TKoT Vol 3-4: Chains of the Heart

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Andrea turned to see Oliver falling to the ground, his neck sliced open. He was making a gurgling sound as blood like a fountain leaked from the jagged wound across his throat. Horrified, her jaw dropped, and her eyes widened. Oliver reached out for Andrea with one hand, and the other, he tried to hold his neck from bleeding out. He slumped over forward in a pool of his own blood. She felt the bond between master and servant break with Oliver’s death. For the first time since she made the pact with Oliver all those months ago, she heard his name come from her own lips, “OLIVER!”

Fantasy / Adventure
Timidon Nodimit
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Twilight Kingdoms of Thanonal, Book 4: Chains of the Heart

(December 2, 2021 - Rerelease, Daily)


Andrea Wellington, has slowly accepted what she is, a demon, the Hand of Katalina. Hellbent on keeping her slowly slipping humanity she latches onto Oliver Martin a human who has become her Master. Her plans don't go the way she wants, in her game of Hearts. Time is running out as Katalina her hand to the world. The forces of Celestia make their move against Andrea.

Content and Warnings

Cover Art: Timidon Nodimit, some images supplied by

Written by: Timidon Nodimit

Content Warning: Adult (+18 years or older). Contains violence, some sexual situations, demons, gods, angels, illicit potion use, scenes of smoking unknown dried plant life, heroes, and villains. Sex is not hardcore and mostly suggested, think more of a tried for a more TV version. With that said, there are a few scenes that may be abusive. So if you were expecting hardcore pleasures, this is not what you want to read. This has a twisted love story. The story contains twin succubus… so be warned…

<!> Best way to read - Think of each Act as a episode, with this in mind here is the list of Acts.

Let the next chapter in the Game of Gods begin!


Act 1: Charmeine's Fall, Chapters 2-6

Act 2: Resonance of Chains, Chapters 7-11

Act 3: Chains of the Heart, Chapters 12-17

Act 4: Burning the Chains that Bind, 18-22

Thank You

As usual, thank you for reading my series of adventures. Please comment on the chapters, I love the feedback. Good or bad, what you like and don’t like.

Timidon Nodimit, the Great Unknown!

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