Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 4: Eve - Part 2

Part 2: By the Shore

Daedoran was sitting by the seaside just within the castle grounds. Sarayah managed to sneak in, just as she always does, and went directly to Daedoran. She removed her hood and stood behind him as the gentle wind relaxes them from the pains of regret.

“It’s beautiful here.“, Sarayah said while looking at the sunset. “I’ve always loved sunsets.”

Daedoran glanced at her and was caught for a moment by her presence. He then returned to watch the same direction and smiled in relief.

“You surely know where to find me.“, Daedoran said.

“I’ve always been watching you from afar, my lord.“, she replied.

Daedoran side-looked at her and gestured his hand telling he’s offering her a seat by his side.

“Why not join me as I watch the sunset?“, Daedoran said. “Besides, we might not be able to see another one next time.“, he continued.

Sarayah broadly smiled and sat beside him comfortably in a modest manner.

“So... we haven’t really introduced ourselves and shared about our lives, right?“, Daedoran said in a calmly way.

“Yes, my lord.“, she replied. “We haven’t had the time yet. We are focused on our mission. Maybe we should open a forum and introduce ourselves with the others?“, she continued.

Daedoran chuckled shortly from her response.

“W-whyy, my lord?“, Sarayah curiously asked as her face turned red.

“It’s nothing!“, he replied in a wide smile on his face while facing her.

For a moment he realized, they were staring at each other longer than expected. He impulsively looked away and was bit lost in self.

“Mind starting with the two of us?“, she suddenly asked as she was still staring at him.

“W-what do you mean--with the two of us?“, he recalled tensely.

Sarayah stood up and fixed her clothes and reached her hand towards him.

“I’m Sarayah Ville Daea.“, she said in a most gentle and modest manner.

There was then cooler breeze that passed by them from the sea. Their hairs were waving to the other side as they were staring at each other. Daedoran was delighted with Sarayah. So he stood up and reached his hand to gesture a handshake with her.

“I’m Daedoran Gasford, prince of Gandath.“, he said. “It’s a pleasure to know you.“, he continued.

“It’s my delight as well, my prince.“, she responded in excitement.


After a while, his butler, Lemard, was looking for him all over the castle and sighted him by the shore with Sarayah.

“Your Highness!“, Lemard called.

In fright, Sarayah immediately covered her hood and tried to withdraw from the shore but Daedoran stopped her.

“Don’t fret, Sarayah.“, Daedoran insisted. “He knew.“, he continued.

Sarayah stopped and looked at Lemard and gestured a bow as respect for his loyalty to the prince.

“I’m greatly sorry for my impulsive response, sir butler!“, she said.

“Now, now! You don’t have to do that, young lady.“, Lemard insisted. “I’ve been lord Daedoran’s most trusted ally all throughout his life.“, he continued.

“Lemard’s the reason why I am able to meet with the resistance every time.“, Daedoran said. “He has never let anyone touch me or fool me either. He’s been my teacher in academics since I was a kid.“, he continued.

Sarayah reacted in gratitude.

“Woah, I see!“, she said. “Then I don’t have to worry about him.“, she expressed in relief.

“Well, he knows no secrets of mine. hehe.“, Daedoran expounded more.

Looking at Sarayah, Lemard recalled her attributes as described by Daedoran in their previous conversations.

“By the looks of it, you must be lady Sarayah, the most trusted aide of His Highness in the resistance.“, Lemard said.

“Ah--my name’s Sarayah Ville Daea.“, she introduced herself politely.

“Lemard. I guess you do not have to know my family name since I’m the only one left. Hahaha!“, Lemard replied in jest.

“May I ask what have you come here for, sir Lemard?“, the prince asked facing Lemard.

“Ah. I’m just here to report that it seems Hidan’s army is being deployed now.“, Lemard reported.

“For what reason? They just got here.“, Daedoran asked.

“I haven’t heard any.“, Lemard recalled. “Perhaps an urgent order from the king.“, he continued with uncertainty.

“Hidan must’ve informed my father about the attack during his address to the nation.“, Daedoran said. “Though I haven’t said any details as to how or where we attack.“, he continued.

“Mind if you divulge to me the details?“, Lemard requested. “I may be able to help you tomorrow.“, he continued.

Suddenly Sarayah interrupted in their conversation.

“Ah--my lord!“, she said hurriedly. “It’s getting dark already. We haven’t double checked the equipment. We need you there.“, she continued.

“I see, then we may best be on our way back, Lemard.“, Daedoran said. “Thank you for the valuable information.“, he continued.

Lemard reacted, “Ah--but sir--“,

Sarayah immediately grabbed Daedoran’s hand and pulled him away from the scene. They ran towards their escape route.

“Your Highness...“, Lemard whispered in regret.


At the king’s bedroom, King Raenan was about to take a rest when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?“, Raenan called.

“It’s Lemard, your Highness.“, the knocker said. “I have come to report about Prince Daedoran.“, he continued.

“Come in.“, Raenan replied.

Lemard went in then reported about Daedoran.

“We have a problem, my lord.“, Lemard said.

“What trouble are you referring to?“, Raenan asked. “Does he still thinks he can destroy me with his little rats?”

Lemard clenched his fist and started to answer in tensely manner.

“H-he’s working with a Ville Daea.“, Lemard replied in regret.

The king stood up petrified.

“What!?“, Raenan reacted. “Summon Hidan at once!“, he insisted.

“At once, my lord.“, Lemard replied.

Raenan flipped his small table in anger.

“You’ve crossed the line now, boy.“, he said angrily. “I’ll make sure you’ll regret what you’ve done tomorrow. There’s a special place for the head of a Ville Daea.”

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