Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 3: The Manhunt - Part 3

Part 3: The Retaliation

After Bolo and the others have rendezvoused with the groups, they immediately treated Bolo for his injured shoulder. There was trauma within the group and majority of them were silent. Others blamed Hilidan for being a talker that’s why they were pushed to get him that harmed Eikl and Jordan and injured Bolo. The remaining scout were petrified and felt withdrawn after realizing the gravity of the situation.

“I-I can’t do this anymore!“, the scout named Dalli said. “Hidan’s army is just too superior.“, he continued.

“Not just that, we are inexperienced when it comes to fighting.“, Bartus the chef followed.

There was total demoralization within the resistance. Leknov then had doubts about the revolt. Daedoran was seen spaced out sitting on a corner. Sarayah saw him and went to him. She sat down beside him.

“My lord...“, she said in concern. “Are you still with us?“, she continued.

There was still no response from Daedoran though he can be seen hearing their cries.

“I’m just here, sir.“, she said.

Bolo saw them looking all down and troubled. He went towards Daedoran and pulled him up forcefully grabbing his shoulders. He did it even though he was injured, and the pain is seen from his face. Everyone’s attention was suddenly diverted to them. Bolo then pressed his head on to Daedoran’s head and looked him into his eyes.

“Sir!“, Bolo shouted at Daedoran.

In a moment, Daedoran regained his awareness with his eyes widened after the shout.

“We are here for a reason, right!?“, Bolo continued.

Sarayah was stood up in escalation. Everyone had downcast eyes during the confrontation.

“You told me that this nation shall be freed from evil!“, he continued. “That, by all means necessary, should be done for IT IS NECESSARY! You had my trust because I believe in you! I believe that you can do it.”

Daedoran looked into Bolo’s eyes and mixed thoughts running through his head.

“So are you still on it!?“, Bolo asked in aggression while intensively looking straight at Daedoran.

Daedoran then stood his ground and withdrew from Bolo’s constriction. He looked at everyone’s state and paused.

“Yeah.“, he said.

Everyone immediately looked at him in surprise. Daedoran then looked at Sarayah and smiled in mirthfulness.

“You’re right.“, he said. “We’re here for a noble reason. And I am here with you to make it happen.“, he continued in confidence.

He stood firmly towards his comrades and with confidence he lifted up their spirits.

“I swear to fight and die for you, my people!“, he strongly proclaimed. “We ought to change the way our people lives. Out of fear. Out of oppression. Out of poverty. And out of desperation for survival!“, he continued.

He then formed a fist and bumped it on his chest.

“As the saying goes, ‘The throne is established from the people’s support and trust’.“, he quoted. “Therefore as the head of our nation, I will lead you into battle not for the purpose of dying, but for the purpose of winning for our people!“, he proclaimed in confidence.

Immediately, their spirits were lifted and their morale was boosted in confidence. They knelt down before Daedoran and proclaimed his authority over their people. Sarayah then was happy for Daedoran.

Suddenly a loud noise was heard from upstairs as if someone broke the door to barge in. The rebels were again petrified in silence as to they didn’t know who it was.

“Where are you, you stinking rat!?“, a voice shouted in anger.

The rebels looked at each other and asking in whispers as to what they are going to do.

A few minutes later, the mysterious person found about the hidden passage below the dining table. As the person opened the door underneath, there seen a full dark room.

“I know you’re there.“, the person said in a weird voice. “You cannot hide from me.“, he continued in mockery.

As he has set foot in the dark room, the door closed and the room lights brightened. His weapon stolen from his sheath. The rebels began to reveal themselves in capes. The person appeared to be Hidan the Hand of the King.

“So this is where you are all hiding.“, Hidan said. “As expected from sewer rats. You think disarming me will help you kill me? You insolent fools! “, he continued.

A caped rebel walked in front of them and directed his words to Hidan.

“We do not want to fight you, lord Hidan.“, the caped rebel said.

Hidan was perplexed and started to laugh.

“Hahahaha! You had me there, twerp.” , Hidan said in jest. “You had the audacity to lock me down here while my men are waiting outside. You disarmed me and you have all the weapons you need to kill me. Why not go for it? Why not kill me instead?“, he continued.

Hidan then looked at each of them in capes and pondered more.

“Are you mocking me!?“, he asked in anger. “You think I should just concede in front of you just because you outnumbered me?“, he continued.

“We’re here to negotiate.“, the caped person said.

Hidan was paused and started laughing again

“You think I’m going to listen to any of your foolish ideals?“, Hidan replied in jest.

Suddenly another caped rebel appeared behind Hidan inflicted him with seven different stab wounds in-between his armors. Hidan was knelt down in pain.

“Gah!“, Hidan reacted in pain. “Who the hell are you..?“, he continued.

Sarayah then appeared in front of Hidan like a ghost and looked at him in the eyes with an impression of a killer.

“You think you are all powerful?“, Sarayah said fiercefully. “Well... Think again.“, she continued.

As she was about to finish off Hidan with her knife, Daedoran immediately intervened.

“Stop!“, he shouted.

At that very moment, Sarayah was paused while she was about to deal the final strike. Hidan spit blood and was weakened. He looked at where the voice came from.

“Gah. W-what the hell you want from me..?“, Hidan asked weakly.

Immediately, Daedoran revealed his face to him. Hidan was petrified and was again perplexed.

“M-my lord?“, Hidan said.

Daedoran genuflected in front of Hidan in respect to his position. He looked into Hidan’s eyes with serious intent.

“Where does your loyalty lies, lord Hidan?“, Daedoran asked.

Hidan was calmed and took a heavy breathing.

“T-to the throne, my lord.“, Hidan replied.

“Of course.“, Daedoran said. “Tell me. Do you believe a person can change?“, he asked.

“Yes, my lord.“, Hidan replied. “May it be from being evil to being righteous or the opposite.”

Daedoran stood up and started to walk around Hidan while talking to him.

“Love or money?“, he asked.

“Huh? What do you mean, my lord?“, Hidan replied.

“What do you prefer?“, Daedoran clarified.

“Eh. Money, I guess.“, Hidan replied.

“War or Peace?“, Daedoran asked another question.

“War. It gives me peace from boredom.“, Hidan replied.

“Position or Family?“, Daedoran asked a third question.

Hidan realizing what Daedoran was doing, he then butted in.

“You are still the same little prince, sir.“, Hidan said.

Sarayah, in her reaction with what Hidan said, pointed her knife at Hidan’s neck and pulled his head towards her.

“Show some respect! Next time, there will be no more interruptions.“, she reminded Hidan in a threatening manner.

“You are so much different than your father.“, Hidan said directing to Daedoran. “I’ve always knew you were a brave man and strong willed since you were my student. You never cried out begging me to stop the training even though it almost killed you. Luckily, Bolo was there for you.“, he continued.

Daedoran was paused with downcast eyes.

“You are braver than your father the mad king.“, Hidan continued. “Despite his tyrannous ruling, he is a coward in the battlefield. He ruled the kingdom with his mouth. The authority of the throne and his words are his power. But this I tell you. You are greater than your father, that is true.”

Daedoran realizing what his father really is, decided to do something.

“Then joi--“, Daedoran was interrupted with a noise.

Rampaging footsteps came barging in the the ground level of the house just above them. Soldiers are verifying the location of their commander.

Hidan, while looking upward towards the noise, thought of something.

“Let me go. I’ll turn on a blind eye on you for now.“, he said. “Consider this a payment for sparing my neck.“, he continued.

Sarayah looked at Daedoran for further orders. The soldiers keep on looking for Hidan upstairs.

Leknov moved forward and tried to convince Daedoran to spare him to save their lives.

“Let him go.“, Daedoran ordered Sarayah to release Hidan.

The rebels then hid from the shadows and opened the basement door for Hidan. Hidan then climbed up injured and regrouped with his subjects.

“My lord, what happened to you!?“, some soldiers concerned about him said.

“It was dark there. I was tripped down and got cut by the broken glass and other stuffs there.“, Hidan replied.

“Have you found the rebels, sir?“, they replied.

Hidan looked at them in wonder and was paused for a moment.

“No.“, he said. “Nothing’s there.“, he continued.

They now fled the place and traveled back to the castle. The rebels, after hearing what Hidan responded, sparked with relief and confidence and they shouted in joy.

“Yeees! We are on it!“, Another rebel shouted.

The day went through and the rebels rested altogether.

There’s only one day left before their actual attack.

- End of Chapter 3 -

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