A Starry night

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When the shut in girl Elexa first time meet him , the handsome devilish face of him bewitching the entire mountain hill where the moonlight was rather transformed into his own charm. This was the start of the legend of the purest and darkest era in the world of the magic. Never would she have guessed that their paths are destined to intervene with each other. And Yeah it was an starry night...

Fantasy / Adventure
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The false claim

He was running like hell and still couldn't believe what happened to him in last 24 hours. His heart refusing to accept the betrayal .

He was wearing an red hoodie and loose pants. His bright eyes were filled with panic and pain. His black hairs were fleeing with the wind. His brain keep replying the previous scene.

Suddenly an voice sounds out bringing him back to reality. He stared at the phone which was latest model which he purchased an week ago but none of it matters now as his concentration was fully on the caller name which shows 'Samira(love)' and his eyes instantly filled with hatred.

He hanged the call and started breathing heavily but again the phone starts vibrating . He finally couldn't hold any longer and picks up the call .

"Hello !arav are you here" a sweet but malicious voice came from the other end.

Samira didn't wait for his reply as the voice continued" Your little brother is in my hands. If you wants him to be alive attempt suicide and leave an letter saying you have transferred all the shares to me in the guilt" Samira continued with an hint of excitation and laughter.

"Why did you do this ....... Didn't I have loved you enough" his painfull voice sounded out with cracks.

" Haha you stupid retard ,I never loved you I have always wanted your property. .stop it and just do as I say if you want your brother to be alive" her cold voice sounded from the other end.

He hanged up the call as tears keep rolling down from his eyes" I am sorry brother I dragged you into this" a weak voice sounded out...

To be continued...

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