TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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32: Dinner for 2?

Oliver set up the pots in the kitchen section of his home slash shop, The Hidden Occult. He touched the sigil along the counter indicated the heat level he required. Red runes followed the inscribed path and provided a fair amount of heat to begin boiling the water for tonight’s dinner. Oliver grabbed his cutting knife. He began the tedious work of cutting up the vegetables, potatoes, and other greens he would make for the soup. Oliver had a fair amount of culinary experience; his mother was a cook and ran a popular restaurant in the City of Negroth, a good three-week ride from Cormanworth. He had learned to cook and prepare food while a young teenager in the family restaurant. He eventually left to pursue his own carrier and had not been home in years.

Oliver had time before he could add the ingredients to the soup; the timing was an issue. Just adding the right greens and seasoning at the right time was always important. He had a few minutes, had brought down a few of his spell books from the library, and was also looking at a few necromantic spells. His necromantic spell books also had culinary cooking notes scribbled throughout the individual cantrips and incantations. Oliver had several spells his mother had given him, such as body preservation magic, good for preserving food from decaying. He had found the one he was looking for, False Dead. This spell allowed one to experience undeath for a short time. You did not bleed, for your heart stopped; you gained many traits as an undead. Another undead would also see you as one of their own. He remembered where the spell was in the book because it was also right next to the powerful recipe Cabbage Soup.

Oliver noticed the room getting darker. The light from the window dimmed slowly; the time was midday. He put the book down on the table and moved to the nearby kitchen window to see why? Looking through the glass, the clouds darkened and gathering above his home, no above the city. He did wonder why? The Earth Spheres weather was controlled; the rain came on certain days and for specific times. Oliver could hear the rattling sound off in the distance, high in the sky above.

The sound he was all too familiar with, Andrea as using her god powers, but why? He could run downstairs grab his materials for a scrying spell, that would also mean ruining dinner.

The sound of thunder rolled across the city, followed by a few sprinkles of rain. A moment later, the sprinkles turned into a torrent, and heavy rain fell from the sky for a good five or so minutes. The amount of rain falling was like sheets of water falling from the heavens. He could hear the frightened yelps and curses as the people in the streets became soaked head to toe with water.

Just as the rains had stopped, Oliver continued with his cooking as quickly as the down poor had started.

Andrea opened the door to the Hidden Occult with Charmeine in tow. The sun-sphere was about to set as dusk approached. Giggling, she stopped when her nose caught the aroma of fresh-baked bread, Cabbage, and Chicken Soup. Charmeine stopped as well.

Charmeine's mouth watered at the smell of chicken soup, which was even overpowering the shop’s own rich essence burned aroma. “Wow, that smells great!” The scent reminded him of home.

Andrea quickly moved through the bookcase door to the kitchen area. She first popped her head, slowly creeping through the doorway. The table had been set for three bowls, plates, cups, and utensils.

Oliver leaned back against the counter with one of his spell books in one hand and a cup of red wine in the other. “It’s about time you two came back. Did you cause that rain earlier?”

Andrea eyeing the bowl of soup, “Yes. Father Termine wanted me to prove that I am a god. So I tried to make it rain, it kinda worked.”

Charmeine sat down, “Mind if I?”

Oliver let out a sigh, “Yes, I made some for you as well.”

Charmeine started to pour himself some soup. Andrea sat down next to him and poured herself the cabbage soup. “Wow, Oliver, this smells great; how come you never cooked like this before.”

Oliver set the book down on the counter and sat across from the two at the dinner table. “I usually like my food bland, but I do know how to spice things up a bit. My mother runs a restaurant in Negroth. I spent years working in the kitchens there.”

Andrea put her hand up, “Charmaine, wait.” Charmeine was about to dip his spoon into the chicken soup. Andrea swapped the bowls out, taking his and swapping hers. He looked at her with a question on her face. She scooped a spoon full of chicken soup and held it up to his mouth. She opened her mouth widely.

Charmeine took a moment to process what she wanted, “Oh, I get it. It’s like the book you were reading to me. Like Diana and Jonus.” Andrea nodded.

Andrea and Charmeine put the spoons in each other mouths and swallowed.

Oliver just sat in his chair and fumed quietly. He wanted Charmeine out of here. He wanted Andrea to himself now. Oliver spooned his soup, it was good, but the company he found left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Oliver sipped his wine, “As I recall in that book, the two got trapped in time forever standing at the breach of an undead invasion.”

Andrea paused, “Well, they had a healthy romantic life up to that point, and what a beautiful way to be entombed with each other." Charmeine pushed the spoon into her open mouth. She took the food and swallowed.

Oliver did not say anything else during the rest of the meal. Andrea kept looking at Charmeine like she used to look at him. Charmeine was soaking up all of the affection she gave him.

After dinner, Andrea spoke, “Well, Charmeine, you need a proper bath. Let us go; let me show you what Oliver built. It’s really a good design. Besides, there is something I want to try.” She playfully smiled, “Come on, loverboy.”

Charmeine got up, sniffed his underarm; she was right. He nodded towards Oliver, “You are a great cook; I have never tasted anything like that. Wife is calling; I don’t want to let her down.” Grinning and flexing the muscles on his shirtless chest.

Oliver gritted his teeth, “Your welcome.” Oliver hated Charmeine, strutting around like a peacock. Who the hell does he think he is.

The Shady Tams was busy tonight, not unusual. Mr. Morgan's shinning jewel in Comranworth was only a small part of his business. It was a place he could easily show off his wealth and status to others. He sipped his wine from a large crystal goblet tonight while watching the musicians play and a lovely lady doing an erotic dance.

A shadowy figure appeared next to his balcony throne. This was the magician who wore the white skull mask. His black robes blended into the darkness, almost appearing as if only his head was visible. "Mr. Morgan, the demoness, has returned. She is now being escorted by the warrior Charmeine. They have been seen as a couple now. She has selected this warrior Charmeine as her mate. They are reported to be married."

Mr. Morgan slammed his crystal goblet on the table. The red wines sloshed out and spilled across, staining the white table cloth. "Looks like Oliver may be out of the pitcher, but I am not for sure. I want sole control of the goddess's Hand. I will make Ka'Azalin my servant. I will have to remove her support and make her bow to my will now. I have tried to be nice. I will not be denied my prize. I have had many visions lately; it looks like I will have to act now. She has a confirmed weakness; she must care for the holy warrior."

Snapping his fingers, a thin dark cream skinned beauty wearing almost next to nothing held a pitcher and refilled his glass. She then stepped back to her position near the door.

"Have them followed from a distance; I want to see if we can catch Charmaine alone. We will need to detain him. Do not use the primary set of cells; use the other ones that she has not been to. I still need to figure out why Ka'Azalin killed everybody; she seemed so happy to feed on my victims." Mr. Morgan slowly sipped his wine.

The shadowy magician nodded his head, "Yes, sir. Should I ready the Devil Trap? For her next visit."

Mr. Morgan nodded in agreement, "Yes, I will have to tame this demon goddess as I would tame my other property. Nobody denies Samual Morgan what is his, not even the gods."

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