The Prince and the Flower

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Chapter 6

The princess’s head lies down on the table. Her arms crossed to make a cushion for her head, “My brain hurts.” Kalum’s head tilts to the right, confused. “I thought flowers don’t have brains.” Iri’s eyes peeks out from her arms, “Then how can we think.” Kalum sighs, as he throws his head back from the chair. “Fair enough.”

“So what will we do now? We are at War and Vampires are chasing us for some reason. What’s the plan?” Kalum thinks deeply for a few seconds. “There’s a village not far from here. I have a friend there who runs a fantastic shop. While we’re here, we should gather information about those Vampires. Who knows they might be following us. We have to stay on guard.” Kalum warns her.

Iris nods her head. “Let’s go to sleep. It’s getting pretty late.” She says as she gets up from the dark oak chair. Kalum does the same. “Alright. Let’s go, princess.” He says as he walks off. Iris frowns “Iris” She corrects him. “Yeah, whatever.” He shakes his hand at Iris, walking inside the cramped room they’re supposed to sleep in.

There was only one bed. It was well cushioned and larger than a twin sized bed. There were 2 pillows and a folded blanket to the side of the bed. There was a small window at the right corner of the room with nice mint curtains showing the starry night outside the inn. In the middle of the room was a small squared table with a lamp hanging on the side of the edges.

The royals are silent. Iris sits on the bed. “W-Well, we can make this work for a while.” She stutters. Kalum sets their belongings onto the table before he moves one of the chairs to the wall near the window. “You should get some rest. I’ll watch over for the nights we’re here.” He sits on the chair and watches the people walk as the bright lampposts guide the civilians home.

Iris frowns. “Are you sure? I can take your place someday, you know.” Kalum looks back at her. He noticed she had quickly changed into a white nightgown. Her violet eyes stare into his blue pearls. “I’ll be fine, princess. You worry too much.” He jokes. Iris lies down, rolling her eyes. “Whatever. Be glad you aren’t my prisoner.” Kalum chuckles, “Good night.” The flower smiles. “Good night.” Kalum’s head twists back to the clear window.

The princess’s fingers grabbed onto the heavy blanket that was neatly folded. She put the blanket over her, trying to get comfortable. She rethinks about the recent events that happened. “Everything was okay. Kalum is a Believer, but also from the Ethasha Dynasty. Vampires attacked our base, dad and the others fled, Kalum made a promise to my dad to protect me. . . so much is happening. I don’t think I can make it. . .”

Her thoughts overwhelm her, causing her to stress about what will happen next. Iris grips onto the fluffy pillow as she cries herself to sleep. Kalum looks at Iris’s tears. He got up and approached her. Kalum kneed to the planked floor as he placed his right hand on Iris’s cheek. He wiped her tears away. He then closed his eyes. Light amplified from his hand, creating a peaceful atmosphere around Iris and Kalum.

Her tears dried up. A clear magical marking was made on her cheek. It disappeared and faded away into Iris’s skin. Kalum got up from the floor and sat on the chair once again. A couple minutes later, he grew tired. His eyes closed slowly as he tried to focus on staying awake. He failed, obviously. His arm held his head from falling.

The room became silent. Both Kalum and Iris were sound asleep. The door knob then suddenly started to move like someone was fiddling with the lock. The door opened and 3 masked figures walked inside. “Eris. Tamir. Get the princess. I’ll tie up Kalum.” Levi ordered. The 2 nodded their heads. They walked near Iris, but they got shocked by glowing bolts of magic. “What the heck was that?!” Tamir whispered, stunted by the magic. Eris looked at Iris, wincing at the princess’s face.

“She has a protection charm on her. We can’t get near her, Levi.” Eris reported. Levi arched his eyebrows. With one touch on the shoulder to Kalum, his skin started to sizzle. “Levi!” Tamir and Eris cried. They took a step back to the door. Levi grinned cunningly. “He planned this. He knew we would come. Retreat.” They nod their heads. They turned into dark bats and flew away. Levi looked back at them, “We’ll meet again soon, Kalum.” They fly to the forest.

Kalum opens one eye, making sure the vampires are truly gone. “It actually worked. . . that’s good.” He sighs in relief. His body moves to the sleeping beauty on the bed. Kalum moved her hair out of her face, smiling of her safety. He takes one of the pillows next to Iris’s head and moves it to the wall near the window.

Kalum thought about Iris’s protection charm. “Maybe I’ll reconsider using magic.” His eyes slowly close. The whole room was completely silent. No noises except the breath of the princess and prince.

The streets of the village were bright due to the fairy lighted lamps. The lights inside the buildings and houses were off, people were fast asleep. Nothing could disrupt the peaceful atmosphere.

In the forest, Levi, Tamir, and Eris turned back. Their faces wore a defeated expression. They had failed to kidnap Iris and Kalum under Prince Levi’s orders. “Hey Levi,what do we do now? That charm only lasts for a few days. Something is telling me that we’re gonna have some trouble capturing them.” Tamir complaints. Levi looks at the inn’s window from the forest. “They can take all they want to try getting away from us. But I promise you, it’ll be a matter of time until we get what we want. I’ll lead my kingdom to success.” Levi vowed.

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