Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 4: Eve - Part 3

Part 3: Last Supper

The resistance army were busy prepping up their equipment. Others went home to say goodbyes to their family to push through with the mission. Sarayah and Daedoran just came in from the castle. Each of them have geared up and sat down for their last supper. Chef Bartus really made their meals delicious like it’s going to be their last.

“Here comes your heavenly dinner!“, Bartus said excitedly.

“Hey Bartus, are you sure this won’t immediately lead to the after life once consumed? I still want to see the fall of the mad king!“, one rebel said in jest.

“No you dimwit!“, Leknov said. “Bartus is a staunch believer of Elves! He probably offered these to them so we could have their blessings.“, he continued.

“Hey, Leknov!“, Bartus replied. “I hope you are not sarcastic about your statement. Because Elves are really true! Hahaha.“, he continued.

Bolo joined them in their energetic conversation.

“Hey, do you know that the King Raenan is an Elf enthusiast himself too?“, he said.

“Really? I never thought the mad king would believe such a myth.“, another rebel said.

“They are real!“, Bartus insisted. “Someday I’ll be seeing them once I get to do what I have to do.“, he continued.

Daedoran cannot believe what he is hearing. He was always in doubt about the existence of the Elves and is always reluctant in learning about them. He’s been pondering about what his father said.

“Well what about our soon-to-be-king prince?“, a rebel asked.

Daedoran was unresponsive since he has been spacing out for a while now.

“My lord. Are you okay?“, Bolo said but was vaguely heard by Daedoran.

“Huh. Were you talking to me just now?“, Daedoran said after he cleared his mind.

“Yes, Dave just asked you if you also believe in Elves like your father the mad king.“, Leknov recalled.

“Ah.“, he replied. “No. I despised his beliefs. All of them.“, he continued.

There was a brief silence as he spoke about his father. Everyone stopped what their doing and listened to Daedoran. Bolo felt sympathetic about Daedoran.

“I’ve always hated him for his actions--his ideologies.“, Daedoran started to share his sentiments. “He was always a strong man in front of me. He never showed any weakness nor any love as a father. I never felt that not once. His only purpose is to expand his kingdom, enslave people, oppress the poor, judge them according to his interests and mood. He has been a staunch believer of those Elves. His room is full of Elven pictures and items. I’ve seen him locking himself in a secret basement and heard moaning sounds inside as if a man was possessed by a demon.“, he continued.

Sarayah and Bolo reacted depressed out of concern to Daedoran.

“Then your father is really a monster.“, Dave the rebel said. “No one will disagree with that, right?“, he asked for assurance.

“He might be a monster to anyone who has seen and known him.“, Daedoran said. “But not once has he ever hurt me. He has always been constructive when it comes to my growth. Maybe because I’m his only heir.“, he continued.

“Why wouldn’t the king just steal wives and make them his own by his own power to have many qualified successors?“, Bartus asked.

“He wouldn’t do that.“, Daedoran replied. “After my mom died, he started to change his principles--his perspective. Sir Lemard, my personal butler, said that my father really loved my mother. While she was queen, my father--according to sir Lemard--has always been submissive and soft towards my mother. It was said that the queen has acted as the king of the nation since all decisions came from her.“, he continued.

“Ah. A king blinded by love.“, Bartus started talking poetically. “And after the love was taken from him, he has shown no more of it. Fortifying his heart to never again replace the love that was lost.“, he continued.

Everyone was stunned by his delivery.

“Oh man, I never thought you were a poet!“, Leknov said in praise for Bartus.

Sarayah went towards Bartus and held his hands with sparkling eyes staring at him.

“Mister Poet!“, Sarayah called in a flattering voice.

“Heyy, lady Sarayah, w-what are you doing!?“, Bartus reacted blushingly and withdrawn.

Everyone had a great laugh at them together. The atmosphere turned into a livelier mood.

“Hey, guys!“, Sarayah called as everyone were too busy enjoying themselves.

Everyone then paused and listened to her.

“Since this might be the last night we might be able to do this, and tomorrow is full of uncertainties...“, she said. “Why not we open a forum and start introducing ourselves?“, she suggested.

“That would be a good idea but...“, Leknov said in a regretful way. “If we die tomorrow... What good would this do to us?“, he continued.

Daedoran walked beside Leknov and shouldered him.

“Hey, enough of that negativity.“, Daedoran said. He looked at each of them and said, “Whoever survives this fight shall remember the names of the deceased. Their names shall be engraved on stones in honor of their sacrifice.“, he continued.

“Long live King Daedoran!“, Bartus prompted.

Others followed along with the chant and had continued with the forum that Sarayah opened. They were happy throughout the night.

After resting, the rebels assembled and geared up and covered themselves with capes. Daedoran stood in front of them and led them for a final boost of their morale.

“Heroes!“, Daedoran called. “Fear not for the days of the mad king will finally come to an end! Love for the people will prosper and they shall inherit their own lands. Your names will forever be remembered all throughout the heroes that freed Gandath from its oppression!“, he continued to declare.

Sarayah walked and stood beside him and faced their companions.

“Let’s die for the freedom of our people--freedom of our family!“, she declared. “Long live King Daedoran!“, she prompted the chant.

And everyone followed in chorus with the chants, “Long live King Daedoran!”

And after that, they sneaked from the village out towards the castle.


At the castle dungeon, chains were loudly clashing, and the ground trembled in its noise. Stampede of footsteps in metal footwear going to the deepest part of the forsaken place. As they have drawn near the deepest cell, they heard a large deep groaning voice.


It felt like a dragon’s breath that can kill anyone who comes near. Then the warden paused and commanded his subordinates,

“Release him.”

As the front liners came forward to unlock the cell, a big hand with broken claws appeared and grabbed one soldier on the head and pulled it towards the bars. The victim’s helmet was crushed and his face was nearly destroyed by the impact.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?“, the being said. “Tell me and I shall not pulverize this pawn’s head.“, he warned.

The warden stood still and talked to the prisoner.

“King Raenan ordered your release.“, he said. “Looks like his Highness is about to let you paint the castle red.“, he continued.

“RAENAN?“, the prisoner replied. “TELL HIM TO EAT SOME DIRT.“, he continued.

“I have the power to slay you anytime.“, the warden warned. “Submit without resistance!“, he continued.

“GAHAHAHA!“, the prisoner laughed out loud. “HAS HE GIVEN ME A NAME YET?“, he asked.

“The king called you Hades.“, the warden replied. “Is that enough?“, he continued.

“HADES...“, Hades echoed. “FINE. BRING ME TO HIM.“, he continued in submission.

Hades then released the injured soldier and complied with the warden’s instructions.

- End of Chapter 4 -

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