TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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27: Oliver vs. Heather

Oliver watched as Andrea bolted back and leaped skyward, “There goes my cruel and merciless angel.” Heather was angry. He had seen her this way before. Her anger clouded everything; Heather would be unreasonable now. He would have to deal with that later. Four various men were approaching him. All dressed in street clothing, popular in this district. Each wore little more than worn-out rags, though each had an iron dagger in hand. “Infernal: Summons, Minor.” He cast his spell.

The ground cracked open, and a black creature climbed out. The mass had a humanoid form and bright white teeth. The eyes glowed with green infernal light. Oliver pointed at one of the men, and the creature moved to intercept. Oliver had time for one more spell, “Arcana Infernal, Blood Shield.” The crystal eyes on his staff glowed red, and his eyes turned black with the casting. The spell had no visual clues to reveal the defense. He readied his staff.

The first attacker got slowed when he had to engage the summoned monster. The other three continued to their target. The first started circling behind Oliver, the second moved forward and lunged. Oliver hit him with the staff skull head square in the chest. “Enchantment: Blood Burst.” The attacker felt something powerful and dark enter his body. Small wounds began to open up in various places, and he started bleeding. The wounds were only about an inch deep, but the spell had caused many of them to open on his body.

The third attacker used this change to get in close, his dagger aimed at his torso and struck Oliver in the upper arm, as Oliver had turned and tried to block with his staff and failed. The blood from his arm and the blood from the second thrall started swirling in the air, becoming harder, transforming into razor-thin blades. The first thrall attempted to strike from his rear position, and he stepped into the red circling blades; he screamed as the small hardened blood fragments stung and dug into his body, causing more wounds and blood-feeding the shield. He stepped back.

Oliver pointed his staff at the most wounded of the three, “Infernal: Death’s Embrace.” A dark ray burst from the staff and struck the bleeding thrall. This spell could only be used on someone who was nearing death. The thrall fell to the ground. A Black gas escaped his mouth, being drawn around to the staff. The crystals on Dark Night glowed red, and the gas entered the skull cap of the staff. The thrall had turned pale and had died.

The summoned creature had finished off the thrall. It was fighting and turned back to defend the one who summoned it. The creature leaped forward and slammed the black fist into his back, causing the thrall to turn around and slam down onto the creature’s black form with his dagger. The dagger sunk in, but the creature appeared to have no feeling of pain. Oliver had only one more of Heather's thrall's to deal with himself.

Oliver thrust his staff into his attacker. The thrall grabbed the staff and pulled it forward at the same time, pushed his dagger into Oliver. The Blood Shield began shredding the flesh off of the thrall, all the way providing power for the shield itself. The more blood spilled, the more red blades formed. This was a self-powering cascade spell. The thrall staggered back, releasing his staff. He was weak enough now. Oliver cast his death spell, “Infernal: Death’s Embrace.” The thrall fell to the ground as his wispy red gas flowed from the dying thralls mouth and eyes flowed into the crystals in Dark Night.

He looked at the last thrall; the summoned creature had pounded his skull into the ground, making a fleshy red paste of brains and bone. The summoned creature’s time was up; the creature crawled back into the ground.

Andrea caught sight of Oliver; he had finished with his four; they had been trapped, and he had drained their life essence out into his staff. She dived down towards him to join him. Heather moved in from Andrea's upper position, and her scythe struck Andrea squarely in her back. The force also pushed her forward with more speed; Andrea crashed to the ground in front of Oliver, leaving a small crater in the cobblestone. Oliver heard bones break, and one of her wings completely severed. She was gasping in pain; she was having problems getting her breath. Blood was running out of the mouth, and she was shaking, more than likely in shock. He saw the tears in her eyes; she reached out for him for help with her one working arm.

Heather hovered above the two. She looked down at Oliver, “See my pet, you are mine. I will send this false goddess back to hell and break your pact. You can only make a pact with me. You will never be allowed to serve anyone else. You are my property.” He could see the burning triumph in her eyes. Heather dived down to finish off her wounded rival. Oliver stepped between the two; he had dropped his Blood Shield spell not to hurt Andrea with the spell. Wallflower came down, Oliver was able to block the scythe with his staff, but the blade, a long piercing type, dug deep into his shoulder.

Time seemed to slow down, and Andrea watched as Heather's scythe slowly sank into Oliver’s shoulder. Andrea's eyes flared with the crimson light as she felt the goddess slip into her mind. You are about to lose the one you love, and all you can do is cry and moan; you want him to save you. He needs you now. He can’t handle Heather, and it seems neither can you. He is about to call me, for Heather is going to kill you. He can no longer protect you. Heather will take him, she will make him his thrall once again, and this time he will not be able to escape. Do you want that to happen? You call him your anchor; you are about to lose him If you don’t act now. What are you going to do? My KaAzalin."

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