The Prince and the Flower

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Chapter 5

The prince and princess sit down on the grass, breathless and tired. Iris sits next to a rock, Kalum lies down on the greenery. “What’s going on? What happened? Who were those people? WHERE’S MY SWORD?! WHERE’S MY DAD?!” Iris panics. She looks over Kalum. She rushes to him, limping one step at a time. “Kalum! Are you ok?”

Kalum sits up. “Yes. Just scratched up a bit. And don’t ask too many questions. 1. Vampires attacked the cave; 2. I think you left your sword in the cave; 3. Your dad escaped.” Iris looks down “I hope he’s ok.” Kalum smiles a bit. “Me too. I’m still your prisoner, princess. But I’ll be protecting you until we meet with your dad. We also can’t go back. It’s raided with bloodthirsty vampires. What do we do, princess.”

Iris’s face scrunches up, “We’ll find somewhere to stay for a few nights. If you say you’re going to watch over me from now on-” “I didn’t really say that” Kalum interrupts Iris silently. “You have to tell me everything I need to know! I will pay for your meals for 2 days in exchange.” The princess resumes with her sentence proudly, making it seem like she is interested in what is going on.

“If you say so. What do I do about my parents? Oh no. . .” Kalum says, startled by his thoughts. “Terence. . . how will I explain this to him?” The captive prince panics. Iris rests her hand on Kalum’s ripped navy cloak. “It’ll be alright! Besides, I don’t want you to be my prisoner. Being friends is alright. Is that okay with you?” Iris offers with a dashing smile on her face.

Kalum’s ocean eyes look into Iris’s, smiling at her back. “Friends. I’d like that.” The flower jumps “I’m so glad! Just remember to call me Iris.” She reminds him. Kalum chuckles and walks off. “Sure thing, princess.” Iris pouts, running after him. “It’s Iris!” The prince human laughs.

The royals walk off happily. Little did they know they were being watched. “I found you, Kalum and Iris. It won’t be too long until we encounter each other.” Levi says cunningly. He and his friends transform themselves into normal human civilians and walk behind them.

To the right of Kalum and Iris, an inn is spotted. The Foamy Clam Bar wasn’t that packed, but there were still people inside. Kalum held the rusted door open for Iris. She walks in, Kalum copies her. The inn was rather small, but it worked for a few people. The buff bartender at the side cleaned his wooden cups as he watched Kalum and Iris enter.

The atmosphere wasn’t pleasant, but it was safe. A small female dwarf was in the corner building and tinkering with weapons and other objects. In front of her was a demon girl. She seemed to be bored judging how her hand was on her cheek and her eyes watched the dwarf tinker happily as if she was ok with her touching dangerous things.

Kalum reached Iris’s arm, getting close to her ear. “You can go sit somewhere around this place. I’ll get us food and a room.” Iris nods her head before they both separated to different directions. Iris sat at the nearest table across from the dwarf and demon girl.

She places her hood over her head, staring at the two. The dwarf was talking to the demon about her discoveries. The demon didn’t look like she was surprised but also happy she was. The horned girl spotted Iris from the corner of her eye, glaring at her. “What are you looking at, frail weed?” Iris looks at her, insulted. “Excuse me?” The dwarf girl holds her hand. “Karma, please. That’s not nice.”

“But Lilith, she-” The girl named Karma sighs. She turns to Iris and rolls her eyes. “I’m sorry.” She said sarcastically. “It’s alright. I’m sorry for staring. You two must be really close.” The dwarf named Lilith smiles. “We are! Are with someone, too?” Lilith questions. Iris nods her head. “Yep. He’s the tall one in front of the bartender.”

Lilith and Karma looks at Kalum. “He looks so cool!” Lilith comments. Karma shrugs, “He looks skinny.” Iris chuckles. “He is. My name is Iris. He’s Kalum.” Lilith tugs Karma’s arm, “I’m Lilith and my angry girl here is Karma. I’m wondering. Are you and him together?” Iris blushes, “I- Well- We’re not! We just met, too!” The flower panics to keep herself calm.

Karma glances at Iris and Kalum back and forth. “Hm sure.” Kalum walks from the front. “I’ve got a room for us. We’re staying for 3 days.” Iris looks back at Kalum. “Then we’ll make the best out of those days.” Kalum sits next to Iris, looking at Karma and Lilith. “Who are these two?” He questions.

Karma raises her eyebrow. “Are you sure you aren’t dating her?” Kalum looks confused. “I’m sorry, what-” “Don’t mind Karma! She can be rude sometimes! I’m Lilith by the way! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kalum!” Lilith interrupts Kalum. Kalum looks at both of them. “Um. . . same here.” Lilith smiles at them.

The sky gets darker. Lilith gets up. “Me and Karma will go to our room now. I had fun talking to you, Iris!” Lilith smiles at the princess. Iris smiles back. “You too, Lilith.” Karma’s hand is held by the small Alchemist. Lilith waves them goodbye, walking off with her demon.

Kalum and Iris watch them go away. “Okay! Since we don’t have anything to do now, explain.” Iris commands. Kalum raises his eyebrow, “Pardon?” Iris sighs. “We need to create some sort of plan to get to my dad. But to do that, you would be the only one who would know anything that’s happening. That would make me feel weak. So please tell me everything.”

“Are you sure? I don’t know that much. I was taken into a green cage as your dad’s prisoner.” Kalum says. Iris nods her head. “That’ll be enough information.” Kalum looks at the window behind Iris then her. “Fine. What do you want to know?” He says defeatedly. Iris smiles.

Levi, Eris, and Tamir surround the inn. Prince Levi watches Iris and Kalum from the window, listening to them carefully. He smiles. “Perfect.”

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