Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 3: The Manhunt - Part 1

ChaptDaedoran, the prince and only heir of the Mad King Raenan, leads a resistance against his father. He has a strong will, a strong sense of justice, and a decent sword fighter. He condemns the oppressive of his father against his people. He has always loved his people more than his father. He made a tough choice to end his people’s oppresion by overthrowing the king.

Hidan, the hand of the king, is a renowned “Master of the Sword”, because he can single-handedly fight a hundred soldiers without breaking a sweat. He has fought and won several battles against Galum before the two nations agreed for a cease fire that has come into alliance for a freet rading. He has been ordered to verify and arrest suspected rebels.

Part 1: Almost

“Arrest her.“, Hidan ordered his subjects to arrest Sarayah after suspecting her as a rebel.

Immediately Sarayah was handcuffed by the soldiers.

“W-what!?“, Sarayah reacted in confusion. “My lord, there must’ve been a misunderstanding!“, she insisted.

“Fool! The Hand of the King never makes mistakes.“, Hidan proudly said. “I know when a rat is a rat.“, he continued.

Suddenly, someone came out from the house and halted Hidan.

“What’s the meaning of this, lord Hidan?“, the voice said.

As Hidan looked back to check who called his name, he was perplexed.

“Y-your majesty!“, Hidan surprisingly reacted. All the soldiers were petrified and unconsciously loosened Sarayah as they saw Daedoran standing next to them.

Daedoran walked towards Sarayah and looked at each of Hidan’s subjects including her.

“What is your division doing here barging into someone’s house then arresting her without substantial evidence for her supposed crime?“, he asked in confidence.

Hidan, upon realizing his late gesture of respect to the prince, genuflected in desperation.

“A-ah, apologies for my unintended disrespect, my lord!“, Hidan said in shame. His subjects followed his gesture of respect. “If the word hasn’t reached your ears yet, my lord, allow me to divulge you of the information.”

“Loosen her first and bring her here.“, the prince replied.

Hidan gestured the release of Sarayah and his subjects complied immediately.

“May I, sir?“, Hidan requested if he may stand up. Daedoran then granted his request.

“May I know, my lord, what made you come here in this place at this time of the day?“, Hidan asked respectfully. “Didn’t your butler and maids informed you that the king required you to stay inside the castle as of the moment? Forgive me, but this has some relation to the king’s order.“, he clarified.

“I won’t allow my father to lock me up inside the castle and just talk to paintings of the old and listen to unverified historical events of my butler.“, the prince replied. “I have obliged myself to take care of my people and to know their needs.“, he continued.

“Ah. As refined as ever.“, Hidan replied. “Though unfortunately, the king has heard of reports regarding a rising resistance against the throne. He ordered me to verify and arrest suspected rebel scums. And this girl reeks of a sewer rat.“, He insisted.

“You have based your judgments by mere assumptions that could lead to unjust arrests and harm to innocent people.“, Daedoran concluded.

“B-but, my lord.“, Hidan replied.

“Do you have any substantial reports or evidence that could verify your claims?“, Daedoran interrogates Hidan. “If none, then you are dismissed from the king’s order.“, he continued.

“Wai-“, Hidan reacted.

“Or you want me to tell the king of your rudeness against me?“, the prince warned Hidan.

“U-understood, my lord.“, Hidan responded in fear for his position. “Forgive me, my lord. I shall take my leave at once.“, he conceded.

As Hidan and his subjects are about to take their leave, Hidan stared at Sarayah for a moment then walked away. They traveled back to the castle.


After they were out of sight, Daedoran and Sarayah went back inside her house. Sarayah was unconsciously holding his arm out of fear.

Daedoran was stopped and sighed. Sarayah looked at him and felt the shaking of his arms.

“Thank you.“, she said in relief.

“It was so sudden.“, Daedoran said. “My body started to move on their own when I saw you arrested without a fight.“, he explained.

After Sarayah heard of his concern for her, she faced him in front and gazed him in his eyes. She then spaced out and day-dreamed. Daedoran looked her in the eyes and spoke.

“Hey, why are you spacing out all of a sudden?“, Hidan asked curiously.

Leknov, the rebel in charge of logistics, interrupted their conversation after he went upstairs to check on them. In Sarayah’s realization, she immediately ran down the stairs to the basement with a red face.

“What might have happened to her?“, Daedoran curiously asked in whisper.

Leknov smirked and responded in jest.

“Girls being girls, my lord.”

Without much dialogue, they returned to the quarters with the others.


At dusk, one of the three deployed scouts has returned. He immediate went to Daedoran to report.

“My lord!“, the scouted called.

“Speak freely.“, Daedoran replied. “I saw sir Hidan’s division going back to the castle earlier this noon.“, he continued.

“I see. Then that’s good enough.“, Daedoran replied in relief.

“But...“, the scout nervously said. “Hilidan, the other scout, got caught...”

Everybody was in total shock after the scout’s report. Daedoran suddenly stood up and talked.

“This is not good.“, he said. “We can’t rely on his mouth.”

“W-what do you mean, sire?“, another rebel named Jude asked.

Daedoran looked at everyone in suspense.

“He’s a talker.“, Daedoran said. “We can’t let them have him. He could expose the resistance!“, he continued.

Sarayah came forward voluntarily.

“I’ll handle it.“, she said. “Clear the troubles for me.”

Eyes looked troubled as everyone are in constant worry about the futility of the mission and the weighted liabilities. Each thought of how to improve the rate of success of the mission so others grouped together, isolated from others and planned their own way. Bolo was with the group of Daedoran, Sarayah, and a scout named Eikl, who is also a girl. Leknov joined the other groups.

Each group had their way to quicken the retrieval of Hilidan. All groups must exercise stealth to mitigate suspicions.

Immediately, they deployed their teams. Sarayah is in charge of retrieving Hilidan.

“Let’s do this!“, Daedoran exclaimed.

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