Right Path

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its a short story about a young boy who wanted to get money through robbery. . .but ultimately changed his thoughts because of an old-man.

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Right Path


BY: Syeda Sughra Ghazi

There was a complete muteness all around. The only sound was of his own running breathe. No other sound was there which he could hear. He was trembling but confident as well. There is only one street light at its corner. He took a long puff and pre-climb, he was on one side and post-climb, he was on the other side, his first mission accomplished. Now, he can hear his breath sound with his fast heartbeat sound. He covered his face with black handkerchief. He took out his gun. There is lawn on the left as well on the right side of house and in between them there is a way, made of small steppingstones, which ends on three stairs, and there is the door (made of wood). He walked slowly near to door and took a key from his pocket of pant and after that, he opened the door.

. - . - . - . - . - . - . –

A ripened man sitting on his wheel chair, staring on the wall clock, he appears as he is waiting for someone. The room was well furnished. A very classy book shelf on his one side and a small trendy table (made of wood) on his other side on which chess was placed in a sequence. Even at mid-night, he seemed fresh, as he always looks in day-time. All room lights were off, the only light present in room was of moon, which is now blurred. Suddenly, door opens with little sound. Before that stranger puts the light on, old man says

’’do not turn on the light. . .”

The stranger hold his gun firmly. He is able to see an old man sitting on his wheel chair, in shadowy light.

“Move aside. . .”

“Do you know me?” old-man asked him (his voice vibrated in silence)

“Yeah . . . I know, you are retired police officer”

“It means, you are really poor in judging people . . . and it is your fault. . .” he smirked.

“So, were you not a police officer?” He investigates.

“Of course I was . . . but that was my job . . . and I am asking about my personality (old-man was chatty but the young boy was not so talkative)

“I did not come here to listen to your stupid talks. . .”

“Do not try to insult me . . . okay” old-man snubbed him as he snubbed his criminals during his job. Even this man is also a criminal.

“You do not know about my personality but I know about yours.” He changed his tone abruptly and moved to small wooden table.

“Stop there.” The young boy told him.

“You cannot put restrictions on me while you are standing in my house.” He came near the wooden table. It was clear that he was not nervous by his visit at all. Moonlight was swallowed up by clouds. Now, there is complete dark in the room. Candles were put on fire by aged man. Again, the room was slight bright.

“I know, why you came here . . . and I am very hospitable. Do not worry, I will not disappoint you.”

Young boy was still focused his gun on old-man.

“Look, I do not have spare time.” Young boy said unhappily.

“Do you know how to play chess? Old-man did not notice his words.

“Let’s play chess . . . come on young boy”

“I did not come here to play with you.”

“I did not mean that . . . I just offered you, ok just forget it . . . I placed all my savings in locker behind the book shelf” He put his hand under the table and then took a key and gave it to the young boy.

“Take it . . . as much as you want . . . but on one condition.”

“I will not follow your any condition.”

“Your second weakness is your rashness nature.”

The boy went towards locker and opened it. He did not pay any attention to an old-man sayings. After 10 minutes, he was able to draw all the money out of it. But now the problem is, how he can take it with him.

“Another weakness is that you are just a bad plan maker.”

Young boy heatedly came across him and cautioned him.

“Now, if you utter a single word then no one will be exact evil than me.”

“Many evil men left this world.” He answered him (laughing) while playing his game. And then he lift his eyebrows indicating . . . that, is it not true? The young-boy returned to locker.

“You are not just putting mask on your face but also have a black cover on your eyes.”

Then after some heavy labor, he was able to find a bag and then put all the money in it. Afterwards, he returned to him.

“What will you do once it ended?” Half candles were burnt.

“Again I will do the same way, as I did today.”

“Where you will utilize it now?”

“It’s just for myself.”

“You did it for the first time . . . am I right?

“Yes . . . I did it first time in my life.”

“So, do you think is it the right path?”

“Sure . . . when you never get your rights then you have to steal them.”

“It is a crime”

“I know . . . but it works out”

“It is also immoral”

“There is no morals in our society because might is right . . . just a rule that every man who really wants to be on the top should follow this.” He replied with a grin on his big black face.

“Do you know about scruple?”

“Ah . . . you are such a talkative person.” He said with a laugh for the first time.

“Do you know about scruple?” He asked him once again. “The reason behind your all faults is that you are deviated from your path. You are on the wrong path. And whatsoever comes in your way, fascinates you. And you starts follow that thing unconsciously.”

“I am not deviated . . .”

“Then at mid-night, standing in that person’s house, whom you do not know at all, stealing all my money. What would you say about yourself? . . . Are you standing on the right path?”

“Then what should I do . . . when no one cares about my skills . . . people want recommendation . . . when they do not pay attention to my degrees. . . but they keenly observes my bank accounts . . . then what should I do? Should I wait till my death that one day people will change their perception, behaviour and their attitude. No I cannot wait.” He said with low gloomy voice.

“Do you think, you are the only person who is facing this time period?”

“I do not care about others.”

“Now, it is you’re another fault.”

“Then what should I do . . . tell me?” he sat on the chair in front of him and asked slowly with low voice.

“In chess . . . every chessman is vital. Even if it queen or bishop or even it is rook or knight. As it is in our lives, we need to take assistance from every person even if he is poor or rich. You are so young. There will be many points in your life then what will you do at those moments? I have spent my life. I watched many people lost their kingdom and many people got achievements. There are unlimited evil persons present in this world. Do not let yourself become a part of them. Be a part of good ones. Otherwise choice is yours . . .” (Moon was able to make his way through gang of clouds. So he put off candles. The young boy was still thinking about his words. Once again, room was lighted up by moonlight. Young boy was sweating badly, although the room was air conditioned. Suddenly young boy stood up and Old man stopped his game. Young boy step by step starts to the door.

“You are forgetting your money, here?”

He stopped and returned. “On the right path, I do not need another person’s money . . . am I right?”

Both of them looked at each other, smiled. Then young boy went away and old man shut his eyes . . . moonlight was getting significant.


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