Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 2: The Resistance - Part 3

Part 3: The Escalation

The rebels gathered around the long table to discuss about their plot against the throne. They were all ears while Sarayah was breaking down the plan order.

Sarayah is Daedoran’s most trusted aide. She is also a professional knife thrower and a black belt Aikido fighter. She leads the resistance in the absence of Daedoran. The resistance is led by Prince Daedoran.

In the midst of the group’s deliberation, Daedoran and Bolo joined them. Their presence caught the attention of others. There was total silence in the room, waiting for the outcome of the persuation. Then Daedoran raised his head and smiled in confidence.

“He’s in!“, he proclaimed.

The rebels, in delight and relief for their newest comrade, welcomed Bolo with handshakes and fist bumps. Sarayah, as she looked at Daedoran, smiled at him in relief.

“I’m proud of you, sir.”, she said as she walked towards him and patted his shoulder.

“Thank you, Sarayah.“, the prince replied.

Daedoran called Bolo and introduced Sarayah to him.

“Her name’s Sarayah. She’s my most trusted aide. She leads the group in my absence. She’s been through a lot for this cause.“, Daedoran said.

“I-it’s a great pleasure to be praised by you, m-my lord!“, she blushed in response and knelt down in respect.

“I am no king yet, my lady.“, he insisted. “Please stand up.“, he continued as he held her hand to stand up.

“It’s a nice sight to see my lord getting along with a pretty lady, ye?“, Bolo reacted.

“Eeh..!“, she reacted.

Daedoran reacted in laughter and the others joined the conversation as well. The group had a good time together before they resumed with the supposedly deliberation of their plot.


In the resumption of their meeting, Daedoran stood up and rolled down the blueprint of the castle which he stole from the castle itself.

“Do you think it would be this easy, sir?“, Leknov raised his doubt about the plan.

“Aren’t we also going to consider Lord Hidan’s forces?“, Sarayah said. “It will be troublesome once we engaged with him in combat.“, she continued.

“As far as I know, our group’s existence has not yet been verified by him.“, Daedoran recalled. “But considering my father’s instructions, it won’t take long for sir Hidan to find out about us.“, he warned.

Daedoran deployed three scouts to investigate the progress of Hidan’s investigation. So the scouts went out to gather intel.

Not so long, a scout returned breathing heavily and can barely talk might be due to fatigue. The other rebels went for him and carried him inside. Daedoran met with him and asked for report once he has caught up his breath.

“S-sir, Lord Hidan is on his way here, and he’s checking each house and interrogating families!“, the scout reported.

“Where are the others?“, Daedoran said.

“We split together to scout faster.“, the scout replied. ”Just a few blocks from here, I saw his group and one of his subjects suddenly stared at me in suspicion. So I decided to retreat here as fast as I can to lose his sight of me.”

“Damn, he’s faster than I thought.“, Daedoran said. “We must evacuate immediately before he checks each corner of this house!“, he emphasized.

“We can just eliminate him once he’s alone here sir.“, one of the party suggested.

“No, we can’t.“, Daedoran replied. “Sir Hidan is a Master of the Sword. He can face a hundred skilled soldiers single-handedly without breaking a sweat.“, He emphasized.

The room was filled with silenced and despondence. They were taken aback by the facts presented by Daedoran.

“So.. we can still win right?“, Bartus asked.

They all looked at Bartus with silence and a feeling of uncertainty. Daedoran suddenly forwarded and bumped Bartus’s chest with his fist.

“Of course.“, he said in confidence.

Sarayah then began to suggest.

“I’ll talk to him.“, she said, referring to Hidan.

After hearing about her plan, Bolo stood up and utterly disagreed.

“No, you won’t!“, He insisted. “Lord Hidan will be too much for you. Let me handle this.“, He continued.

“You don’t understand. This is my house.“, she replied. “Basically, lord Hidan or his subjects would be asking for me.“, she clarified.

Bolo and the others felt the gravity of her role in this sudden escalation. After some pondering, Daedoran agreed.

“I’ll back you up once things are about to go south.“, he said while gripping his sword hard.

When she saw how Daedoran worries about her, she smiled at him.

“Don’t worry, my lord.“, she replied in delight. “Please be there to rescue me.“, after that, she went upstairs.


There was a sudden knocking at the door. Sarayah was alone and dressed casually to mitigate suspicions. The people outside began to talk.

“We are subjects of Lord Hidan.“, they declared. “We came here for a few questions. Please abide kindly.“, they said.

Sarayah then opened the door in a casual behavior to avoid suspicions.

“Oh hello gentlemen.“, she said. “It is unprecedented that there still are subjects of the king who are at least gentle and human.“, she continued.

“Thank you for the praise but lord Hidan have questions for you.“, a subject of Hidan said.

“Ooh, what could be the reason for the legendary swordsman to come and look for my assistance?”, she asked.

A deep voice suddenly spoke from behind the subjects.

“Have you heard of any conspiracy or resistance against the king?“, the voice said.

The crowd of subjects gave way as Hidan walked towards Sarayah. He was wearing a golden armor with the symbol of the kingdom of Gandath engraved on its chest. His sword is engraved with runes and also crafted in gold. The sound of his gears as he entered her room echoed all throughout.

Hidan breathed heavily and intently inside her house like a wolf smelling its prey. Sarayah was still standing at her door when Hidan barged in to her room.

“Hmmm... This smell is something else.“, Hidan said in an exaggerated gesture.

“What do you mean, my lord?“, she asked while showing an expression of curiosity.

Hidan walked towards the door and stood behind Sarayah. His enormous height and physique overwhelmed her.

“There are sewer rats in here.“, Hidan declared.

His subjects were stopped in confusion.

“Sewer rats!?“, Sarayah reacted surprisingly. “Sir, I made sure th--”

Hidan interrupted in surprise.

“Arrest her.”

- End of Chapter 2 -

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