Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 1: The Exile - Part 3

Part 3: The Resilience

Zarahdeen traveled to the mountains together with his son to find refuge. After days of survival, they were ambushed by a band of headhunters. The group took a liking at him so they decided to put him in a cage to be their captive and dispose his son. As Zarahdeen saw how they killed his beloved son with their spear, he gnashed his teeth in anger. He tried to break free by pulling the earrings of one of the headhunters who’s carrying him but he was unsuccessful. After the loss, they dragged him forcibly with spear blades pointed at him as they traveled to their headquarters. They surrendered him to their chieftain, allowing him to decide what to do with their captive. Since the headhunter chief also took a liking at him, he decided to give him a chance for survival. That is if he’s able to defeat their strongest headhunter on a death match. As a former elf, Zarahdeen have never engaged on any physical fights outside the use of magic. Survival was the only thing he was thinking for that moment. So he stood up and gave a provocative and deadly look at the chieftain.

The strongest headhunter began to walk towards the arena circle where the death match will occur. The battle commences once a fighter initiates an attack. So Zarahdeen’s opponent decided to lunge forward with its spear forming a thrust against him while unarmed. In surprise of the audiences, Zarahdeen successfully avoided the thrust while grabbing the spearhead at the time. He broke the spearhead and kicked the kneecap of his opponent in anger that forcibly incapacitated it. His opponent cried in anguish. The look at its face spoke defeat, but that’s not how the match works. Before finishing his opponent, he gazed at the chieftain with vicious look, indicates that he wanted to kill the him afterwards. So he grabbed the hair of his agonizing opponent, raised it up, and stabbed the head with the broken spearhead. He claimed victory over the test. The other headhunters were left astounded. In awe of his victory, the chieftain honored his word and offered Zarahdeen to stay and be part of the group or have the freedom initially offered. Despite what they have done to his son, he managed to take the offer to be one of them for his survival. The headhunters all welcomed him in their family. They offered him gold from their plunders and women that they have captured. He made them his wives and made sons and daughters from them. He lived a savage life as part of the headhunters.

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