Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 1: The Exile - Part 2

Part 2: The Verdict

One day after hundreds of years, an Elf named “Zarahdeen”, saw a band of his kin secretly practicing a forbidden spell at a corner away from the village. As he observed curiously and intently, he was later found by one of the violators and confronted him with an offensive spell. As their engagement caused an uproar, authorities were alarmed and immediately responded to the incident. Unfortunately in surprise, Zarahdeen was the only one seen using an offensive spell against his oppressors. Unbeknownst to the authorities, he was only defending himself. So they apprehended him and put him on trial. Since they are all witnesses of his superiority against the real transgressors, and up-close-and-personally seen him about to cast an offensive spell, he was immediately sentenced to exile. He was not even given the chance to defend himself against his oppressors. The verdict was the stripping of his capability of using Elven magic, erasing of his memories about their race’s existence and even their location and how to get there, cut off his Elven ears, and cursed his beauty as an elf turning him into an unrecognizable being, and exiled him to the land of they deem called “Savages”.

Zarahdeen looked devastated both physically and emotionally as he mourns for his sin and then fell asleep on the wastelands of Gaia. As he woke up, he felt like a new born baby not knowing what himself nor what happened. His former self, even his name, and his birth place are unknown to him. He felt so abandoned and neglected by someone or anyone accountable to him. He stood up and wandered the lands of the unknown, endlessly searching for answers of the things he can’t even express to question to himself. One day he reached a forest where a small village is hidden. He went there purposely looking for answers. He saw faces and a race different from what he thinks of himself will look like. As he barged on a bar out of thirst, the people were petrified in his presence. They were so terrified as they see an unrecognizable and monstrous looking being in front of them. Zarahdeen’s image was like a combination of a beast and a human face, with long nails and broken teeth. His body was thin, his eyes were big and yellow. No one could tell if he was either a human or a beast. They hurriedly ran outside and evacuated the village.

As the people dispersed from the village, they hid to the deepest part of the forest. Left in the village was a beautiful blind lady still terrified of the intense fear and shouting of the villagers. When Zarahdeen saw her and found her attractive, he kept her as his wife and made love with her. They had a son that was more human-like than him. His wife loved him so much, but when he saw how frail and dying his wife looked and how they continuously starve together with the baby, he decided to kill and eat her. He loved his son more than anything else.

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