Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 5: The Trap - Part 2

Part 2: The Encounter

As the resistance continued their way on the road towards the castle, anxiety attacked some of the members.

“Is this really my last night..?“, one of the rebel said.


He was patted on the back by Bartus in response.“That’s not what you should be thinking right now!“, he said. “Your mindset should be like this--This is the last night of the king’s oppression!”

Everybody was stopped suddenly by Daedoran’s gesture.

“W-why did we stop?“, the pessimistic rebel said.

“Shh. Be quiet”, Bartus immediately responded.

As they look at Daedoran’s line of sight(Since they were lined in a linear formation), they were petrified to what they saw.

Standing on a distance, a shadowy form of a human covered in mist. Yellow eyes appeared in its midst and a voice was heard.

“Daedoran, son of Raenan.“, the voice said in a reverb sound that trembled the rebels as the sound waves rippled on their skin.

Everyone was paralyzed and scared from the voice that spoke to Daedoran.

“W-who are you?“, Daedoran said. “Show yourself!“, he insisted.

The mist suddenly turned to a color like that of the sunset and the voice continued...

“Do you think you can change the future?“, the voice said.

“What is this all about?“, Daedoran said. “Are you a sorceress? Are you what they call the Ghost!? Either way this is non of your business!“, he continued.

“Oh. You’re not just brave, you’re also cute.“, the voice responded as the mist turned pink.

Suddenly Sarayah stepped forward and offered a slay.

“My lord, will you allow me to slay that demon?“, she said in agitation.

“Hahahaha!“, the voice laughed and turned the mist red. “How naive to come at your target without knowing its capabilities.“, it continued.

Suddenly a hand that looked like a woman’s reached out from the mist and gestured an open palm towards Daedoran.

“Find me if you are so willing to change the future.“, the voice continued.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m here to free my people!“, Daedoran said.

“I know you do... ha ha ha...“, voice seconded then faded away from plain sight.

After the mist disappeared, the voice spoke to everyone in their ears, “Mini mini minimo... who among you shall see the next nightfall?“, then totally disappeared leaving everyone demoralized and stressed.

“It’s confirmed...“, the pessimistic rebel said. “This is going to be my last night!“, he continued.

“No, you’re not!“, Daedoran exclaimed.

Everyone was shook from his response.

“I don’t care if that person is what they call the Ghost or any kind of crazy sorceress or it’s just an hallucination in this place.“, he said. “We are going to change the future of our nation! We signed up here to grant that cause, not do nothing and wait for others to do it for us!“, he continued.

He looked at them and clenched his fist and bumped it on his chest.

“I cannot promise that no one dies. But I ask you to fight by my side to death.“, he said.

Leknov stepped forward and offered, “To those who want to live another night, you may sign out of this cause. We promise not to look at you as a coward.”

He looked at the pessimistic rebel and said, “I suggest that you go home, boy. Whatcha say?”

“I-I’ll fight.“, he responded.

“Then let’s move.“, Daedoran called. “King’s Road is just half-a-mile away from here. We hurry before dawn. It will take us roughly three hours to reach the castle gates.”


As they were near the castle gates, about a quarter mile in the distance, they hid in the nearby forest surrounding the castle.

“It’s my first time to see the castle up-close-and-personal!“, Bartus said in awe.

“Were you that busy that you haven’t visited here during every nation address of the king?“, Leknov replied.

“Ah. Yes I’ve been busy managing my shop. Loads of people recently have been lining up to my shop.“, Bartus replied.

“I thought you wife manages it and you’re the one cooking?“, Leknov replied.

“Actually it’s the other way around. Ha Ha!“, Bartus replied. “My wife’s a hard core cook and mine’s nothing. I just know how things work around the kitchen but got no skills with it.“, he continued.

“That’s make sense. Considering you’re our chef. Ha ha ha!“, Leknov replied in sarcasm.

Bartus grabbed Leknov’s armor and pulled to him.

“Ya saying something about ma cooking?“, Bartus replied in jest using a different accent. “Why don’t ya spit all the food I fed ya?“, he continued.

Bolo looked at them and wandered.

~ I hope they would be able to have these bond again after. ~

Daedoran went to Bolo and patted his shoulder.

“You okay, buddy?“, he said.

“Yes, my lord.“, Bolo replied. “I’m only here because you need me by your side. Therefore my life is on the line as well. But do not fret, my lord, for I do not regret this decision. Always been an honor to protect the king.“, he continued.

Daedoran smiled and double tapped his shoulder.

“You shall not die on my watch.“, Daedoran assured him. “I have plans for you as well as I become king.“, he continued.

Bolo hurriedly gestured a refusal against his offer.

“You need not to, my lord!“, he insisted. “I’m already complete when you said you needed me in this mission.“, he continued.

Sarayah came also and reassured Bolo.

“Then I shall protect you both.“, she said. “My knives are always faster than death.“, she continued.

The scouts went in to report the situation.

“It seems the patrol guards are on regular duty, my lord.“, one scout said.

“There are no suspicious movements from every corner, my lord.“, another scout said.

Daedoran merely baffled by the situation.

“It doesn’t make sense.“, Daedoran wandered in curiosity. “Why would they suspend the event tomorrow... and just do nothing?“, he continued.

“My lord, are you worried that they might have prepared an attack for us inside?“, Sarayah said.

“It would be an option to consider.“, he replied. “There’s only one way to make sure.“, he continued.

“I may have a plan, sir.“, Sarayah suggested.

“Divulge me.“, he replied.

“We need to find the hole first.“, she said.

- To be continued -

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