TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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11: The Anchor of Chains

Oliver woke up to Andrea screaming. She was not in his bed; he found Andrea had crawled into the corner of the room. She was pounding the wall with her balled fists, screaming, “NO, No, no Dharil, not again. “. He got up, and walked over to her, and started to reach out to her.

Andrea watched Oliver’s hand extend out, and just as quick, Andrea scrambled onto the top of his desk, knocking the contents to the floor. “Don’t touch me. You don’t want to touch me.” Hissing between sobs. “I don’t have permission to touch the master! I loved the master, and he rejects me! I will just serve Samual! He will satisfy my desires!” Fleeing to the closed window, Andrea’s red wings expanded, and she readied herself for flight; the Devil Trap captured her. Andrea pulled open the shutters to exit through the window to escape. The Devil Trap held her fast, flaring the blue holy fire at the invisible border. Turning back to face Oliver, in a hissing voice, her face contorted, and she cried, “SERVANT, You will let me go! NOW!”

Andrea’s perception of herself was that she was standing in the dry river bed; piles of bodies were along the shore; these were her victims. Dozens of them had faces she recognized; they were hoisted and chained to poles. The clouds overhead blocked the sunlight; the scene was growing darker. She could see the serpent uncoiling itself off her latest victim. The green serpent was now moving across to her again, not hindered by the flowing water.

Andrea stopped and fell to her knees within the Devil Trap. Her eyes became just blank, with a hollow stare. She stopped crying and just stared as her eyes became dull and lifeless. The emotional trauma of the day’s events sunk in and her mind shut down.

In her mind, she was ready to accept the serpent. The green serpent slithered closer, and she heard it hiss, “YESSSS… I will embrace you. You will never be alone; we will cause so much suffering. You will not feel remorse about what we will do. I long to return to you, I am you, and you are me. We will find a master that will truly allow us to cause so much pain and suffering!” the creature hissed. Opening her arms and reached for the coiling embrace, she felt her world tremble. If you are the only one who wants me, then I am yours. The dry river bed began to shake, the dried mud vibrated. The sounds of chains start rattling from deep under the ground.

She repeated the words allowed, “He does not want me, he can’t stand me. I am all alone.”

“YESSSS… I will embrace you. You will never be alone; we will cause so much suffering. We will be whole, and we will be one. No more conflict, just pain, and pleasure.”

Oliver heard her words, the hissing sound she made while speaking. Andrea’s fractured mind was surfacing; He realized that this was the demon aspect of Andrea, fighting for control over her body. Oliver started to hear Andrea submit to this darkness. The voice was a piece of her mind buried inside her subconscious; this was her demon, her torment.

In defeating tones, Andrea spoke,If you are the only one who wants me, then I am yours.” Her dull eyes looked up at Oliver.

Oliver could feel she was not talking to him, but herself. Her mind was wrestling with this other personality.

Oliver had noticed something else, a presence, and it weighed heavily on him. He felt the force through the Devil Trap. Something was about to happen, something dark, and this darkness was manifesting. The room began to vibrate. Oliver could feel a humming vibration; he thought he could hear the sounds of chains rattling. The vibration caused his bed to shake, the books on his shelf, and any loose object to vibrate. Her body began to glow with a red crimson color. He had seen that before when Katalina used her power to break the binding shackles. Oliver realized that Andrea was manifesting the power of the god and more than likely activating the grace in her subconscious mind during this battle of wills. Meaning this nightmare would shortly become a reality around her. He dreaded to think of the horrors that might manifest from a goddess having a nightmare.

Oliver stepped into the circle. He had to make a decision now, was this a game or was this real. He was going to have to go into his dark place in his mind, the place where he was in command of his life and others. Oliver made a choice, reaching down and wrapping his arms around her tightly. “Listen to the sound of my voice; calm yourself. You are not alone. I have you.”

The sound of chains was now loud enough to start hurting his ears. Oliver's voice changed to command; he did not let his fear show. He was her master and had now to assert himself as such. “Ka’Azalin SUBMIT to your master. I am the one and only one you serve. Release your power safely. Obey me, servent.” He hated that he had to command her, but at the same time, he enjoyed the power he had over her. He wanted to do more to make her submit to his will. Pushing her too far might make the situation even worse. If he had to, the command sigil was the next to use.

Andrea heard his voice through the rattling of the chains. Andrea felt the water rushing over her feet; the serpent began to struggle against the rising water. The serpent hisses with rage as the creature resisted as it scaly body failed to resist being swept down the river. Her eyes became focused again. The sounds of rattling chains slowly changed, being replaced by running water. She felt the warmth of two arms holding her again. The river quickly rose back to her waist level. She weakly said as her eyes again brightened, “Embrace the chains; I don’t fear them. They are apart of me; they have been here the whole time.”

Dismissing the Devil trap, Oliver pulled her back to bed, and she went back to sleep. He did not know what to make of this entirely. He feared what might have happened had he not been here tonight.

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