TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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35: Ring of Fire

Chapter 35: The Ring of Fire

Oliver sat in his room; he found himself doubting his decisions as of late. His calm and relaxed exterior was breaking down, all because of Andrea. The problem was that she was not manipulating him with her demonic powers. The purity rituals he performed regularly proved Andrea was not using her demonic powers to manipulate him. That’s it! I will claim her tonight.

Andrea and Charmeine return from her nightly hunt. Andrea teased Oliver with her loud moans of pleasure each night. He can’t take another night listening to another man bring pleasure to the girl he fell in love with. He will be the one to give her pleasure. It will be his name, she screams in ecstasy. Andrea belongs to him. She opened the door, looked at him, and approached the bed. This time Oliver got up, grabbed her, and pushed her up against the door, pinning her arms.

Andrea was shocked, Oliver getting aggressive. Her heart started pounding in her chest. She struggled a bit against the wall.

Andrea asked in a question but with a commanding tone, “Master, what are you doing? Why are you holding me against the wall?” Andrea was pushing now.

His heated gaze devoured her form. “I can’t do this anymore.”

She turned her head up, returning his gaze. Inching her head closer to his.

“I cannot let you in here.” He let go of one arm and pointed to his head. “But I can let you in here.” He grabbed her gloved hand and placed it on his chest above his heart. “I will take the pain you will give. I will accept you for what and WHO you are. Horns, tail and all.”

She held the fire in his eyes, “How far do you want to go? You understand this is you, Master; this is your choice. I am not looking for some fairytale ending; to be honest, I think we will both burn in hell after all is said and done. If you do this, understand that you will be my husband, my mate. At this moment, I am not a demon; I am not a goddess. I am Andrea Wellington. You have my heart; I do not need your mind.”

Their lips were only inches apart from each other. Both could feel each other’s hot breath as the lips came slowly closer.

“You don’t want somebody you can control. I will keep my mind free, but my heart and soul belong to you.”

Andrea’s eyes glanced down at her hand, resting on Oliver’s chest. She wants him to accept her willingly. The skin in skin contact is in the right direction. If she is patient and shows him, she will not force him into loving her, and then maybe he will let her into his mind so she can truly show how she feels. She can wait for a little while longer.

“You would accept who I am?”

“I accept your love, will, and you accept mine. I am not a decent person; I admire how you punish people, like that arrogant thief. I put up a good front to those around me, but I do have my dark secrets. I have done things to people I loved, the horrible things I regret. When I was under Heather’s sway. I am not pure of heart; it is bleak and black. Something I have tried to hide and forget.”

“You have seen what I have done, and I can forgive you. If you can, forgive me. Consider this my good-faith gift to you. You do not love the demon; I think this is what you needed to hold out for.”

Oliver could not hold out for any more words. His passion was hardening into a solid resolve. Reaching out behind her, he grabbed her silver-headed hair. Andrea tilted her head upwards to accept his kiss. He pressed down on her lips hard. Holding his breath, Oliver braced for the burning pain like fire to come flowing through his body as Andrea’s feeding would start.

Oliver felt Andrea’s body begin to tremble, slowly, her bare hands moved to his back through his shirt. Nothing happened, no pain. Looking down on her face, wet tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Master, I so missed you.”

He wiped the tear from her cheek, “Don’t cry. I am here for you. Now and always.”

Andrea made no move to charm him, no need to feed on his life essence. Her eyes remained the deep blue he has come to love. They were wet with tears of joy. A demon showing love and happiness is unheard of. She told him truthfully. Oliver now sees Andrea Wellington, not the succubus. He is still unsure if he could completely trust her, but he will be damned if he shares her with Charmain.

Oliver moved her over to his bed and laid her down. He forcefully ripped her gown off, and she shredded off his clothes as well. In her mind, her chains rattled, and his river roared.

Oliver’s sleep came peacefully; the experience was even better than in the previous dream state they had shared when Andrea and Oliver had been bound in each other’s dreams.

Oliver was walking down a dry river bed. The shore of this caked waterway had dried grass and weeds growing in abundance. The sky above displayed overcast clouds; no direct sunlight shined on anything. The shoreline was filled with corpses, bodies some dismembered other pale white with wrinkly skin. He stopped when he got to one in particular.

He could see the chained body of Heather, wrapped and bleeding in cold iron chains. From her immobile body, only her eyes could move. He could hear her moan in agony as he walked by; he rather enjoyed that view.

As he continues to walk, the sounds of Andrea’s chains rattling could be heard, not loudly but softly in the distance. More sounds off in the distance; someone in a hissing voice was arguing.

“Master said he would take the pain; he accepted us! Let’s feed on him! Let’s show him what we can do to him, make him happy.”

“No. Your idea of happiness is causing him pain. No, no.”

Oliver continued, and then he stopped; he could see Andrea wrapped up with a green snake. The green, scaled creature continues to slither around her shapely body.

Andrea turned to Oliver, with what looked like relief in her eyes. “Oliver, it is so good that you are here. Can you do something with Torment? She is way too excited today.”

His heart almost stopped; he heard her names from her lips, not “Master” as the contract they had made. He had longed for that sweet sound for so long.

The snake shifted its head to Oliver, “What is Master doing here! How is the Master here!”

Oliver continued walking forward.

“I can’t get her to shut up. I have enough on my mind as is.” Andrea tried to move the snake, but it just tightened around her body.

Oliver began to understand what was happening; he was dreaming again. This dream was like the ones before; they both were dream-sharing too. He had finally accepted her; as Katalina had told him, he was bonded to her. She was not in his mind; he was in hers. He could enter her mind; he was in control, where he liked to be.

“Master, go away. Andrea is mine. We share you. I don’t want you here. This is my place. You are not wanted,” Torment continued to hiss.

“Speak for yourself, You red-eyed bully. Oliver, help, please?” Andrea did not look freighted in the least; she was calm.

The serpent, Torment, was the source of her nightmares, the demon aspect of her personality.

A round wicker basket formed in his hands; shaping dreams was something he could do. He placed the basket down on the ground, pulled up the weaved lid, and placed it to the side.

“What are you doing, Master?” The snake had a worried look on its face.

Oliver reached over and grabbed the snake, and unwrapped the creature from Andrea. “Nooo, let me go! I will bite.”

Smiling, Oliver uncoiled the snake dropping it down into the basket, “You can’t. Our pact prevents that. You are powerless against me.”

“Nooo, this is my time. I get to play with Andrea! Master!” Torment continued to whine as Oliver placed the lid on top.

A muffled hissing voice rises from the basket, “Please let me out; I will behave. Master? Master!” Torment continued to plead for release. Oliver was having none of it.

He held out his hand to Andrea; she reached out and took it. “Andrea, let’s go, someplace nice.”

The landscape shifted around them; they were both now standing under a large oak tree just above a cliff overlooking the sea. A blanket was sitting on the ground. The sound of birds cooing in the skies above and the ocean waves crashing against the rocks below.

“This is my favorite place to go. I have not been able to get here for some time. Torment would not let me come here. She always shows me the worst things. I am so glad you are here with me.”

Andrea sat down on the blanket, padding the ground with her hand. Oliver lowered himself down, laying his head on her lap, and relaxed. She stroked his hair slowly, parting it with her fingers. A wide smile appeared on her face, “I love you.”

Oliver looked up at her; her eyes were full of the admiration he remembered and so desperately wanted. “I love you too.”

Katalina liked her wine; she had made what she calls Blade Wine. It had a sweet grape flavor and could kill anyone who did not have a strong fortitude, for the high alcohol content was extraordinarily poisonous and flammable. When found, the bottle is black, with the symbol of feathery wings of metal blades in the shape of an ‘x,’ surrounding the Circled Hand. She had been having fun placing this wine in random places inside the labyrinth above. She even had made a few bottles cursed with a compulsion to keep the adventurer to keep drinking this deadly beverage. Some adventurers had already died by just drinking a few drinks of this spirit.

She was once again in her study. This was her place of peace inside the Citadel. She was lying on her chest, on her favorite golden couch with the red pillows. Her red demon wings lay down on the floor spread out, and her tail wrapped as usual around the nearby end tables legs. She had decided to wear clothing tonight; for her, this was just a formality; modesty was only something she needed to entertain some of her guests. She had her favorite blood-red dress with flaming orange ends; she had a little glamor to create the flame effects on the dress’s sleeves and base. The glamor allowed the effect of a trail of fire where she walked. The physical body was nothing more than a shell; it was clothing to her. The nearby table had a bottle of Blade Wine and a small platter with some cheese, crackers, and what might be raw meat diced into small cubes.

She was excited about tonight; her Ka’Azalin had finally successfully seduced Oliver Martin. The pawn had successfully formed a bond with her Ka’Azalin. This pawn would keep Ka’Azalin’s mind focused, allowing her to grow and overcome the demon persona growing in her mind. She will send Oliver a nice dream about his many children to come. His seed will be the start of a new fresh bloodline for Katalina.

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