The Prince and the Flower

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Chapter 4

King Clematis sits across from the prisoned royal. The prince’s still face irritates the godly ruler in front of him. The King’s eyes glare at Kalum intensely. “Tell me, young one, what is the purpose for being a Believer? What is a Believer?” Clematis questions.

Kalum opens his mouth. “Believers is a group of people who hope the War will end with no harm coming to both sides of Nature and those who live on this world. We represent a very important place in the War. We provide support, medical supplies, magical abilities, and protection along with our allies. It’s known as a religion more than a community.”

The King’s back rests on the chair. “That’s correct. For months, the Believers have done nothing except be a part of the people who die on the streets. They’re hidden from the world. Orchid and you are very lucky to survive.”

Klaum forze. He stands from the wooden chair completely shocked by the King’s words. “What do you mean? The Believers must be alive, right? There’s no way they could!” He shouts, feeling the tremble of his hands. Clematis looks at him, giving him a deadly glare. “I’m saying if you really are part of the Believers, why aren’t you doing anything?”

“Look, I’m not there. I forfeit practicing magic. The other Believers are stronger than me. They’ll figure out something without me.” Kalum explains to the King. King Clematis slams his hand down on the table furiously. “If you can’t use magic, how are you going to change this War?! Do you know what you’re saying? How can you call yourself a Believer if you can’t believe in yourself?”

Kalum looks at the King, surprised. The King sits down on his chair. “I was told that there is going to be an invasion here in a few hours. If you can prove to me that you are worthy being part of the Believers, I am entrusting you with my daughter for a while. As soon as the invaders appear, I want you and Iris to run away from here.”

“Who’s coming? Why are they invading underneath my home?” Kalum struggles to keep track. The roof of the cave rumbles loudly. Everything around them shakes. Clematis looks outside of the cave. His eyes widen when he sees the flooding army of bloodthirsty Vampires flying around the cave. The guards of King Clematis swarm around Princess Iris, fighting off the white and black bats.

The Princess attacks the bats with her sword. A bat flies near Iris. She screams, making her drop her sword on the grass. Kalum looks at the King, making eye contact with him. The prince runs to Iris, moving his hands in motion, blows the bats away from the dangered princess.

Iris is stunned, completely shocked by what she’s seen. Kalum takes her hand and runs out of the cave, casting spells at the vampires flying their way to him and Iris. Kalum and Iris escape from the cave and into the dark green woods. The bats stop where the shadow stars. They watch their enemy flee for the cave.

A tall, pale woman comes from the shadows. Next to her is a male vampire with pale skin, red glimmering eyes, and white hair. “What do we do, Prince Levi?” The woman says. The prince looks outside of the cave, emotionless. “I’ll send my men to hunt them down. In the meantime, you can take care of my prisoners here.” The woman bows to him “Of course” She disappears into the darkness slowly.

The royal vampire stares into the large forest upon him.”I will catch the prince and princess. Just give me time.” His eyes look down at his hand. His wrist showing tattoos of his Kingdom’s flag. He walks back inside the cave. Levi stops in front of the plants. “Where is the King of this place? Did you capture him?” He asks his soldiers.

“Sir,” They bow to him, reporting what happened. “Our invasion was a success, but most of the Setophia people fled the area. They took King Clematis with them. The prince of the Ethasha Dynasty and the princess of the Setophia Empire ran away also.” Levi glares at them “I know that. I command you to follow the King and the others. Once you’ve reached them, imprison them in the chambers. I’ll take care of the prince and princess.”

The vampires raise their head. “Yes sir.” They turn into bats and fly out of the cave. Levi looks at the sword to the right of him. He grabs the sword, inspecting every detail of it. “This sword belongs to the princess, right Nari?” He asks the woman. “Correct.” Levi places the sword behind his back. “I’ll be leaving tonight. I would like Eris and Tamir to come with me.”

Nari nods her head and leaves. Levi takes his coat and scrolls inside a satchel. A short woman and a tanned man taller than Levi walk to him. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you, Levi.” Tamir says, holding a bow behind his head. Levi sighs “I know. I’m sorry I haven’t been in contact with you guys. I would like your assistance to capture the prince and princess.”

Both Eris and Tamir grin at the prince. “If it’s you, I’ll do it. There’s nothing to do since we moved into the castle.” Eris pouts. Tamir takes his hand on Levi’s shoulder. “We’ll help you.” Levi smiles at them. “Thank you. You won’t regret it.” The Vampire Prince promised.

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