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Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 1: The Exile - Part 1

Part 1: Prologue

In a world named Gaia, humans there existed long before anything else. They have conquered both the lands and the seas as they wandered around the world. They built and established kingdoms and empires among the lands of their choosing. Dissatisfaction filled the hearts among men, so they expanded their territories by declaring and engaging in wars with other nations of humans. They are ruling the world for about a thousand years.

In this world, where bloody wars between nations were waged because of greed, pleasure, and the scarcity of resources, exists beings that live for thousands of years. They have flawless skin, beautiful in physique, have intelligence and wisdom that no human can surpass nor fathom, and powers that magicians will never learn nor possess. They are called The Elves.

The Elves think of themselves as superior beings to humans. They are even being worshiped by the latter as gods that created Gaia, though many still do not believe in former. Since they came to existence, they had already foreseen what will happen when they try to live with the humans. They’ve always thought that men were savages and evil in nature. Therefore they decided to disappear from the eyes and knowledge and history of humans, isolating themselves from the rest of the world. The Elves, using their superior magical powers, created their own world inside Gaia. It is a realm invisible and unreachable to humans. A paradise that only The Elves are living in. They called it “The Garden”. It is where trees, rivers, and sunlight envelope the whole place. It is where The Elves’ magical powers are contained and are practiced.

The Elves have all the powers known to them. The elders, the wisest and longest living beings of their kind, had a deliberation with the council to seal away ancient magics and forbid their people from using or practicing any offensive spells against their own kin. So they sealed away these spells and forbid the Elves from using or practicing, and even unsealing what were sealed. The punishment for the violators was exile.

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