TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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6: A Taste of Deception

Andrea’s mind was slowly changing; she had been not hunting but just feeding on the victims that Mr. Morgan had been bringing her to his private dungeon. She had been learning the ends and outs of the mind, practicing placing mental changes in her meal’s memories. She could only alter memories that were recent and still within a day after they were made. Andrea had been gorging herself on the life essence of the victims. She felt no remorse for these men Mr. Morgan had brought her; they were the best humanity had to offer. These men were rapists, murders, and those who bullied and enjoyed the pain of others. She could look into their memories; see their victims; what these men put them through was horrible. Andrea felt no remorse for any of them.

The problem, she started draining them to their last breath. She treasured these names. In Oliver’s journals in his library, she had found that true succubi’s counted the names they remembered as trophies of the ones they had drained. Draining the victim entirely to death was something that demons were proud of. Andrea could remember each of their names and the last look of terror on their face as they died. She was keeping a twisted last image for all time as she gave them her kiss of death.

Andrea satisfied left the cells block, knowing that Mr. Morgans henchmen would clean up the bodies. The guards eyed the demon as she left, making sure not to anger this creature that Mr. Morgan had convinced to murder for him. These guards were very numb because they ignored the screams for help that came from inside the torture chamber. The guards were used to the vampire doing the same.

Victor waited for the demon to leave before he entered into the prison. He looked at the carnage left by the succubus. Victor had expected this form of slaughter from a demon. In the first couple of weeks, the succubus let Mr. Morgan’s sacrifices live, leaving him to finish them off. Now she was changing, the bodies are becoming damaged, bite, claw, and stinger damage is more evident. The demon is becoming more brutal with her meals. At first just wounds, now he smiled she is murdering them. Unfortunately, Andrea did not leave him something to snack on tonight; he would have to hunt for himself.

Victor reached inside his blue coat and pulled out his journal. Placing it nicely on a desk, he withdrew a special pen. Victor moved to the pale-skinned human on the torture rack. The poor soul had been bound; he bled to death from the wounds to his body. Victor could smell the freshly spilled blood, which made him hungry. The sounds of the demon torturing her victim pleased him. He stuck the pen’s tip into the body and pulled a little lever, and the blood quickly filled the pen’s reservoir.

He moved back to the desk and began to write, and the blood-red ink flowed from his pen. He was noting the changes, how and where the succubus would strike her bound victims. He made a note on how much like demons and vampires are alike. Having no soul made these decisions much more comfortable. Each had their abilities and some similar powers. A vampire feeds off the blood to live; a succubus feeds off the life force to remain sane and power her abilities. Both had mental powers that could command. Where a vampire just ordered the victim, a succubus convinced them to do what they wanted. Each could wipe memories and rebuild them into new realities. Demons could teleport, bursting into flames, leaving only traces of sulfur and brimstone. The vampire could change into mist and slip through cracks.

He had finished his writing for the evening; he was going to make sure these bodies would never be found. The disposal pit was nearby, a contained transparent slime that digested organic material, a perfect medium to remove the flesh from bodies. Mr. Morgan then transported the bones he collected to the city of Negroth to the bone dealers, who used sold them in turn to the necromancers.

Andrea had been gathering information; she needed to learn about her enemy’s strengths and weaknesses to lay a proper trap. Oliver had provided, painfully, his knowledge on Heather. She understood the conversation was painful for him. Andrea will find some way to make this demon suffer before returning the burned soul to the hell realm to start her walk back from the beginning. Mr. Morgan was different; she spent time in his bed; she could not get her claws into his head. He was like Oliver in some respects, she could not rely on her mental powers to make him yield to her will, and he knew it.

Andrea had already made Oliver breakfast and left the food on the table in the kitchen area. Since she had gorged herself on life essence, she was not sleeping long; a few hours was only needed. Andrea still needed Oliver; whatever power he had over her prevented the nightmares. She could not rest without him, or the serpent would show her things that she did not want to see.

Andrea continued to do her morning choirs at the Hidden Occult, then would go in the afternoon to work at the Grindhouse Guild cleaning there as well in the skimpy maid outfit that Master Hoko wanted her to wear.

Andrea felt the failure warmth of the dark goddess as she entered into her mind. Her eyes glowed with the presence of the god.

“Good morning Katalina” Andrea spoke aloud.

Katalina projected her thoughts, “I see you are feeding very well. Your body is growing at evolving at a quicker pace with the extra food.”

“Yes, Mr. Morgan has provided a wonderful supply of mortals to feast on. They are ones that have no worthy traits, I think, are not worth keeping alive. I have seen inside the minds of the cruel people, and I gave them a just end.” Andrea’s response was cold.

Katalina was quiet for a moment; Andrea noted a feeling of concern. “Tonight, I will show you something new to do with your mental perceptions.”

Andrea nodded; she was feeling more robust and more sure of herself. Her confidence had been building more and more as she had been practicing her abilities. Katalina’s presence left as the door chime rang.

Andrea looked down; she was dressed this morning. It might have been embarrassing for the customer who came in, seeing a naked woman cleaning the shop. Andre giggled to her self thinking; They might wonder what kind of person Oliver was, and they would more than likely be right.

Charmeine entered the shop. He looked around at the various items, and his crystal blue eyes stopped and locked onto a shrunken head that hung from a shelf encap. He hoped this creature died before its head was shrunk, some spells occultist used were pure evil.

Andrea’s heart began to beat quickly, her face flushed, and her eyes start to shy away. She could not believe herself; she was not like this with anybody anymore. She summoned her courage and looked up at the bare-chested half-celestial. With a thin smile on her red lips, “Hi, umm, what can I do to you today... err do for you today?”

Charmeine looked down at her; he was afoot and a half taller than she was. He noticed that she was not looking into his eyes but his body. He smiled, he liked the women folk sizing him up, he soaked in the attention. “I am here to Master Martin about joining his Dark Arts Division. I want to know more about how to destroy demons and undead.”

Andrea answered, “He’s not in right now. He headed out with Clara and Varriss a few hours ago, he should be back around noon. That’s when my shift is over.” she paused, wondering why she had a hard time calming herself when his muscular body was around hers. “Would you go out to lunch with me? I will pay, it’s just ‘friends’ I know you are going to marry in a year or so.”

Charmeine thought a moment, just friends is an excellent place to be with this woman. “Umm sure. It’s not too long. I will wait here for Master Oliver.”

Andrea’s eyes blinked with amusement, “You will? That would be wonderful.”

Andrea and Charmeine talked, not about monsters but each other. Andrea told him of her bookish past and how, when her abilities manifested, she had to flee from her homeland.

Charmeine told her about his homeland, the Earth Sphere of Kir, and how he was the great, great-grandson of Toluene. He was very proud of this, he had once been apprenticed to be a Hand of Toluene, but this Honor went to one of his other family members.

Oliver returned with Clara and Varriss in tow. Charmeine had forgotten what he had come here to ask.

Andrea asked Oliver, “Would you come to lunch with me?”

Oliver shook his head, “I got to much work to do. You should go on without me.”

Andrea nodded, she reached her hand out, and Charmeine took her arm, “Well, in that case, it is just me and you Muscles.” She looked back at Oliver with a grin.

Oliver thought for a moment, and he wanted to say NO, you can’t go. A feeling of possession stirred inside him, but he fought the urge to act. He does not own this girl.

Andrea and Charmeine left the store. Both Varriss and Clara notified that Oliver did not take his eyes off the two; he was silent.

Varriss moved over to him, “Oliver, I say this as your friend. You are in trouble. Have you not been um satisfying her needs?”

Oliver looked back at him, he was about to respond angrily, but his calm demeanor restored itself. “She’s a demon, and she throws herself at me nightly. I can’t sleep with her.”

Clara shook her head; this creature was going to kill them all; she was sure of it. Clara had noticed that she does not act entirely like the demons they had fought. “No, how about this, Oliver. Have you done anything OTHER than ignoring her desires? What about doing something that does not involve you using your pleasure organ. Do something with her that’s not work-related. Go on a date with her. Could you get to know her now? You said you knew her, and you now need to relearn about her.”

Clara put her hand on Varriss’s shoulder, “Come, we got a few more errands to run before the sun sphere sets.”

Varriss soluted Oliver as they left.

Oliver leaned back against the counter; he was now having a hard time thinking. He kept seeing Charmeine holding and kissing Andrea. Oliver felt a feeling he did not want to have. Was he becoming jealous?

Victor readied the next batch of the victims for the demons meal. He had worked all evening; the demon would visit the dungeon after midnight to feed for a few hours, then leave. Victor went about and made sure the shackles were nice and tight. He had even placed a new human on the torture rack. Tonight he placed various instruments out to see if the demon would use those, or was she just as happy to strip the flesh off of her victim with her claws. Victor would be ready to record the before and after events for his records.

He knocked on the main door, the guard let him out and then relocked the prison door. He then moved to his observation place and waited for tonight’s entertainment to start.

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