Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 2: The Resistance - Part 1


There are four kingdoms ruling the realm of Gaia. They built great walls at their borders to establish their sovereignty over the lands inside the walls.

The kingdom of Gandath--a nation built on valleys where they have the agricultural abundance and livestocks--is being ruled by the Mad King Raenan. Their people fear the Mad King because of his royal decrees including forced labor, oppression, and unjust taxation. Their nation is allied with the kingdom of Galum.

The kingdom of Galum--a nation surrounded by mountains and Zika desert where they have the abundance of oil, minerals, and clay--is being ruled by King Tenneth. They made a truce with Zarahdeen’s army after their four overwhelming losses against the latter.

The kingdom of Servia--a nation surrounded by the trees of a giant forest--is being ruled by King Ceres, whom his people obey for his pure-heartedness. Its troops are known to be war elites. They have more elite soldiers than new ones. They are allied with the kingdom of Sez for joint trainings and exhibitions. Their nation doesn’t rely on other nation’s resources for they have a plentiful of everything.

The kingdom of Sez--a nation built near the shore and rocky places--is ruled by a very young princess named Gothia. Princess Gothia was crowned ruler of Sez at age 14, when both of her parents died from the battle against Galum. Despite her very young age, she is considered the wisest in the kingdom, wiser than her advisers. She is actually the main strategist of their army. She leads the battlefield from a distance and is known to have won at least three major wars within the first three years of her reign. Both Sez and Servia are proven war elites.

When Zarahdeen’s army--the infamous savage group that instilled fear among nearby cities and towns--accepted the truce with the kingdom of Galum for an agreement that the former shall be provided with the equipment for battle by the latter, news spread like wildfire all throughout the continents. Despite the gravity of the threat to the balance of powers, the rulers showed no fret about it.

The oppressed cries out,

“Who shall save us from this oppression?”

“Who is worthy to slay our enemies?”

And the story goes on...

Part 1: The Rendezvous

At the kingdom of Gandath

King Raenan calls forth his Hand--his strongest and finest knight whose loyalty is to the throne, to confirm reports about a rebellion.

“Sir Hidan!“, he furiously called.

His Hand hurriedly came forth.

“Yes, my lord! What service shall your hand provide you?“, Hidan curiously responded.

Raenan responded with a clenched fist and while gnashing his teeth, he reacted,

“I’ve heard there are reports that a group of rats is foolishly conspiring against the throne! It was said that they are being led by two caped men.”

Hidan genuflected in respect and shamefully responded,

“I-I know nothing of such report, my lord! It looks like Your Majesty has finer ears than my subjects. If you may, allow me to verify the information, my lord!“, Hidan requested.

“Truly that such foolishness is unprecedented." Raenan said. “Your ignorance is as good as mine. Find those rats who think they can freely wander around my streets!” Raenan insisted. “And also remind my foolish son to stay inside the castle! I don’t want him to interact with the low lives. If the reports are deemed to be true, then those sewer rats will have their eyes on him. I don’t want my only heir be jeopardized.”

After a few more reminders, Hidan left the throne room and sought to investigate about the rebellion.


It was already midnight when sound of light footsteps is heard from the castle hallway. The handmaids and the butlers are already sound asleep and the castle guards are out on patrol. The light-footed person rushed towards a secret door leading to an underground basement. As he slowly walked down the dark room, his steps echoed. After reaching the deepest part of the basement, where empty bookshelves and chests are disposed, he pushed a shelf and uncovered a hidden passage.

“You can do this.” , The mysterious person gently whispered to himself. “There’s no turning back.”

He ran through the hidden passage and reached a dead end. Feeling a bit frustrated, he looked for a way out. Then suddenly someone shouted in whisper,

“Hey, look up!”, The whispering voice said.

He looked up and saw a girl wearing a cape peeking from an open hole.

“Hey, great timing!”, He responded in relief.

“Give me your hand!“, The girl insisted. ”I’m gonna pull you up.”,

He reached out his hand and was pulled up by the girl in cape. They ran toward a ladder and climbed up to reach a dug up hole. The exit is fully covered by bushes just outside the castle garden.

“Do you have him?”, He asked.

“Just as you have expected will happen, sir.”, She recalled.

“I’m glad I can count on you.”, He said with a smirk.

So they crouched and hastily moved towards every bush lined up towards the gate to hide for a moment to keep themselves away from the line of sight of the soldiers on patrol.

“We’re almost near the castle gates. I’ll give the signal once they looked away.“, The girl reminded him.

Then once the patrolling guard looked away from the castle gates, she cued him to ran towards the gate. So he rushed ahead until he reached the ladder beside the gate that leads to the scouting room just above the castle gates. He reached the scouting room just before the patrol soldier looked again at the view of the gate.

“Hurry!”, He signaled the girl.

“Just a moment!”, The girl also responded with signs.

When she’s about to run, her left leg was caught up by a constricting plant that ceased her movement and caused an unwanted noise. The noise from the bush as she moved raised suspicions to a soldier patrolling at the garden.

“What the..!”, The soldier reacted.

“Ah this is bad!”, She reacted in whisper.

As the soldier walked towards the location of the mysterious noise, the girl is still trying to get rid of the plant’s constriction.

“Show yourself!”, The soldier directed the mysterious source of the noise from the bush.

The girl, once successfully got rid of the plant, ran hastily towards the gate while appearing to the patrolling soldiers as a mysterious caped person. She then threw knives at their feet to slow them down and give her an advantage to get away from them.

“Report to the general! Tell him a mysterious caped person was spotted inside the castle gates.”, A soldier in pursuit alarmed the others.

Both the girl and her lord jumped off from the castle gates to the outside where a chunk of grass was prepared on the ground prior to the escape plan.

“You made it! Now let’s meet with the others.”, He insisted.

They fled from the castle and rendezvoused with their companions.


That dawn, they made to enter to the girl’s house and underneath the dining table lies a secret passage to the basement. They went down the room and all they found is darkness and silence. The girl, still dressed with a cape, started to talk.

“Sir Daedoran is here.”

After that, the room is brightened with the room lights. They were welcomed by people wearing capes and weapons in their hands. One of them came forward and removed his hood.

“Welcome back Sir Daedoran and Lady Sarayah!”, The person said.

“Why are you all in capes, Leknov? Why do you need to hide from us as if we are the enemies?“, Sarayah curiously asked.

“Scout reports said that the Hand of the Mad King received reports about us rebels. He is currently investigating and interrogating random people.“, Leknov recalled. “We are just trying to hide from their sight even if it means doubting every one that will go down here.“, He continued.

“Sir, what shall we do now that the enemies might double their sights against us?“, Sarayah asked.

Daedoran was stopped for a while to think. Then for a moment he looked at the crowd like he’s looking for someone.

“Where’s Bolo?“, Daedoran asked their companions. “I need to see him.”, He continued.

“He’s locked up at the storage room at the back.”, Leknov replied. “What do you need from him that you made us get him? He’s a lap dog of the Mad King!”, He continued.

“It’s for me to decide.”, Daedoran replied as he walk towards the storage room.

Another person came forward to Daedoran and revealed his face. He is called Bartus, their main chef.

“Sir!”, Bartus called. “So you are now sure about this?”, He continued.

“Well I am here now in front of you.”, He replied. “I’ve thought this through don’t worry.”, He continued.

A few steps after he was again interrupted.

“I mean we are going after your father.”, He said.

Daedoran looked back at him and smirked.

“As a ruler of a country, you are bound to protect your people’s welfare not to be their oppressor.”, He replied confidently. “I love my people more than my father. That’s just how it goes.“, He said then continued to walk towards Bolo’s location.

The caped men looked at each other fervently and replied in unison upon raising their weapons.

“Then Long live King Daedoran!”, They shouted.

Bolo, with the big volume of his body, is one of the vanguards of a division under a commander named Henekis. Aside from being a front liner, he is also a direct messenger to the king. He has decent sword fighting skills.

Sir Daedoran, who is also the Prince of Gandath, and only son and heir of the Mad King Raenan, came to see Bolo for a personal conversation

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