Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 1: The Exile - Part 5

Part 5: The Savagery

First of Zarahdeen’s command was to have all of the warriors kill each other to know who will die for him and disposed the weak among them. He made the widows his wives and made children from them. He killed those who talked behind his back and those who conspired against him. He became so powerful among the whole tribe. They plundered villages and engaged war with other tribes and were never defeated. Zarahdeen’s glory, even though he has no name yet, spread like wildfire to nearby towns and villages. People feared him and submitted to his will. They provided him a portion of their produce and offered him a daughter every year to be his wife. These were done out of fear of their lives. Furthermore, Zarahdeen’s wickedness reached even the nearby kingdoms. Their first encounter with him was a total bloodbath, forcing them to retreat in fear of having their forces wiped out. They attacked for three more times every time they have enough force with them, but they are defeated every time. So they have decided to make truce with Zarahdeen and help him with more resources. Afterwards, Zarahdeen ruled over the land and was feared by nearby kingdoms. He was called the Savage King.

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