Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 3: The Manhunt - Part 2

Part 2: The Upset

The resistance, with a total of 21 members, was divided into three groups for the goal of retrieving one of their comrades effectively.

Daedoran’s Group is consist of--Sarayah, Prince Daedoran, Bolo, Eikl the scout, and Jordan the messenger. Their group would be the one in charge of retrieving Hilidan up-close-and-personal.

Leknov’s Group is consist of--Leknov and seven others. They are deployed for other routes or backup for Daedoran’s group.

Bartus’s Group is consist of--Bartus and six others. They are in charge of waiting at the hideout to prepare for their return and possible sudden search of Hidan’s subjects.


Daedoran and the group moved out and blended with the crowd while trying to travel their way towards Hidan’s forces. It will take about five hours to get back to the castle on foot. It’s the reason why Daedoran and Sarayah reached the village by dawn from the castle. Hidan’s forces are just about to exit the village holding Hilidan captive for later questioning.

Eikl’s task is to continuously track Hidan’s forces’ movement. Jordan is in charge of communicating with Leknov’s group in a distance.

“Eikl, can you still track sir Hidan’s forces right now?“, Daedoran asked.

Eikl went on a roof and looked on a far-fetched distance and saw Hidan’s forces currently stopping by a shop before exiting the village.

“They’re still on sight.“, Eikl replied. “About a mile away perhaps. They are stopping by a shop near the exit just before the King’s road.“, he continued.

“Then it’s just a matter of time before we reach them.“, Daedoran said.

“Is it okay that you are out here in the open, my lord?“, Sarayah asked. “I mean you are the prince.”

“Not everyone has seen the face of the prince since he was confined in the castle and wasn’t allowed to interact with commoners.“, Daedoran explained.

They then walked past the crowds and when they reached near the exit, they hid behind the crates and observed Hidan’s group. Eikl scouted their numbers and capabilities of the subjects and reported to Daedoran.

“They seem to be scattered, my lord.“, Eikl reported. “I counted forty. Only two are in-charged of guarding Hilidan. Sir Hidan is currently talking to a merchant by the store with two of his personal guards.“, he continued.

“Pretty much expected for the Hand of the King.“, Daedoran said. “Signal Hilidan to stay alert but avoid unnecessary gestures”, he ordered Eikl.

“What about Leknov’s group, my lord?“, Jordan the messenger asked.

“They should be ready by now.“, Daedoran replied. “Cue them.”

While Jordan is in motion to deliver the message, an arrow coming from behind suddenly pierced his back killed him. The sudden murder shocked the prince.

“What the--!!“, Daedoran reacted. “Who the hell did that??“, he continued.

An archer named Julio from Hidan’s ranked subjects did the assassination. Hidan then saw the incident and examined the target. Daedoran’s group withdrew from the scene and hid away from the archer’s line of sight.

“Oh, what happened here?“, Hidan wondered about the murder. “This person smells like rat. Dispose him.“, he ordered.

Hidan looked at Julio and smirked in delight.

“Looks like my team’s eye knows his enemies.“, he thought out loud.

Daedoran was traumatized with what he just saw so he slowly moved away from his hiding place towards Hidan. Sarayah pulled him back and looked at him in his eyes.

“Sir, what has gotten into you!?“, Sarayah questioned him. “You were just about to blow this resistance thing up after just witnessing one casualty?“, she continued.

Daedoran was spaced out and has ignored Sarayah. Daedoran pushed Sarayah aside then moved towards Hidan but Bolo blocked his way.

“My lord, you’re not yourself now.“, he said.

Bolo dragged Daedoran and put him on a deeper part of their hiding place. Suddenly an arrow landed and pierced Bolo on his shoulder.

“Gah!“, he shouted in pain.

Again, Julio took sight of them and stroke them with an arrow. Julio is one of Hidan’s high skilled archers but was born mute. He trained his sight and senses and precision to be useful for Hidan.

Hidan took notice of Julio’s attacks so he decided to deploy his forces to search around the place of possible rebel encounter.

“Bring them to me for questioning.“, Hidan insisted. “Do not kill them without my consent!“, he continued.

In fear of their total annihilation, Bolo withdrew with Daedoran with the support of Eikl scouting for pursuit and against Julio. Sarayah decided to stay behind and left his group.

“Be careful on your way, Bolo.“, she said. “Protect the prince at all cost.“, she continued.

The injured Bolo walked back through the empty streets away from Hidan’s army. Suddenly Eikl fell from the roof and landed at Bolo’s path. He took a severe arrow in-between his eyes from Julio when the former is currently tracking the latter. Daedoran is still not himself during that time.

“My lord, pull yourself together!“, Bolo insisted. “The mission failed. Abort!“, he continued.

Both of them managed to escape the sight of Julio and the other soldiers and are about to rendezvous with Leknov’s group.

Hidan walked towards the screams of the victims killed by Julio. He looked at them excitingly and smelled their blood. He looked up and thought of his king.

“I won’t fail you, sir.“, he said while talking to himself.

Screams from his own soldiers were heard while he was away. He then immediately attended to the scene and found a mess.

“What happened!?“, he said in anger.

“Sir! An unidentified person took our rebel captive and killed some of our men.“, a soldier reported in a hurry.

“How many are dead?“, Hidan asked.

“Both of the captive guards were down and about three patrol men had their necks slit!“, the soldier replied. “This must be a work of a professional assassin, sir!“, he continued.

Hidan hastily rushed to search the corners of the place in desperation.

“Where are you rebel scum!“, he shouted in anger. “You’re not going anywhere!“, he continued.

Common people who witnessed the chaos withdrew from the place. In Hidan’s frustration, he looked for Julio to order him to assassinate any non soldiers witnessing the scene.

“Julio, where are you!?“, he shouted. “You know what to do!“, he continued.

There was no response from his trusted archer, but a noise was heard from the inner part of the street. He now went towards it.

In the scene, Sarayah is about to face Julio in a distance while she’s protecting Hilidan. She held her knife in defense position in preparation of their face-off. Julio unsheathed his knife and looked at Sarayah provocatively.

“I know you’re good.“, Sarayah praised Julio in a serious manner. “But...”

Sarayah preemptively threw one of her knives directly at Julio’s face but was easily parried by him. She followed-up by running towards him and landed a direct kick on his chest and followed it up by lunging and a somersault. Julio managed to block it but Sarayah, in her continuous and persistent attacks, managed to grab Julio’s knife out of his hand and kicked his neck with a long stretched jump kick. Without a fight, Julio began to vomit from the attack and was unable to see from the impact. Sarayah ended him by pinning him on the wall with his arrows.

“Now you won’t be hunting us anymore.“, she said.

Sarayah then left the scene with Hilidan.

When Hidan came to check the situation, he saw Julio who’s barely breathing and continuously vomiting.

“I-I can’t believe I’m losing a strong subject.“, Hidan said in sorrow. “Who could have done this to my beloved subjects!?“, he continued.

After Julio died, Hidan rendezvoused with his subjects and left the village for a while.

The resistance lost two members in their attempt of their scout’s retrieval.

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