Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 1: The Exile - Part 6

Part 6: The Last Breath

Despite having all the glory of the battlefield, Zarahdeen arrived to his most weakened state due to the affliction of the poison from his fight against the chieftain. He accepted his fate and called forth his strongest men and his hundreds of children in his death bed. They paid their respects and praises for his greatness. Suddenly, at the moment of his last breath, the Elven Curse was lifted from him. His knowledge and Elven power returned to him. He was overwhelmed of what he has regained and known, even remembered his oppressors and the verdict given to him by the elders. Despite regaining his former self, he is still in his death state. So he called his strongest warrior and possessed him, leaving his soulless body decay from the poison. Now he has entered a new vessel with all his Elven powers and knowledge returned to him. He is now driven with rage and vengeance against the Elves. He will do anything that is necessary to deliver his vengeance to his oppressors. He is currently the most powerful being on the land of the humans. He named himself Zarahdeen, the name he had when he was an elf.

- End of Chapter 1 -

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