TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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10: The Foundation of Chains

Andrea weakly leaned on Oliver and did not say a word as they walked back to the surface with the now former prisoners in tow. The former prisoners of Mr. Morgan were all weak from Andrea’s draining. Andrea changed their memories to only reflect that the vampire drank their blood leaving them weak, and Andrea and Oliver using potions to heal their wounds.

There was no use in going to the authorities. Mr. Morgan had lost a powerful pawn, and he would know that Andrea and Oliver took him out. The loss of the vampire would not cripple his shady operations, only to make his orders more challenging to complete.

Oliver opened the front door to the Hidden Occult. Andrea was so quiet, this lack of banter disturbed Oliver. She may tell him what had happened to her. He locked the door behind them slipping the key back into his pocket.

Andrea finally spoke. “I have been murdering for Mr. Morgan.”

Andrea looked away from Oliver and slowly walked toward the bookcase to go upstairs. Oliver could hear the depression in her voice, “I thought I was feeding on lowlife trash, rapists, murders, and thieves. People who deserved to be punished for the crimes they had committed. These people were Cormanworths finest as Mr. Morgan would call them. I even went as far as probing their minds to confirm what he said was true.”

Oliver did not stare. He knew something like this would eventually happen, Mr. Morgan was using her in a way that suited his needs. Oliver tried to warn her, but she did not listen. He was not going to tell her I told you so, that would be very dangerous in her mental state. Oliver did not want to add any more pressure to her already fragmented psyche, Andrea was going to have a nightmare tonight. Oliver would have to comfort her.

Tears started flowing again as Andrea’s anguish came forward, “The vampire also can manipulate minds. Katalina showed me what a mental wall looked like and how to break one down.”

Andrea fell to the floor, holding onto a bookcase for support. “The vampire created false memories. So the people I had been feeding on were innocent of the crimes presented. I did horrible things to them; they did not deserve what I did. I am a true demon, without pity or mercy. I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed what I did. I hate myself, I hate what the goddess did to me. WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS! WHY DID THE GODDESS MAKE ME A DEMON? WHY MAKE ME A DEMON GOD!” Andrea pulled forcefully on her round horns in an attempt to tear them off her head.

Oliver picked her up, and she clung to him. “I can’t tell them I am sorry. I know who they are. Their names and faces have been burned into my memory for all time.”

He opened the door and helped move Andrea upstairs into his room. “I understand; this is your burden to bare. I can only help so much. Heather has done things to me, made me do things as well. I am not proud of what I did and have to live with the consequences of my actions. There is not a single person here who can stop you. Only you can stop yourself. Katalina looks like she will not directly interfere, but she will push those around her to help you.”

Andrea paused as she laid down on the bed, a question came to her mind, “How did you know I was in trouble?”

Oliver responded, “I had a dream. Like the ones we shared, just as serious and visually accurate, I knew it was a warning that you were in trouble.”

Andrea looked blankly at the wall, avoiding Oliver’s gaze. “Can you make me that herdable supplement you use for sleeping? I don’t want to be in my skin tonight. I don’t want to dream at all.”

Andrea spoke softly, “I am so tired of being afraid of chains; I locked up and became paralyzed in my fear because of it. I can’t be afraid anymore. I will embrace them. I will make them mine. The binding chains will become a part of me."

Oliver answered as Andrea curled herself into a ball on his bed. “Yes. I will make enough for both of us.” He turned away from her and went downstairs to brew the supplement up.

Andrea waited for Oliver to return. The weight of her actions held heavy on her soul. She was beginning to understand the delight of being a demon truly, but with one horrible side effect. Andrea still had a soul herself, a consciousness that told her what she did was wrong. A familiar feeling began to fill her mind; the goddess fills her presence.

Katalina projected to her Hand, “Ka’Azalin, you should not worry about such small matters. I find this nice that you still have a heart; I lost mine a long time ago. These feelings will only bring you pain, feeling sorrowful about your meal. I enjoy pain in many different ways.

“Goddess, why me? Why did you make me into a succubus? Why did you place a demon inside me?”

“I did not. your form was chosen by Erien as a former minion of mine. Even he was being manipulated by the Council of Eight. The demon you so speak of is a slice of your own soul, the darkest sliver that was shredded when your new body was created. The demon so loathe is you. You are more than a succubus, more than a demon. The Council of Eight has a special mission for you, when you are ready I will tell you. You are not ready yet.”

Andrea still did not feel any better about herself. Her head hurt, a pounding headache. Understanding that her soul had been spit and that split had been formed to create a demon. She knew no answer would be forthcoming anytime soon. “I am so cursed.”

“I don’t want to see you suffer over such trivial matters. I can not comfort you in this, for pain is part of my existence. You will need to learn how to handle this. Grieve if you must, I understand.”

Katalina left her again to grieve. Andrea would have felt better if she had just lost control, then she could blame the demon aspect of herself. Her head hurt with the decision she had made over the last couple of weeks.

Oliver returned with the hot cups of sleeping supplements. The minty aroma joined the steam rising above the cups.

Oliver handing the cup to Andrea, “Here, drink up.” She took the steamy cup and swallowed it slowly between her sniffling.

Oliver would have to forgive her; he was the only one other than herself to be able to do so. He had done things similar when he was under Heather’s command. He knew he was capable of doing it again; he kept his demon locked up very tightly.

He looked over to the window, reminding himself he had still a Devil Trap there, to catch on of Heather’s minions, he had not yet removed it. He had told Andrea that it was still there.

Andrea did not bother undressing tonight; instead just laid in his bed as Oliver held her in his arms. Both began drifting off to sleep as their bodies relaxed after the long night's troublesome adventure.

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