TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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38: The Sunset Goddess

The old temple is located just outside the city of Cormanworth. Dedicated to Bhuul, the home of the local branch of Purifiers. The temple had a simple structure on the surface, but a labyrinth of tunnels and traps underneath.

Lincoln G’nisleh walked with his brown robbed assistants each held a brown wooden box about a foot or so long. The box’s had a cold iron reinforced supports, for added strength and protection.

Reaching the end of a tunnel, he pulled a cold iron key out his pocket. The key had a symbol of a circled sun embedded in the head. He placed the key in a matching lock and turned. The clicking sound that followed loudly reverberated down the hallway. The door then mechanically opened as the latch and gears moved allowing the access to a rather small room.

“Praise Bhuul and all his light and justice.” He nodded with his simple prayer, the last part of the magical lock needed to be spoken. Pushing forward, blue globes in the ceiling bighted to provide ample light for all to see. A stone casket sat across the room, almost known descript, save for the symbol of the circled sun that decorated the lid. Above the crypt a series of black iron spikes the lengths of swords held above magically.

“Sons and daughters of Bhuul. This is a secret, only we shall know. This a Vault of Forbidden Knowledge. We are here simply for the fact that our god Bhuul desires us so. Here lies the Demon Lord of the Sun. Only those who follow Bhuul may enter the crypt without setting off the wards. Come.” He waited while the rest of his followers entered the forbidden chamber.

Reaching inside his coat, he pulled out a glass syringe. A long metallic pointed needle glistened in the blue light, the barrel contained protective glowing sigils and runes.

“Through’s Bhuul’s strength we are strong, we fight the growing darkness that Demon Lords brought to us.” Lincoln waved his hands over the crypt, containing his prayer.

In the air above the crypt, a blue and white symbol appeared, the symbol of Bhuul, the circled axe.

“Now. Open the crypt.”

Two of the brown robed followers quickly sat their box’s down on the floor and moved to the crypts lid. Grunting to move the stone lid, a fine mist rolled out of the stone coffin. Lincoln thrusts the syringe down into the fog. Pulling the plunge flange back, a red glowing liquid filled the barrel. He quickly pulled the glowing syringe back, as a feminine hand reached up out of the fog. Light in the form of yellow eyes glowed from one end of the stone coffin. The golden symbol of the circle sun slowly started forming above the gathered priests. Lincoln just nodded and the two priests quickly slid the stone lid back in place. The symbol faded as the lid slid closed.

“Let the Sunset Goddess continue her eternal sleep.” He lowered his head. Out of the old gods, this one he had reverence for. She was not evil, just on the losing side of an old war between the old gods and the new ones that took their place. She was as old as the Goddess of the Pit.

The group then turned and left the Forbidden Vault, returning to the main temple area above. A messenger awaited Lincoln with a simple message hastily written from Father Termine, “Feathers acquired, Red and Tool detained.”

Lincoln stood, he quickly ordered his priest to gather the Purifiers, “It is time. We move now. Send word to our forces, the time to confront the Demon Lord is now.”

The Sun-sphere reached it’s noon position in the sky meaning that the Islandet of Zeran was the closest to the Low Realms. Andrea closed her eyes and soaked in the sun’s rays as she joyfully held Oliver’s hand. “I have wanted this for so long. Just you and me, maybe the semblance of a normal life. Today is a perfect day.”

He squeezed her hand gently, knowing she could crush his hand if she was not careful. “Think you might scare the locals?”

She turned her head towards him, “Why do you ask?”

He pointed to her tail and wings, “You are outside, in full swag.”

“Let them come, I can take on the world right now. I have you at my side. I will be able to do anything.” Andrea boasted as her confidence was shown.

Some of the locals already had been hearing the rumors of the demon god. Now she actually walked in the streets. More people looked in fear than respect, some just stared.

“Maybe you’re right, fear is only one way of respect.” Andrea pulled her demonic form back into her body. She looked like a normal human once again.

He leaned forward and took himself a kiss then continued on with the conversation. “So you ever been to Floastone?” Both continued underneath a walled gate. The city had a number of small gate houses that were primarily used for city defense and checkpoints.

Andrea clung to his arm, “No, never been out of West Bale.”

Andrea felt her arm burn, a pulse of blue holy fire erupted in the path in front of her. Above her traced into the ceiling of the gate house, was a Devil Trap burned brightly. “Not again, twice in one day.”

A couple of dozen priests came forward. A mix of Purifiers and Bhuul’s minions. Oliver shouted, “Purifiers!”

Spells began to be cast, a lot of them. Too many casters to count. A number of the Purifiers brandished their demon slaying weapons and began to circle Andrea and Oliver.

Oliver fell to the ground unconscious, a number of priests used paralysis spells, multiple times to break down Oliver’s resistances. One of the Purifiers cast a spell that dragged Oliver away from Andrea.

Lincoln G’nisleh stepped forward, “Now demon, it is time to go back to the hell that spawned you.”

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