The Prince and the Flower

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Chapter 3

Kalum throws down his cloak, revealing his white tips under his dark hair. His blue eyes look at the many guards surrounding him. He notices the resemblance to their outfits and the old Setophia clothing from the books. “You are people from the Setophia Empire. . . right?” Kalum questions. The guards glare at the invader. “Yes we are. And who are you?” One of the guards beside him says.

The glistening from Kalum’s magic gets attached to one of the plants. The white magical string pulls Kalum closer to it. The prince takes a deep breath. “I am the youngest child in the Ethasha Dynasty, Prince Kalum. I am not an enemy, I promise you. I want our War between Nature and Humans to end peacefully with no harm intended.”

The plant attached to the white string glows brighter. The vines drift away to the ground, as if they were ordered to do so. The guards are intrigued by the magic. “You’re lying! Mother would never accept someone from the Ethasha Dynasty!”

“You’re a magic user . . .” One of the guards says in a shocking tone of voice. The guard goes closer to Kalum. He places his 2 fingers on his forehead. Kalum’s head glows from the magic energy inside of him. The guard takes his hand off and smiles. “He’s telling the truth. He’s one of the Believers.” Kalum smiles at him back.

A tall man with a cloud-like beard and a flower crown walks between the crowded guards. He looks down at the 5’7” boy. “He’s King Zion’s son?” The guard nods his head. The man looks at the guards. “Seize him. Take him to the prison.” Kalum’s eyes widen as 2 guards holds him down.

The guard who believed Kalum snaps at the man. “What did he do?! This boy has the ability to change everything! We won’t have to stay here and wait to attack when us Believers can figure out what to do, King Clematis!” The crowned man looks at the guard with a deadly stare. “Quiet, Orchid. You and the Believers have done nothing yet for us.”

The daughter of King Clematis runs from the tree, tugging her father’s sleeve. “What’s going on, father-” Her sentence stops as her eyes glitter, staring at Kalum as if he’s the first handsome boy she’s ever seen. Her heart beats fast. “Who is this . . .” The princess says with a cherry face.

Clematis looks at his flower. “He says he is Prince Kalum, the prince from the Ethasha Dynasty, as well as a magic user and a Human Believer. You must not get involved with this man, Iris.” The girl’s body moves towards Kalum as his face looks at the princess confusingly. “Too late!” Iris says with a smile.

Kalum smiles at her back. The guards then take him away to the weed covered prison. Iris frowns at her father. “Why did you do that? He doesn’t seem like an enemy.” King Clematis looks at the cage of weeds far from him. “His family and allies are destructive murders that killed half of our race. Don’t expect me to forgive his family after what they have done, Iris.”

Iris pouts as she watches her father walk away. Her violet eyes look at the prince in the weed cage. The princesses feet move closer to the cage. She sits down on the stone bench near the prison. The prince’s eyes meet with hers.

“Kalum, was it?” Iris asks him as her feet dangle from the seat. “Yes. And you are?” Kalum responds to the white-haired flower. The princess smiles. “My name’s Iris. My grumpy dad was King Clematis.” The prince chuckles. “It’s nice to meet you.” Iris’s heart skips yet another beat. “You too.” She responds as her mouth forms a smile.

Kalum looks at Iris worryingly. “I’m sorry what my family has brought to your people. Most people didn’t want the War to go on like this.” Iris shakes her head. “It’s alright. We all make mistakes. We just have to fix this mess of ours and bring back peace. And you’re the first human Believer I’ve ever seen. So I can sort of trust you. The flower’s sensed your magic. It was pure and great. There’s no way you could do something evil.” The princess says calmingly.

The prince smiles. “Thank you for believing in me.” Iris smiles back. “No problem. So what are you really doing here? No human has come here before except you.” Iris questions as her head rests on the weeds. Kalum looks at his book. “I honestly don’t know. But I don’t regret it. Now that I know that your people are still alive, I want no harm to come to your people and mine. The Ethasha Dynasty allies are beastly and dangerous. I think I’m going to sneak out of the Kingdom and fix everything.”

Iris’s head looks at Kalum shockingly. “What?! Are you sure that’s safe? With someone with power like you, you should wait for a while until you’re ready. Do you know any spells? Know how to fight? Maybe you can magically fix everything with your ability!” Kalum’s eyes look at the princess. “I do know how to fight. I can create a spell and cast it, but I gave up doing that.” The princess’s shoulders lower, “Why? Did something happen?” Her soft voice questions.

Kalum rests his head on the weed behind him. “Yeah. I could’ve destroyed everything around me. It scared me to death. So I’m not going to cast anything for a while. Until then, I guess I’m going to be staying here for a while.” Iris gives Kalum a worried expression. “I’m sorry to hear that.” Kalum sighs. “It’s alright. I can still cast spells, just not for a while.”

The prince turns to Iris. “You seem pretty trusting right now. Considering that you’re asking me personal questions and worrying about me.” Iris’s face flusters, “W-Well. . . you are a Believer, and a magical human user. So I have the right to be worried! It’s my job to take care of the prisoners!” Iris stutters. Kalum chuckles. “Alright, Princess Iris.” Iris looks at him and laughs along with him.

The tall guard runs to Kalum and Iris. “Princess! The healers need to see you! They say it’s about Dandelion!” Iris gets up. “I’ll be right there! I’ll see you again, Kalum.” She waves him goodbye as she runs off with the guard. Kalum smiles as he turns around. “Cute . . . “ He closes his eyes to fall asleep.

A loud thund was made on the weed bars. “I need to speak with you, Prince Kalum.” King Clematis says in a forceful tone. Kalum turns to him as he stands up. “Alright then, your highness.” He responds. The cage door opens as Kalum walks away with the King beside him.

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