The Fate Of Consort Yun Xi

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Fa Jing sacrifices her life in order to resurrect Yun Fang, who had the most tragic life known to any immortal being. Soon Yun Fang is reborn as Yun Xi, a mortal princess. Yun Xi is born under tragic circumstances. But can she live a life to the fullest or Fa Jing's sacrifice goes in vain.

Fantasy / Romance
ShiLi | 视力
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Prologue: A Life For A Life

The Heavenly realm was eagerly preparing for Mid-Autumn Festival. I sighed as I rested my fingers on the Guqin.

What is worse, what is better? Tragic love or loveless life. I always wonder. Those who died in abstinence say it’s worse than opium addiction. While those who lost themselves for love beg to differ. Alas, I can’t answer it yet. But I believe love can do wonders…

I stop playing as someone walks on dried leaves.

“Fa Jing.” Uncle Hua took a seat opposite of mine. I gave him a faint nod, acknowledging his existence.

“Aren’t you excited for Festival?” He asked coaxingly, when he looked at my unenthusiastic demeanor.

I chuckled. “Blessing mortals everyday is pretty exhausting already, and then here comes the long list of Festivals.”

“Tong Fa Jing.” Uncle warned. I straighten myself.

“Why because my fate coincides with my mother’s fate?” I raise my voice for the first time in 3000 years. He froze. “I know what happened with Hua Yun Fang. I know how cruel these so-called Gods can be. And how guilty is Hua Jiang Guan.”

I get up while he sits there still like a statue.

“Even if my mother forgave you, remember I won’t ever forgive you.” I say as I gave him a final goodbye.

“Tong Fa Jing.” He yells my name.

I scoff and don’t turn back. I am just Fa Jing. Not Tong, not Hua. I am my mother’s daughter, Yun Fa Jing.

Gods and Goddesses tell me I look like my mother. Indeed, it might be true, after all I have never seen my mother. I don’t know what she looks like.

I stare at my reflection in Lake Xin Jing, also known as Mirror of Fate. My face is a mess, make up ruined, tear trails and disheveled hair.

I take out the Rian Sha, a dagger that can fulfill any wish.

Somebody clears his throat. “A goddess using Rian Sha, how desperate are you?”

I turn to face him. “The Lord from Fourth Demon realm.” I gasp. He chuckled when he saw my expression.

“So, Goddess…”

“Yun Fa Jing.” I tell him.

“Well Yun Guniang, do you know this dagger is Gu heirloom. And I am Gu Cian Tou, the Lord of Fourth Demon realm.” He told as he stood beside me. “Thus, if you think this dagger is something Gods created, you are mistaken.”

“Lord Gu.” I gave him a smile. “Yet it won’t stop me from doing what I am doing.”

“Then give me a good reason, and I won’t stop you.”

“My mother.” I whisper.

“Hua Yun Fang deserves a justified life, a happy and peaceful life.” I yell as I slit my wrist.

Lord Gu looks shocked. My vision slowly becomes hazy, I feel the warm liquid dripping from my hand. I know I am falling down. But suddenly Lord Gu grabs my preventing me from hitting my head.

“Lord Gu, can you grant me a wish?” My breath is shallow. “Yes Guniang.” His voice is shaking.

“Xie-xie nie, I’ll keep in mind for next time.” I gave him a final smile as I am about to close my eyes.

Suddenly it starts raining heavily. It has never rained during Mid-Autumn Festival. After all a Goddess never died on any auspicious day, especially this festival.

Even though I’m passing away, Lord Gu hasn’t left my side yet.

Soon the eternal silence engulfs me.

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