TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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15: Celestial Questions

Andrea asked him on a more serious note, “I have something to ask you, have you ever met a god? Or spoken to the Hand of a God before? How would you even know if you were speaking to one? I am sure you have some experience with that?”

Charmeine moved to lean against a nearby tree. “I have spoken to Toluene once before; it was through his current Hand. It was an amazing show of strength; he is kind and caring. He had an aura about him that projected a regal sense of purpose and full of hope. I even felt the grace when he performed a miracle and made the rain come to a village. Toluene picks his hand every thirty years out of his bloodline; that is important. The gods like to choose one they have a physical connection to; the avatar is more in tune with the god. I was even trained for a while to be a possible Hand, but I lack a few of the priests’ qualities. Most of the Hands of God walk around with an entire troop of followers, priests, warriors, and support. There is not a single one that I know of that works alone. Why do you ask?”

“I am thinking about trying to become a god myself. But what kind of god would I be?” she stated.

Charmeine questioned, “With the handle of KaAzalin? That’s about as evil as it comes. Why would anyone want to pick that?”

“Besides, that god died a while back, right? Somebody should take the handle. Like you, this suits my bloodline.” Andrea was intentionally slipping this information to see what kind of reaction she would get, “If I were to become a god, I would not want to punish the one who did not deserve it. I would do the greedy ones whose hearts were really black and dark. I don’t like thieves and bandits that much. Maybe those who enjoy betrayal but not for a good reason, sacrificing oneself for others are usually good ways to go. I could be a cruel and merciless angel. I kind of like that. But I am sure there’s more to being a god than that.”

Charmeine snickered, “You a god? You have some hubris.”.

“I already got the symbol.” Andrea pointed at her armor, “Or maybe I could even be a Hand of God. Think of the power one could wield! What god could I join up with?”.

“I have seen it. I was told what to expect. You would not like it, and I was told that my life would be turned over entirely to Toluene, for I would be his hand. They are all controlled by god and have no will of their own. The gods would not let you use their power for your own purposes. They don’t teach the hand how to use grace; they keep that secret to themselves. Allowing a mortal to wield the grace of a god would be insane in their eyes. The Hands of Gods eyes glow with the gods’ light constantly to remind us who they are. Their bodies light up when they use the divine grace. Some of the even more powerful uses of grace, the symbol of the god in the air. It is truly an amazing sight to behold.” Charmeine was still laughing between his remarks.

“I would like to see that someday. Besides, I might be good at being god, you know. Heck, you could even be in the presence of one, and you would never know. But If I would be a god, I could not be the good kind, just too strict. I mean, some gods demand you be a virgin to be in service to them or sacrificed to them. I know, I was pure of heart and soul until this curse, now I can’t get enough of my taste for that pleasure. The curse has thoroughly corrupted me. I am sure Toluene would love to pass his judgment on me.” she paused for a moment. “Crush me under his heel.”

Charmeine was still laughing, “They are full of self-importance because they are gods; they demand respect and fear. They demand to be worshiped and do not tolerate disrespect.”

“Right, I can see how they need to feel that way; they are insecure and full of themselves. They have earned that right, but even a god can fail.” Andrea spoke, she was uncertain, but she had started speaking confidently about a subject she knew very little about.

Charmeine had started to calm down, “Don’t let the worshipers of Bhuul hear you say that; they think their god is infallible.” he wiped some of the tears from his eyes.

“I mean they have immense power, speed, strength. The perception is amazing to, looking at life in slow motion during a fight.” Andrea got quiet, she remembers the fight with Victor, while Katalina fought the vampire, she was being shown how to move her body and pay attention to her surroundings. Katalina was doing the exact opposite of what Charmeine’s training expected.

“Does the Hand of Toluene have any children?” she asked.

“No, he or she is not allowed to until after their duty as the Hand is done. Then Toleon strips the Hand of their powers, and they become mortal again. It is said that procreation at this time would create a demigod, so the powerful children should only be created by the will of God. All gods headed to this law.” he pointed at her crest, “that is one of the reasons. It is said that the Demon Lord KaAzalin was a very fertile god who created many children of power, most uncontrolled, and these demigods could generate their own grace. That is why she was called the Mother of Monsters.”

“You said the god could take back the status of being a Hand?” Andrea was a bit serious at this point. Was there a chance to become normal again? Why did Katalina not tell her? The God of Lies.

“Yes, they lose the ability to channel grace, and the connection is broken, but any alterations the god made are permanent.” He added.

So I would still be a demon, without Katalina’s guidance and no grace, back to square one. She had to add, “Your still a virgin. Are you not, Tolueon priests are, how about it? I could fix that for you. Not a problem at all.“ She looked at him, and her voice went into her seductive tones again, “You are not married yet, we could even go wing on wing in the sky, A moonlight flight? How does that sound? Just you and me merging ourselves in the heavens above.” Andrea used her hands and fingers twisting them together. “Just think about it. Spinning around and around, the spiral of love, just holding my body against yours, our hearts and wings beating in unison.” she closed her eyes for a moment, let her mind play with the image a bit, then continued, “I think it would be something wonderful our union could produce, unite both heaven and hell, even if just for a moment.”

He had slowly started to sober up his emotion, realizing that she was now serious about that last part; he remembered Master Martin’s warning, “That’s fine, no, and yes. My family would be upset if I spread my seed to those not worthy of the Toluene bloodline. You would have to be blooded, meaning you would have to have the blood of a god running through your veins.” he added.

Andrea put her hand over her heart, “You are saying I am not worthy of you?” now acting as if offended.

“You did say you were corrupted, and Toluene would smite you.” He retorted.

“So, Toluene does not mix his blood with the evil gods then?” Andrea playfully asked.

“No, not to say that. My cousin married a blooded of Charon, the God of the Dead. Their union produced a rather feathery reaper.”

Andrea moved slowly over to him, just inching forward slowly. “So, I have to be born of a god’s hand to be blooded then?”

“Yes, the closer you are to the god, the more power you have as a blooded. The higher prestige you have among the noble families.”

“Even if the god is an evil wretch?” Andrea asked in confirmation.

He sighed; her questions kept coming back to the same thing, “Yes, in some places blooded are caught and bred with nobles just for that reason. It’s best to get married and protected as soon as you can. Alas, you are not blooded, so I can’t even fathom having a relationship with you.”

“I have never been so rejected.” she was sarcastic at this point, “Well, my angelic friend. I can not say I did not try.” Andrea sighed another one who rejected her, then again, she was not trying any of her assets other than just her acting; Master Martin prohibited this action. She really wants to try this with him, though. ”let’s get back and report on the nothingness we have spotted. Besides. I just about out of mana for casting my flight spells.” She tucked her drink back into her pouch and flexed her magical wings. Andrea thought she would much rather flex her real wings; the magical ones did not have the same feeling, somewhat stiff looking. The spell mimicked the wings, but some effects were not duplicated. She crouched then leaped skyward.

Charmeine was intrigued by the strange conversation, and he had come to expect her to try to make a move on him at one point or another. She had been working on everyone on the convoy. Not offering sex as much, but just being flirtatious when not being serious. Master Martin told us to ignore her advances, don’t give in to her. Charmeine followed her as well, then quickly passed ahead. “Race you back!”. He sped past her gliding form. He knew her spell created ones were no match for his natural wings."

Andrea complained, “Not fair, you’re faster!” then trying to push the magic wings faster; they were already at the max speed they could go. She could hear him laughing at her and left her behind. She liked the view from behind as well; he was very graceful and angelic.

He hollered back, "No, Hatchling, life is not fair!"

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