TKoT Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart

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9: One Sided Fist Fight

Victor stood motionless as he assesses his prey; he had the power of a god in his veins. He would take this unknown god for his own.

Katalina moved over and circled him slowly. Each kept their eyes locked on each other, waiting for the moment when the fight would start. Katalina’s wings retracted into her body. Wings in close quarters combat did nothing other than added another point to defend.

“You failed to understand Victor child of Varsma, that this demon you fed is the Hand of a God. I felt your fangs, now feel mine!” Katalina never understood why most vampires only had one name. It had something to do with not being a master or a noble from the Kingdom of Kaiser.

Victor raised his saber; he saluted his enemy and lunged forward. He used his newfound blood strength and pushed forward with his attack, slicing at the glowing-eyed succubus. Victor wanted the demon goddess’s blood for his own. His blood fueled hubris goated him into wanting to drain the goddess and take her power for his own. “You are mine, and I will claim your blood for my own. You will feed me, goddess!”

Katalina rolled to one side; she raised her hand to call Bloodfang. The dagger responded from the resting place on the floor with the metallic echoing sound as the blade returned to her waiting hand. Katalina exclaiming in the heat of battle, “Oh, little fang, how I missed your bloody embrace.” Katalina’s hair whipped around as she dodged a head strike from Victor’s saber.

Victor was still fast; the blade lunged for the goddess’s heart. Katalina just sidestepped the thrust of the sword. He swung again; Katalina arched her torso, the goddess bent backward, seemingly defying gravity.

Victor noted, he was nowhere near as fast as the dark goddess now. He had speed, but the goddess was dodging and moving with such fluid grace he had never seen before.

Victor grinned as he parried a strike from Katalina; Bloodfang slid sparkingly all the way down to the Vv shaped crossguard. Katalina and Victor’s eyes lock with fierce determination. Katalina returned his grin with a fanged grin of her own; the blocked blade was a distraction. Victor felt the demons scorpion stinger pierce his other side. He could feel the poison being injected and pulsed into his body.

Victor shouted as the orange liquid oozed out from the new hole in his side. “Foolish demon, I am immune to such poisons! I have no heart!”

Fire burned through at the point where the poison had been injected. This burning pain he had never experienced before. He was immune to most poisons; even for him to get drunk, he needed the victim he drank from to be intoxicated to the point of death. Blood did not circulate through his body so that the toxins would remain at the point of entry.

Katalina continued grinning, “Victor, you said you were a god? You took my blood and placed me inside you. That does not make you a god; that makes you mine to do with. My grace now runs through your veins. Oh, by the way, that’s not a poison; that’s acid.”

As a god, Katalina has a special power called grace; this allows the gods to alter reality around themselves. Minor alterations use very little grace, such as changing the scorpion’s paralytic toxin into corrosive acid for a short while. Katalina is the God of Monsters, as with such, she is familiar with all sorts of different abilities that monsters have. This is one of the difficulties most gods have in fighting Katalina, she is chaos incarnate, and she often changes her body’s resistances and offenses to suit the particular fight.

Victor felt something in his chest, something he had not felt since he was alive. Fear, fear he had not since his master made him into a vampire. Thump, thump, thump, his heart started beating, pumping his blood through his body. He lunged again, sweeping down at her legs.

Katalina jumped, twisted, and turned, defying gravity; she clung to the ceiling and looked down at him.

Victor paused, clutching his chest. He could see his veins beginning to glow red. The acidic poison was moving now, circulating throughout his body. Victor had not felt a burning pain like this ever. He dropped to the ground screaming; the stolen blood of the god burned through his body, countering the acid. His body was healing at a fast rate at the same time, burning the power of the goddess out of his system.

Katalina gloated, “Ahh, it looks like the little vampire has a heart. I am just burning out my blood in your veins. You took something that does not belong to you.” She watched for a few moments as the vampire recovered. His pain and suffering brought a morsel of delight to her blackened heart.

Katalina backed up on the ceiling and readied for her next attack, “I see your sins, Victor child of Varsma; you have no soul. You are a true blight on this land. You really should have thought ahead before thinking that you could take one of my own.”

Victor stood up, his body now showing the damage from the acidic poison. His heart finally stopped beating as the power of the goddess’s blood had been burned out of his system.

Twisting her body and dropping to the floor, Katalina danced her dance of death, dodging and pairing with ease. Victor shifted in and out of his mist form, only to have her dodge or block with the dagger. Her glowing red eyes revealed her godliness; she thrust her blade at the head of the vampire. Victor’s frustration grew as the goddess quickly defended or dodged his every attack. The pain was subsiding now. Victor’s newfound speed had been removed. Victor formed into mist and tried to swing around her to the other side; Katalina was quicker. Katalina moved Bloodfang into a position where his heart would be as he materialized.

Victor’s eyes flared wide one last time as he heard his own rib cage bone-breaking collapse and crushed his heart, Bloodfangs signature finishing move. Katalina looked back with a pleasing smile, “And now you can’t turn into mist. There is no escape for you this time, Victor child of Varsma.”

Victor could not even scream; his body burned into ash immediately and burned away. The only thing left was his saber clanging to the floor.

Katalina moved over to the wounded Oliver; she reached out with her hands, grasping his restraining shackles. Katalina paused with a smile, “Well played, Master Martin. I think my services are done for a time, four command sigils left. How will you use them?” Katalina broke the shackles while Oliver could see the goddess leave her vessel as the crimson eyes returned to Andreas’ natural blue. Oliver’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as the pain and trauma caught up to him; he passes out.

Katalina played on a plan that her hand did not craft, but Katalina did; she hoped this would boaster her Hands in the image with her chosen mate. Having Oliver come to rescue the damsel in distress was always an image builder for the male ego.

Andrea collapsed to the floor; she was trembling. “Master,” she said weakly, “I am so hungry.”

Andrea knew Oliver was hurt, and she was also starving. Katalina's occupation of her body had burned the stolen life essence, leaving her body famished. Help Oliver first; he is the most important. She crawled over to Oliver. Shakingly she slowly moved to his belt pouch, where he kept his healing potions. “Let me help.”

Andrea’s trembling hands slowly opened the pouch and selected one of the glowing blue vials. Pulling the cork out with her teeth, she proceeded to pour the liquid into her mouth. Andrea moved to Oliver and forced the liquid down into his mouth out of hers. He swallowed the magical elixir, and the healing started. His eyes opened to her closed eyes. She slowly let go of him, thinking for a moment; Well, I have snagged myself a kiss.

Relieved, Andrea slumped back next to him. “This was not my idea of a trap.” Gasping, Andrea pulled her self up using one of the torture racks as support, her eyes now burning the feeding color. Her remaining demonic vestiges expanded. Her whole body hurt, like every muscle in her body had been overworked. She knew that she would go feral and wreak havoc on the surrounding area if she did not feed now. She had not fed on Mr. Morgans victims yet; she would now.

Oliver reached down to his waist, opening the small pouch at his side. He pulled several blue, glowing healing potions out of his belt and began to consume them one by one. His head was aching, and his ribs are hurting; he spoke, “He sure liked to talk, didn’t he.”

Oliver watched as Andrea moved from one cell to the next, crying as she fed. It was not physical pain she was in but the mental distress. He wondered just what had happened here tonight. Oliver heard her say, “Thank you, I am so sorry.” after each one, she fed on.

Andrea silenced her meals pain and unlocked their memories hidden behind the mental wall, then modified the fight’s memories. The new memories would reflect that Oliver freed them from the vampire.

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