TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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5: Oliver's Nightmares

In a flash of fire and brimstone, Heather’s form took shape. Most demons had the innate ability to teleport. She relocated her lair often, to keep the hunters at guessing where she would be at. The crypts below the city gave her a good hiding place. The new lair entrance had been sealed, and the only way in or out was through teleportation. Tonight she had thrown the fools of Bhuul a bone; she usually gets the hunters to remove an unwanted demon from her territory. This succubus had entered her territory and started playing with her toys; this was unacceptable.

Heather’s lair was deep underground beneath Cormanworths Religious District. Portions of the catacombs were off-limits, due to the dangerous dead that would walk lost in the halls. The rumors that the dead rise in areas where the dead are buried, the collection of negative energy found from the decaying corpses in one location can cause spontaneous animation. The result is the creation of undead of different types.

Heather found her bed; the nude corpse from last night was still in it. She pulled the decaying body off. She was dragging the body across the room to an empty stone casket. Sliding the stone lid with one hand was easy for her augmented strength; Heather placed the body into the coffin. Inside, a vast number of small blue beetles scurried about waiting for their next meal. She enjoyed watching the small scarabs eat her last night meal for a few minutes before sliding the lid back in place.

Heather had waited for Oliver to break her rules that she never explained to him thoroughly. She was going to capture him and break him all over again. She would make sure that his friends in the guild were not going to find him this time. He had stolen her favorite whip, the very one she used to tame him. The whip he used on others to break them of their will and serve her.

Mr. Morgan was also going to have to suffer too; he had employed a rogue succubus, one operating without her express permission. Heather could see the defiance in her eyes, even though she attempted the feign at submission. Besides, she had orders from her Lord, any demon trying to use the name Ka’Azalin would need to be tested for strength first before being sent to her Lord Ryress.

Olver sat at home; Andrea had not cooked for him tonight or the last couple of days. She had been out late in the night only to come home and crawl nude into bed with him. Her body was warm to the touch through the protective night clothes he was forced to wear. His body betrayed his desires, yet he could not satisfy himself without causing himself great pain. The magical feeding choker he built reduced the physical pain and made it so he could not feel anything. If he allowed her into his mind, she could stop the problem, but that meant allowing a demon inside his mind. That was not going to happen again.

If Oliver did not let Andrea lay next to him, her nightmares would surface. Instead, he would find himself sleeping on the floor or in another location when he could finally catch her. Oliver was going to have to figure a way for her to strengthen her mind, without him being the sole focus. Meditation might work, she is already familiar with techniques, maybe he can fine-tune her abilities.

Oliver heard Andrea open the door to where the bath was located. He listened to the water filling the tub, and she started humming a lovely melody. He imagined her slipping into the tub, her soft, slim body disappearing into the sud filled water. The sound of her voice was gentle and soothing to his ears. I wish you were not a demon; his sadness began to surface. Her soft humming of the song, he felt himself drift to sleep.

Samantha Antigua was Oliver’s last apprentice; he was dating her when his pact with Heather failed. Heather had caught Samantha and brought her to be Oliver’s plaything; he still regrets what he did to her to this day. He had no control over his actions while being under Heather’s influence. The experience broke her mind and body, as well as Oliver's when he regained his will.

Oliver’s black whip cracked across Samantha’s back; she was chained to the wall of the cell. Olver had a joyful look on his face, behind him the succubus. Heather projected her fear aura, enhancing the woman’s terror to new levels.

Heather placed her hand on Oliver’s shoulder, providing him the mental suggestions on what to do next. He was only too happy to obey.

Then the dream shifted; Samantha and Heather were gone and replaced with Andrea. She was hissing and growling. She lunged at him, and he cracked the whip against her bare skin. She recoiled with an angry hiss, lowered her head, and kneeled to him; the demon had submitted to him. He had the same thrill of control and dominance, but she was not entirely human. Does this make this okay?

He awoke at this point; Andrea was lying beside him, her face snuggled into his chest. He felt so awkward about having a busty nude woman by his side, yet fearing to do anything with her. Maybe he should just visit the town’s brothel, no connections to worry about, no attachments. Heather’s domination had left mental scars, desires that were unhealthy. “Demons enjoy pain; I could not do that to you.” He stroked her silver-hair gently. He could see her facial expression change. A thin smile came to her lips. Oliver reached across to the nightstand, where he kept his herbal supplement sleeping drink. The refreshing mint flavor keeps his breath fresh and helps him sleep. Oliver would not rather have dreams at all. If he did, he would try and remember the good ones and replay those as much as he could.

Andrea had told him she had some sort of plan to deal with Mr. Morgan and Heather; she had not explained what that plan was with him. Andrea only said she needed to build a few items to help out with the details. Oliver did not know just how calculating or deep this plan went; he hopes it was not only a frontal confrontation. He knew Heather to be a strange succubus who liked to do what most succubi don’t, upfront and personal if she felt she could win the fight. Mr. Morgan was crafty; people just disappeared that he did not like. Varriss and Clara had been warned to stay together at all times, though they are strong, but even stronger together. What Clara did not kill, Varriss was always right behind her to finish the job.

Oliver was unsure of what to do. He had nobody to ask for help; he felt alone. Here was a demon that was different, or was just acting differently.

He would be asleep again soon; his body was already beginning to feel warm from the minty sleeping tonic. His eyes slowly closed, and he drifted back into sleep.

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