The Prince and the Flower

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Chapter 7

It was already morning. The sky was clear and bright. The innkeeper yelled to all of the rooms with his wooden megaphone. “Oi! Get ready to go to town square! The royal family has an announcement! Hurry up!” He sets down the last tray of breakfast down on his tables and rushes out of the inn.

Iris rubs her eyes as she yawns. Her bed hair and sleepy eyes tell her to go to sleep. “It’s so early. What sort of urgent message is it.” She looks over to Kalum, who was already awake before her. “You’re finally up, princess. Get ready and eat. I’ll be waiting downstairs.” He says as he stands to leave the room.

The early bird prince fixes up Iris’s hair before he walks out. She looked at the table to see a tray of eggs, toast, veggies, and water. Next it was a half empty tray of breakfast. Iris assumed that the ½ tray was Kalum’s. She smiled brightly and got busy.

5 mins later, the full dressed princess walked to Kalum, who was already ready. Iris made sure she wouldn’t seem too noticeable, so she wore fake human ears and light clothing she found in a brown box under the bed. Of course it was dirty, she cleaned it off and designed it a bit. She looked at him smiling, “Ready?” she asked him.

Kalum nods his head. “Yep.” He says as he opens the door. The sun lies itself on top of the village. It blinds Iris’s eyes as they make their way to the townsquare. “My father is the one who made the rendezvous. He probably noticed that I was missing. It’s better to go to the meeting and know what he’ll plan then leave so soon.”

Iris raises her eyebrows. “Wow~ Look who decided to be ordering.” Iris teases Kalum. He blinked his eyes a couple times, like he was hypnotized. “S-Sorry. We just need to be cautious. We are the children of the royal kings and queens, which are enemies in War. We’re lucky that we want peace for the lands.” He studers. Iris chuckles, “I understand.”

Everyone was gathered in a large clump around a large stone fountain. A tall armored elf, a well dressed halfling butler, and reinforcements stood on the railings of the fountain. “Here yee! Here ye!” The knight announced. “I am Commander Knight Lance of the Ethasha Dynasty! The youngest of the royal family, Prince Kalum Lei, has gone missing!”

The townspeople were shocked, whispering to the people next to them. “My guards and I will scatter around the area to search everywhere and patrol your streets. If anyone spots him, they shall earn a prize of 1,000,000 pieces of gold from the royal family.” The crowd cheers and looks around them, already searching for Kalum.

Iris pulls Kalum’s shirt down gently. Kalum looks behind him. “I think we should go. It’s not safe here for us anymore.” Iris said quietly. Kalum looks around him, seeing the greedy people searching for the missing prince. “You’re right. Let’s leave. . .” Iris nods her head. Kalum holds her hand, leading her to an empty alleyway.

The butler standing next to Lance spots Kalum and Iris walking away from the corner of his eye. “Lance, I realized I had to go somewhere. We’re out of the nice cloth the baker gives us. May I go?” Terence asked the silvered knight. The commander turns to Terence. “Sure. Could you bring back a loaf of bread please? I haven’t eaten some for months.” He chuckles at Lance. “Alright babe. I promise I won’t come back too late.”

Lance smiles at Terence and kisses his forehead. “Be safe.” Terence nods his head and walks off to Kalum’s direction. He looks around the streets. Kalum sighs, “So much for being a prince. Are you alright princess?” Iris nods her head. “Where do we go? They’re not that many options to stay.”

Kalum looks down, “I don’t know. We can figure that out later. Let’s just focus on getting out of here.” He said before he turned to see a familiar face in front of him. Flowers from the cracked floors surround Terence, controlled by Iris. Terence breaks the barrier down with his magic. Irises eyes widen, “Who are you?” she asks him.

Terence brushes magical specks off his suit. “I’m sorry for that. My name is Terence. I am the butler for the Ethasha Dynasty, and a Believer.” He says to Iris. He smiles at the prince. “We met again, Kalum-” He gets interrupted by a strong and desperate hug from the prince. “I missed you, Terence.” Kalum said quietly. Terence hugs him back, “I missed you too. I’m glad you’re safe.” He says in a soft voice.

They both let go of each other. Terence looks at Iris. “And you are?” He asks her. Iris is speechless. “I-I. . . My name is Iris Fay. Princess of the Setophia Empire.” She studers. Terence smiles. “It is an honor to be in your presence, princess.”

Iris smiles at him back. Terence looks behind him, “I need to get you guys out of here. You heard what Lance said. He’s heavily armed and won’t hesitate to capture you. Princess Iris, you would be a special treat for the King and Queen. I’ll send you two supplies. Anything you need, I’ll send them. I’ll see how long I can hold off the troops from your area.”

Kalum disapproved of the idea. “Wait, what if they catch you? Who knows what kind of punishment my parents will place on you!” Iris grips Kalum’s hand, “This is more than enough. Thank you, Terence. But please be careful.” Terence shakes his head. “Don’t worry about me. Take care of Kalum for me, okay princess?” Iris nods her head.

The footsteps of the townsmen grew closer and closer as waited at the alleyway. Terence summons an enchanted brown satchel with everything that they need for the journey. “I have a favor to ask you. Please, run away as fast as you can. Learn more about magic, reach to the Believer’s base and end this hellhole we’re in.” He tells them as he hands Kalum the satchel.

A tear sheds from Kalum’s eye “What about you? You can’t handle this for so long. Don’t do this, Terence . . .” Kalum begs him. Terence smiles as he reaches to hug Kalum. “Don’t cry. Be happy that you and the princess are about to save the lands. You’ll meet others like you and become a strong group of living beings. I’ll miss you.”

Kalum nods his head as he lets go. Iris smiles, “’Till we meet again, Terence.” He waves them goodbye, “Farewell princess. Goodbye Kalum.” Kalum bids him farewell. He takes Iris’s hand and runs out of the village. Tears flood Terence’s eyes and down his cheek. “We’ll see each other soon.” He wipes away his tears and walks to the bakery.

The two run as fast as they can, running straight to the forest with no plan but to run. They stopped for a break after hours of fleeing. Kalum sat down on a rock. Iris, next to him, lies down on the grass. “Ughhhh!! My legs are dead! I think we’re far from the village. What do we do now, Kalum?”

There was no response. Kalum looked down, his eyes covered by his black & white hair. Iris sweeps away his hair from his face. “Kalum. Are you okay? Is it about Terence?” Kalum, already in tears, shows no emotion. “He’s so careless about himself. . .” He complained.

Iris smiles, “What was he to you?” Kalum wiped his tears. “He was like a brother. Maybe more of a second father to me. Someone very close to me. He was always there for me since I was a child.” Iris gazed into Kalum’s eyes. “You really care about him. He’ll be okay. He’s very strong, I can tell. We’ll see him again. It’s only a matter of time.”

Kalum rethinks everything that has happened. “Maybe. . . Okay. I have a plan.” He takes out a map from the satchel and lays it flat on the ground. “There’s a cave nearby and enough wood and shelter for us to survive. The food is in the satchel and we can practice our magic there. I can pull up a magical barrier so that the vampires wouldn’t enter the cave. I guess we should look around the cave to see if there’s anything useful.”

The princess sighs in relief that Kalum recovered so fast. They planned to use the supplies in the enchanted satchel to brew potions and set traps for the vampires. Everything was going so well. A noise was made near the trees next to Kalum and Iris. They froze for a second and stood up prepared to battle.

“Who’s there?!” Iris yelled. A female dwarf and demon came from the trees. Iris recognized them. “Linda? Karma? What are you doing here?” Kalum stood in front of Iris as they walked closer to them. “I’m so glad we found you guys! We were looking for you earlier.” Linda said.

Karma looked at them. “So you really are Prince Kalum and Princess Iris, huh?” Kalum stared at the red demon. “So what if we are?” He asked coldly. Karma sighs. “As Linda said, we were looking for you two. When the guards made that announcement, we instantly started looking for you.”

Iris peeks out from Kalum’s arm. “Are you here to capture us? Cause we aren’t going to let that happen.” Linda shakes her head, “No no no! We don’t want to capture you! We don’t even want the money either! We looked for you to ask you something!”

Kalum looked confused. “Ask us something? What is it?” Karma takes out 2 silver badges from her pocket, detailed with 2 swords crossed and wild lynxes symbolized. “We want you to join our guild. The Noble Lynxes.”

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