The Prince and the Flower

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Chapter 2

The Sun shines through the wavy curtains from the castle windows. The shadows from the empty hallways make room for the light of the bright star. Butler Terence knocks on Kalum’s bedroom door, holding warm clothes on top of a silver plate. “Prince Kalum, please wake up.” The tall hafling begs.

Kalum awakens from his well rested sleep. He sits up and stretches his arms as his long white collar shirt gets warmer while the Sun shines through the thin shirt. “I’m awake, Terence. You can come in.” He says tiringly. “Very well.” Terence replies.

He opens the doors to Kalum’s bedroom and drops off The Prince’s clothes neatly on the bed, leaving the silver tray with him. “Did you find a good book to read? The book was rather small, but thick.” Terence says, sitting near the edges of the bed. Kalum takes a deep breath, “I did. In fact, it showed lots of history about the other Kingdoms far and wide.”

Terence smiles. “It seems like it has caught your attention pretty quickly. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” Kalum looks at Terence confusingly. “Have you read it before?” Terence gets up from the bed and walks near the door. “I don’t know. You’ll have to show me soon when you’re done. You’re tea will be here shortly.” Kalum gives him a glare. “Alright.”

Terence chuckles and opens the door. “I’ll see you later, Prince Kalum.” He says, waving his Prince goodbye. “See you later.” The youngest prince says. Terence smiles and closes the door as he walks out of the bedroom. Kalum sighs “That butler sometimes. I can’t read him at all.” He takes a look at his clothes and gets dressed.

As soon as the prince gets dressed, he lifts his pillow and grabs the small book hidden under. He opens the door and leaves his bedroom. The older brother walks past his younger sibling, pushing him to the floor aggressively with this shoulder. “Tch. You’re weak like always. I can’t believe you’re going to be the next King.” Apollo gives him a deadly glare and walks away.

Kalum rolls his eyes and gets up from the dusty ground. He brushes the ashy dust off his clothes. The Prince walks away to the front of the castle, under the tree he sat the other day. The Sun shined brightly, no clouds could be spotted from a mile away, the wind was still as a mouse on sight. Kalum sat down under the leaves above him, having his book opened at his saved page, and continued reading about his Kingdom’s secrets.

Queen Nadia spots her son in the shade under the large tree. She looks at him confusingly. “Kalum! What are you doing here? It’s much safer in the Palace.” She calls out. Kalum raises his head to her direction. “It’s much more peaceful out here than being under the same roof with a relative who wants me gone.” The Queen sighs as she walks to sit with her son.

“I’m sure your brother doesn’t mean to act the way he does.” Nadia says in a soft voice. Kalum scoffs, “Sure he doesn’t.” Queen Naida frowns and hugs Kalum. “Things will be better soon. I promise you that.” The prince clams his breath. He closes his book and hugs her back. “Alright, mother.”

The 46-year old woman takes a glance at the book Kalum is holding. Her eyebrow rises. “What’s that book you’re holding, sweetie?” She says in a questionable tone. Kalum looks at the book for a second. “It’s a book I found in the library. I’ve never seen it before. Did you and father finally bring in new books in the library?” His mother’s face looks cold. Her eyes squint as she takes a deeper look into the book. “No we haven’t. . .”

Kalum throws himself back to the old trunk of the large tree. “Man. All of those books are no different than the books you read me and Apollo when we were younger. Could you get new ones for me? And for the library, of course.” Nadia sighs as she pats her son’s head. “Maybe one day, I will. Have you been practicing your magic?” Kalum’s expression fades away, “No, mother. You know I haven’t.”

Queen Nadia rests her arm around Kalum’s shoulders. “You know you have to. You’re the only one in the family who has that sort of gift. If you don’t learn how to control your abilities, you can’t protect the people you love.” The 19-year old prince grits his teeth as he clenches his fist. “I know.”

Nadia kisses Kalum’s forehead. “Forget what happened in the past. Maybe Terence could teach you. You could always learn how to fight with Commander Knight Lance.” Kalum gives her a soft smile. “Alright then.” Nadia smiles back at him. “I love you, Kalum.” Kalum sets the book aside and rests his head on his mother’s shoulder. “I love you too.” He replies to her tender voice.

One of the palace guards ran from the inside walls. “My Queen! I have been looking everywhere for you! His highness needs to see you immediately!” Nadia’s face changes into a worried, but dark expression. Kalum can feel her heart beating very quickly. “Is there something wrong, mother?” or that’s what he would’ve wanted to say. “I’ll be there.” She says as she stands up from the grassy hill surrounding her and walks away, waving to her son making a see-you-later face.

Kalum watches his mother follow the guard inside the castle with a worried expression on his face. He looks at the book beside him and continues reading the last few pages of the book. Terence watches from afar with a smile on his face then turns away and walks in his room.

The prince looks closer at a page, squinting his eyes with confusion. “‘More secrets lie underneath the Ethasha Dynasty grounds. Underneath is a garden which has a garden full of beautiful flowers. You must go down there with a special key that must be given to you by someone who has experienced the challenges of the Dynasty The key is an heirloom passed down from many generations of the past most powerful wizards.You will figure out the rest.’ “

Kalum looks at the sky. It’s nearly 2. . . I’ll see if I can sneak my way to the Garden.” He then turns the pages of the book. He sees a map of the whole Palace of the Ethasha Dynasty. There’s no directions to where the Garden is. There’s a tiny description that is written in a different language. Only magical users can understand the language.

“Bring this map near a fire, then you will find your way.” Kalum smiles. “Good thing I can read this.” He gets up from the grass and walks inside the castle, holding the book that contains more knowledge his brother must know. As the moon rises in the starry night, King Zion and Queen Nadia discuss Imperial matters, Apollo trains himself with his sword, Prince Kalum gathers a cloak and a candle light for his underground invasion.

He then sees a bronze rusted key on top of his drawer. Kalum takes the key and smiles. “Thank you.” He whispers. He raises his hood over his head and walks out the bedroom door. As the light from the tiny fire burns near the indestructible book, Kalum makes his way to the Garden, knowing how much what he’s doing could have a chance to stop all of the pain happening in the world.

He arrives at the front door of the Garden. Kalum sets the candle light near the door. “This is it.” He takes the key and places it inside the keyhole. A surge of pure light magic forms around him. White sparks fly inside Kalum’s head and inside his veins. The doors guarding the Garden open slowly.

The smell of wondrous flowers surrounds Kalum as he walks inside the room full of life. He walks around the Garden, astonished by the beauty of the plants that grow under the Palace. A poisonous dart flies near Kalum’s neck. He quickly dodged the deadly weapon and looks around the Garden. Men in the traditional outfits of old nature surround Kalum, moving vines towards him.

“Stand down, human!” One of the guards yell.

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