Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 1: The Exile - Part 4

Part 4: The Overthrow

As Zarahdeen continued to live with the savages, he learned their language, their skills, their culture, their rituals, and their shaman’s magics. A part of their culture was challenging a higher ranked fighter to death to gain that position. So he challenged every higher ranking hunter and defeated them in order to climb the ladder of power. As he progressed as one of their greatest fighters and after learning all their sorcery and gaining control of their amulets, he finally challenged the tribal chieftain to a death match. When the news about the fight was spread throughout the tribe, fear enveloped them. They never expected someone to challenge the greatness of their chieftain. The chieftain felt so insulted with Zarahdeen’s arrogance but laughed it off and agreed anyways. They then stood at the arena circle for the death match. The chief told him that he’s not going to kill him for his arrogance, but he will make sure his severed body will be fed to their wolves. After their taunts against each other, Zarahdeen made the first move that commenced the fight for the throne. He threw his spear directly aimed at the chief’s head and was easily evaded, but he followed-it-up with a fast jump kick to the head that made the chief spit blood and blinded for a moment of the impact. Zarahdeen reclaimed his spear and stabbed the left foot of his opponent. Unfortunately, the powerful amulets worn by the chieftain helped him increase his pain tolerance during the fight. He was like a fully armored knight that deflects blades stroke at him. He then fixed his posture and regained sight of Zarahdeen. He laughed it off again and walked looking unharmed towards his challenger. Zarahdeen made another battle stance in preparation for his next attack. The chief then rushed towards him with his spear and when they are about to collide with each other, he cast a poisonous magic on his spear and thrust it towards Zarahdeen’s face but was parried by his hand. Zarahdeen then hurriedly stabbed the chief on his side and forcibly applied pressure that incapacitated the chieftain. At the moment of his death, the chieftain smiled at him and congratulated him for his victory. Then he died kneeling with a spear stabbed on his side. Zarahdeen afterwards claimed the throne but his health was compromised by the poison’s affliction from the chief’s spear. The whole tribe bowed down to him in awe of his greatness and surrendered. He immediately gained control of the whole tribe and its resources.

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