TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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22: Wedding Chains

Andrea was waiting on a small abandoned tower in the woods to the north. She was waiting; she was in so much pain. The process of being controlled to that extent by the goddess was exhausting and painful. It was like being locked in a box with no control of your body while being shot into the sun. Katalina had warned her of Charmeine; he was a Half-Celestial, borne of the line of Toluene would come to challenge her, seeing her as weak. They are the usual good gods, and having a power such as hers was completely offensive. Andrea knew she would not be able to go hand to hand with him; he was much better at using weapons. Katalina was not going to help her out in this fight; she had to fight this independently. Katalina was forcing her to grow and get stronger. So she came here, placed some well crafted magic traps, and hoped for the best. She could only access her grace when she was in a calm state; the pain from her stained muscles was too much for that level of concentration. If she could not feel the pain, she would concentrate on accessing her stored grace.

One thing about being Immortal was the ability to pick out fast-moving targets. This annoys her to no end while she is in the city, kids mostly. Andrea’s eyes spotted Charmienes winged form as he was searching for her in the sky. She was going to make this easy for him. She pulled a scroll out of a small sealed tube. Andrea read the incantation from the scroll. This illumination spell, an infernal green and black ball of flame shot skyward and lit the area. Revealing the abandoned tower and her form on the rooftop.

Charmeine dived towards her; he was not set for a charge, so he came to talk first, more to boast how good his God is correct and then kill her. He landed at the other end of the tower opposite Andrea.

“I hope you want to do the midnight flight with me; I would still enjoy hanging on to you as we danced in the air, me wrapping myself into your body as we made love in the heavens above. Our hearts and wings beating in unison.” This was the truth, but the reality was it was going to be blade to blade. “Last chance, we can still be friends; I do not quarrel with you or Toluene. I sure like your feathers, please don’t do this.” Andrea reached out to him to take his hand. If she could touch him, she could make him have another train of thought.

“No, I can not allow your evil to fester. Too many times, the Ka’Azalin has caused damage, ruined lives. Murdered the innocent of filling your god’s bloodlust. Toluene will not stand for your stain on the earth. "

Andrea shook her head, "You are wrong. I am not like Katalina's previous hands. I care about you; please don't do this."

Charmeine's rant continued, "I have seen you in my dreams; you destroyed a town. You threatened my daughter and my wife. I can take you here and now! I will hunt you to the ends of Thanonal for all time!” he felt he was mighty and just.

Andrea pleaded with him, “You are talking about something that may or may not come to pass. Your visions may be nothing more than a god’s fantasy of what will or can become. I myself keep falling into the trap of fate. Gods like to manipulate that fate into their desires. Take a step back a try and to reason that out.”

Charmeine shook his head, and his mouth frowned a bit; he was not having any of her lies.

She sighed, “I don’t want to kill you. You mean something to me. You are a friend, I have few of those.” she looked into his crystal blue eyes. You are a feathery fool, my friend. You are special to me, and you don’t even know it. I can’t let you hunt me to the end of the world. I don’t want to kill you either. “Let’s make a wager and place the prise in a pact. If I win, you become my husband. I will demand one child from you. If you win, then you can have all the contents of my Vault. I will defeat you personally, without calling on Katalina or using my grace; this will be a battle between an angel and a demon, between you and me. ”

Andrea did not want to kill her feathery friend. She had to make him important in her mind. Her own demonic laiden logic told her to make him hers. She did not want him dead, for he was still part of her plan for Oliver.

“You can not lie to me; you can not attempt to kill me. You are mine until I release you, for I will take you as my first husband. Your soul is not what I want; that belongs to Toluene. I want your body and mind,” she was using her emotional aura influence now to give him confidence. He was already overconfident in his own abilities; she was going to have to push him over the edge. Now that he had indicated he was an enemy, she was not going to hold back. ”What do you say, do we have a pact?” As a general rule, succubus should never attack straight forward; manipulation, distraction, and deceit are required. Her mind went back to a thought, The God of Lies, was this what that meant? I will lie if it gives me the advantage. And if he says yes to this, he has not worked with demons before; only a fool would agree to these terms.

He paused for a moment; he thought he could do this; he was swelling with bravado; this was the right thing to do. Without the aid of her dark goddess, he could easily defeat her. “I accept.”

She paused for a moment, “Well then, repeat after me. I Charmeine Vestule agree to the pact with Ka’Azalin on the above stated.”

“I Charmeine Vestule agree to the pact with Ka’Azalin, as detailed.” He spoke the words.

“I Ka’Azalin agree to the pact with Charmeine Vestule as detailed.” She spoke the words. I am so sorry, my feathery fool, for what is about to happen to you.

They both felt a small burning on their chests. A new sigil was added to both of them. “The details of the pact are done. It’s time to see who is the best.” Andrea spoke, she thought Now the trap is set; I already have won. He does not know it yet. This would have been so nice to have him as a lover, but now I will own him, and it won’t matter. Is this what it means to be a god?

Charmeine lunged forward with Testament; Andrea dodged by simply moving back and dived off the tower's side backward. Her wings extended and spiraled around the tower. He followed closely. She cast her ice lance spell at him, the arcane bolts of ice hit, only causing him a little damage, mostly some bruising. He was catching up with her. Her spiral dance was not graceful; she twisted and turned in the air; he matched her moves with elegance. One of Andreas chain spells darted out from the tower wall. It wrapped around his leg; he grabbed it with his free arm and broke the chain. He continued the pursuit of his prey.

“I sure wish I could have got more practice in with you early.” She swooped up and tried to hover, flapping her wings as best as she could. She usually used her Uplift spell to hover. She had come to a standstill location in the air just outside the tower. She began to cast another spell when Testament struck her in the side. Blue flames erupted from her skin, what was skin burned off in ash. A red crimson glow came from the wound. Andrea screamed and fell from the sky.

Charmaine paused for a moment and then tucked his wings in and quickly dives toward her spiraling form. He had no intention of saving her this time. He was moments away from impaling her to the ground; he was so focused on her that she stopped in mid-air, her feet pointed towards the ground, and she landed gently; Feather Flight spell had been cast. She looked back at him, and she gave him a twisted smile, something she could not resist, like a predator catching its prey. She was still about a dozen or so feet off the ground, She dodged quickly to the left, and his spear went directly into something wooden. He crashed through the roof of an old house.

An illusion had been cast to hide the building; it was not a tall building. He crashed into the ground, and then he heard the chains. Out of the walls came five chains, each one black; he was able to deflect one, but more wrapped around him. Andrea had used a trigger spell that could cast multiple spells at the same time. These spells were not used in combat unless you had time to set magical traps. Time is something you never want to give a magic caster. He heard the word “Retract.” He lost control of Testament as the weapon was pulled from his hands and stuck to the wall. He was splayed out, the chains tightened the more he struggled, if he had a free arm, he could pull the chains apart, but he was completely at her mercy. He understood now, and she had led him here; this was all planned, his life, his monetary holdings. He made a pact with her; his heart started racing as he began to realize he had been defeated. Ka'Azalin had said, husband!

Andrea dropped down on his body, landing on his stomach. He let out the air in his lungs as if he had been punched. She then dropped once more; she was now straddling his waist. Putting Bloodfang up to his throat. “Unless you got another trick, I win.”. Charmeine struggled to free himself; he was caught. He knew it, apparently so did fate. He felt his chest burn; the sigil just became part of his being. He was hers. The property of a demon. She looked at him, “Submit, and there will be no pain, husband..” she hissed those words.

He was still defiant. “Never, I will not. I can not, Never give up, never surrender!”

She looked down at him with a concerned look, and her smile became twisted, “You should submit to your wife.” she paused,

Andrea placed her bare hand against his cheek. “Sorry, love, I win.” Andrea entered his mind, gave him the command to sleep. Charmaine’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, and immediately fell asleep. The magical tattoos of the pack became permanent.

Andrea had not the chance to use her darker powers in combat; she had reached into Charmeine’s mind quickly and sedated him. Andrea looked down at her hand, “Is that all I had to do was touch him? This elaborate set up was not even needed. How powerful am I?”

Andrea climbed off the restrained half-celestial. “Extend,” she commanded the chains to lower the sleeping feathery man. “Release,” the chains released from Charmeini’s body.

Andrea studied his form for a bit; she still needed to feed. She bent his sleeping form and gave him her kiss.

In Andrea’s mind, her vision of herself, she was standing on the river's shore, the snake was coiling around her, gently caressing her body. The serpent began whispering in her ear, hissing some sweet twisted desires. Andrea could see Chareime’s life essence; it was a bright white force of light blue feathers. Andrea reached skyward with her hand for it. Out of the river, an iron chain expanded and wrapped around his life essence, and she entered his mind. Andrea kept him sedated while she fed.

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