Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 5: The Trap - Part 1

At the eve of the attack, Daedoran and his father had a clash of their principles at the castle that led Daedoran to flee and took a breather from the sentiments and further stress. The situation escalated as to Hidan reported about the scheduled attack of the rebels that pushed the king to release a being named “Hades”. Daedoran was accompanied by Sarayah by the shore and was trailed by Lemard, his personal butler. They immediately rendezvoused with the others to prepare and have the last check of their equipment and resources. The had dinner and merrily ate and had forum together as their final gathering. Meanwhile, Hades was released by the warden of the castle dungeon upon the king’s order to create havoc at the time of the attack.

Part 1: Assault

At 12:00 midnight, the resistance started to move and sneak out from the village. They were rallied in a linear formation that was lead by Daedoran in the front followed by Bolo behind him. Sarayah went ahead to ensure that the path was clear and to also eliminate any possible threats along the way. The two other scouts scattered on the village heights to scout and patrol their group’s blind spot. Leknov and another rebel made sure no one in their peripherals were witnessing from their houses, and if there is any, they’ll be warned not to inform or alarm any authorities nearby. Bartus, the chef, stayed behind the group to watch over them. The rest of the rebels were trailing Daedoran in his lead. They were a total light-footed army that persisted their silence upon exiting the village.

Just before reaching the exit, a drunk man was wandering around and making weird noises. It alarmed Sarayah for an instance.

“Stop moving.“, she signaled Daedoran and the group as the drunk man is currently making unwanted noise that might lure out authorities nearby. “Let’s wait.“, she insisted.

After a few more moments of waiting...

“We’re wasting time, Sarayah!“, Daedoran whispered loudly to her.

“Huh?“, Sarayah reacted to what she just witnessed. “Why is he staring at here like he’s unto something?“, she continued.

Suddenly while in the total darkness of the sky, a hand covered Sarayah’s mouth and pulled her from behind.

“Sarayah!“, Daedoran reacted impulsively and immediately ran towards her.

Another drunk man was hiding behind her all along before she was assaulted.

“Don’t resist, young lady!“, the drunk predator insisted. “We’re just gonna have a little fun tonight. hehehehe.“, he continued.

The wandering drunk man also backed up his comrade against Sarayah. She was totally constrained due to their preemptive attack while she was unguarded. While Daedoran was running light-footed towards her...

“Hide! Night patrols are here!“, Bartus whispered shout to the people at the back that have them cascade the information to Daedoran.

Daedoran was having the dilemma of either choosing to save Sarayah or hide to mitigate the team’s suspicions and further escalations.

“Sarayah...“, he said in a very low voice and looking at her in a distance while the two drunkards were assaulting her.

Leknov then grabbed him and pulled him under the empty crates to hide from the incoming patrols.

“Have you heard something just now?“, a patrol soldier said to his companion while they were about to pass the crates where the rebels were hiding.

“What are you talking about? Are you hearing things now?“, his companion said.

As they patrol towards the gate, they suddenly heard a subtle scream from the sides. They got alarmed so they went towards it and saw Sarayah who is about to be undressed by the two drunkards, wherein she intentionally gave her rebel cape to one of them.

“What the..!“, a patrol soldier reacted as he recognized the features of the cape being reported by the royal guards as from the rebels. “Seize those rats!“, he insisted.

“What!? Are we busted?“, Leknov said in reaction.

The soldiers immediate arrested the two drunkards and helped Sarayah get on her ground.

“Thank you, officer!“, she thanked them while she was holding a knife behind her back. “I could’ve called out the Ghosts if not by your intervention.“, she continued in praise.

“No problem, lady.“, the patrol soldier said. “You shouldn’t be going outside at night wearing classy yet enticing clothes. Where were you headed by the way?“, he continued.

“Uh well...“, her eyes looked away ready to tell lies. “I was looking for my pet cat since she escaped the house earlier. I last saw her went near the gate but then as I was looking for her, these two maniacs suddenly had their way to me. I can’t sleep without Mallows. Huhu.“, she dramatized while pointing the drunk men to blame.

“W-what are you shayying, woman?“, the wandering drunk man said in a drunk voice. “Y-you were sshtaring at me for quite a while now... Mheybi y-you were gonna attack m--“, just before he finished talking...

“Shut up, old man!“, the patrol soldier said. “Drunkards are not allowed to testify on any cases involving them. That’s one of the king’s law. Take them away. We’ll let the king judge their actions after the public address tomorrow. It’s a grand money for us since we captured two rebels. haha.“, he insisted.

The other patrol soldier went ahead with the two and left his buddy with Sarayah.

“Tomorrow?“, Sarayah surprisingly reacted.

“Yes tomorrow, why?“, the patrol soldier said.

“I thought it’s scheduled today?“, she asked in curiosity.

“It was.“, he confirmed. “Until the king said to postpone it for a day. No further details from Lord Hidan.“, he continued.

“I see. Well thank you officer!“, Sarayah reiterated. And as she was about to walk pass by the soldier, he moved and blocked her way through.

“Don’t you need any help finding your cat, milady?“, the patrol soldier asked. “I could be of use to a beautiful lady walking in the middle of the night.“, he insisted while reaching his open hands to hers.

Sarayah withdrew backwards while gripping her knife strongly behind her back.

“I-I’m fine officer.“, she said. “Maybe I’ll just look for her later. Besides, she’s not gonna go anywhere outside the village without me.“, she insisted.

When the soldier is about to assault Sarayah, Daedoran saw it and ran towards him while holding his sword about to swing it at him. While suddenly...


Sarayah, in her defense, slit the throat of the patrol soldier with her knife and immediately moved away from him. There was a total blood leak from the soldier’s neck as he was trying to apply pressure on it. His sight of Sarayah gradually faded away as he fell down on the ground and the blood was spilled all over him.

“Sarayah...“, the only word Daedoran said after he witnessed the killed soldier from Sarayah’s hand.

She looked at Daedoran intently with heavy breathing.

“I had enough of men.“, she said while gnashing her teeth in disgust. “One word, my lord. Just allow me, and I would annihilate all men here in this vill--“, as she was about to finish, Daedoran went to her and embraced her tightly.

“...or maybe not everyone...“, she continued in a calmer way. She then became even calmer as she smelled Daedoran’s perfume and felt his chest colliding with hers. She then released her knife from her hand and it went all down to the floor.

Leknov went to them and insisted on moving forward while there were no other authorities around to check the place of the murder.

“We need to go!“, Leknov said. “The public address will start right after dawn! We don’t have much time if we stalled more.“, he continued.

Sarayah pushed Daedoran away from her and reported her new findings.

“The officer said the public address was moved for tomorrow upon the king’s orders.“, Sarayah reported.

“What!?“, Leknov reacted. “Our plan was set for the time of the speech! They will be patrolling every passage then by now. Are we busted?“, he continued.

Daedoran was paused for a moment to ponder.

“Maybe he got the message.“, Daedoran said.

They looked at Daedoran and reacted. “What message?”

“Nothing.“, he said. “Let’s charge.“, he continued.

“Are you sure about this, your highness?“, Leknov asked. “I mean, this is only a do or die situation, right?“, he continued.

Daedoran looked at Sarayah in confidence and nodded...

“Let’s go,“, Daedoran insisted.

The resistance then continued to leave the village and marched towards the castle’s direction. It will take them at least four hours of travel time.

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