TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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Andrea turned to see Oliver falling to the ground, his neck sliced open. He was making a gurgling sound as blood like a fountain leaked from the jagged wound across his throat. Horrified, her jaw dropped, and her eyes widened. Oliver reached out for Andrea with one hand, and the other, he tried to hold his neck from bleeding out. He slumped over forward in a pool of his own blood. She felt the bond between master and servant break with Oliver’s death. For the first time since she made the pact with Oliver all those months ago, she heard his name come from her own lips, “OLIVER!”

Fantasy / Adventure
Timidon Nodimit
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Twilight Kingdoms of Thanonal (TKoT)

Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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Cover Art: Timidon Nodimit

What went on before and what you may want to know.

Andrea Wellington, a low born noble belonging to a house in the Kingdom of Blackthorn, was targeted by the Church of Bhuul to sacrifice to their god.

The Council of Eight, the driving creation of gods, had other designs in mind. Through manipulation and influence, they moved pieces into play to bring about the resurrection of Katalina, the Goddess of Monsters. Katalina had once been the weapon they used to cul the older gods from the Realm of Thanonal. She was called the Immortal Bane; she carried a unique sword and could capture other gods.

The Council decided it was time for another culling, as the gods of this world had become complacent and destructive. The Council of Eight formed a new Immortal Bane. This unique Hand of Katalina would be Andrea Wellington. Her body was reforged into that of a demon, specifically that of a succubus.

Demons, by nature, are cruel, sadistic, soulless, and evil. A soul needs a god; the gods of Thanonal reward their followers in the afterlife by providing a haven for them. Souls are often reincarnated into the families of god’s followers. Then, the gods do not want those souls, either because they failed to live to the expectations of the god’s ethos or to corrupt to enter the desired afterlife. These souls are sent to a Hell Realm, either consumed by demons or survive long enough to become a demon themselves. This is where they endure more depravity, acts of cruelty. These demons then make their way out into the rest of the universe by escaping the Hell Realm or serving a more powerful demon.

Andrea is still coming to learn what the wants and desires that this new form wants. She is a human thrust into the body of a demon that has not to experience a Hell Realm. She is a human soul possessing a demon.

The name the Goddess gave to her new Hand is Ka’Azalin. Ka’Azalin has been the name of her Hand for many centuries; Andrea is slowly coming to terms with her new name.

The Goddess Katalina usually enjoys removing the compassion out of her avatars. Katalina sees love as a weakness and has broken her Hands many times before, stripping her avatars' emotions and feelings. Why? She is connected to her Hand, the feelings the Hand feels, she feels. Time will merge the two minds, eventually becoming one. Katalina wish’s not to endure the pain of love and caring again. Katalina does not have that option this time; the Council of Eight has stated that she will have to allow the Hand to retain her compassion and love.

Katalina had to find a companion for Ka’Azalin. Katalina had to find somebody who would not obsessively control her but be willing to accept her as a demon. Katalina asked help from the Council of Eight; only Malice, the Soul Stone of Darkness, provided her with a few potential candidates. She selected Oliver Martin.

Katalina, like most gods, can enter dreams. She linked her Ka’Azalin and Oliver together while Andrea was undergoing fundamental changes to her body. This formed a bond between the two. Andrea clings to Oliver for her emotional support, and Oliver needed to overcome his own fears. Not all of this played out as well as Katalina planned.

Oliver had been tortured and controlled by another succubus by the name of Heather. Once freed, Oliver still has nightmares and fears of the demons he now hunts. He came to love Andrea in the dreams.

Katalina moved Andrea into a position to meet Oliver for the first time in real life, revealing that the woman of his dreams was a succubus. His desire to find out who and what had happened to Andrea allowed him to form a pact, a contract with the new demon and the god. Oliver had become their master; he was given the ability to command her and the goddess if so desired. He placed into the contract restrictions to preserve his mind and comrades from this demon.

Oliver returned to the City of Cormanworth and began to train the demon as his apprentice in the arts of spell casting. Katalina taught her the abilities of her new body.

Andrea’s mind is not whole. She suffers from the nightmares that the demon side of her has created. The deaths she has caused still way heavily on her mind. The serpent, in her thoughts, makes and demands sadistic desires. Her bond with Oliver is the only mental anchor she has remaining. Oliver’s fears and has hesitations that prevent the bond between the two from growing stronger.

Mr. Morgan, an influential individual in the Cormanworth area, owns several businesses, both legitimate and shady. He is a dark figure who has been drawn to Andrea’s power by another force. He is willing to accept the demon for who she is and has offered his resources to her.

Heather is the Night Queen of Cormanworth, a ruler who hides in the shadows. Her forces are dark and demonic. She provides uneasy security for the monsters that hide in the city, preying on the populace. Too many deaths and disperses arouse suspicion and call the attention of the Hunters. She is a succubus who uses manipulation of the local authorities to hide suction actions. Heather also has an appreciation for her thrall minions and controls their lives. Oliver was once her thrall for months until he broke free of her clutches. He was trained to be a very good interrogator. He could mentally and physically break his subjects with skill and precision, all to please his mistress.

Charmeine Vestule, the great-grandson of the God Toluene, is what is commonly know as a half-celestial. He has traits of the god blood in his veins. He has many angelic qualities and even feathery wings. He has had visions and dreams of late; he sees himself slaying a powerful demon.

Andrea needs to hold on to her love and her mind. She needs to stop the threats that are coming for Oliver and her. Andrea has begun a plan to eliminate both Mr. Morgan and Heather. Andrea has also to get Oliver to accept her for who she is, not just what he sees. There is more to Andrea Wellington than that of a demon.

The Wheels of Fate begin to turn as Mr. Morgan attempts to control the powerful demon goddess for his gain. Heather seeks to remove this false Ka’Azalin and recapture her prize, Oliver.

This sets the stage for Chains of the Heart.

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