chair, feeling eyes watching him across and next to him. The older brother of Kalum sighs “What were you doing, taking so long? Being a King means being on time, unlike you.” He growls at his youngest brother. Queen Naida looks annoyed, “Apollo. Do not fight at the table.” he shrugs “Yes mother.” He continues eating his steak with his knife and fork.

King Zion’s gray eyes look at his wife. “Shall we go to the stables soon to see Commander Knight Lance, dear?” The Queen cleans her mouth from the food as her rose red lipstick lightly smears the cotton white cloths set next to the family. “Yes, darling.”

“Going to Commander so soon, huh? Must be important. . .” Kalum speaks in his head. His legs stand straight as Terence pulls Kalum’s wine red chair back. “I’m done. I’ll be in the library. Thank you for the food.” His hair flies while he walks away from his unfinished plate. Prince Apollo smacks his lips, “That brother of mine. . . what a pitiful sight.” He says in an aggressive tone.

The Prince finishes his plate and walks away, passing by Terence and says “Thanks,” and walks out of the dining room. Terence cleans the 10ft table and picks up the family’s dishes. “Is there anything else you would like me to do, your highnesses?” Naida shakes her head, “No thank you. Thank you for the food, Terence.” The Butler gets on one knee as his head looks down on the floor, “You’re welcome, your highness.”

King Zion rises from his seat, “Let’s get going, Nadia.” She looks at her husband, “Right. Please let us know when something is wrong, Terence.” He gets off the red carpet “Yes, your highness. Be safe.” He turns to the dark chocolate door and walks away. King Zion’s hand meets his wifes and they walk out of the dining room.

The lights of the Ethasha Dynasty shut off. Guards around the castle roam around the empty halls. Prince Apollo was sound asleep, the King and Queen met with their rendezvous with Commander Knight Lance, and Terence waited outside Kalum’s room for his return. Prince Kalum holds a candle light, setting his books down on the library table making a loud thump sound.

He walks around the uncrowded aisles of shelves filled with books, looking for a good story to read late at night. His eyes locking on every one of the spines of the books, looking at the titles and author and when it was made. Prince Kalum places his finger on one of his favorite stories, “Romeo and Juliet,” From Shakspear, made in 1597. His candle light is drawn closer to the books. Kalum sighs “I guess this will have to do.” He says boringly. He takes the book off the shelf then hangs the candle near him.

A ghostly figure walks past the prince. His posture is terrible. His hands look old and he seems lifeless. Both of their shoulder’s meet, causing Kalum to nudge to the shelves and drop several books on the carpeted floor. The figure disappears behind the next aisle to the right of Kalum. Two guards move like cheetahs, seeing their prince putting his body weight against the dark oak shelf. “Prince Kalum! Are you ok?’ says one of the guards, helping him stand up. Kalum rubs his head, “Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.” Kalum tries to remember what had happened, but his memory is all fuzzy.

“What happened? Who was that person. . .” One of the guards looks out the window, seeing the clear sky with the moon shining brightly through the glass. “You should get to bed soon, my prince. It’s already late.” Kalum turns his head, “I will in a minute.” The guard walks away, “Alright, my prince. Have a good night.” The 19-year old looks back at his guards and smiles “You too.”

He picks up the fallen books and notices a book he hasn’t seen before. “The Secrets of Kingdoms, huh? Maybe I’ll read this one.” Kalum places the books back on the shelves, leaving the book he wants to read in his arms. He takes the tiny yellow blaze of fire and walks out of the library and to his bedroom.

Terence opens the door for him as he sees Kalum walk near him. “Have a good night, Prince Kalum.” The butler says while wearing a soft smile upon his face. Kalum smiles at him back, “You too, Terence.” He enters inside his bedroom and closes his door.

Terence walks around the castle halls for his highnesses. “The Secrets of the Kingdoms. That’ll be quite a show. He chuckles to himself as he takes off his makeup from his hand. “I think I put way too much of the Queen’s make-up. I looked too boney.” Terence then enters his room, taking off his coat and rests on his bed. “Don’t get yourself into too much trouble, Kalum.” He closes his eyes and falls asleep.

The youngest prince flips through the pages of the book as he reads about the secrets that lie in the Ethasha Dynasty. “Who started the War? How many got killed because of the War? . . . Hold on a second. . . The Underground Garden Located In The Ethasha Palace? That’s ridiculous. Why would mother and father keep that from us?” Kalum then wonders if he should go to the Garden himself. “Maybe tomorrow. . .”

Kalum places the book under his firm pillow and rests his eyes. The moon and stars shine brightly as the night passes. Plants then grow at the corner of Kalum’s room . . .

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