Revenge of Zarahdeen

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Chapter 2: The Resistance - Part 2

Part 2: The Friendship

Daedoran opened the locked door of the storage room and saw a fully constricted Bolo resting at the corner of the room beside the trash bin. The prince laid down his bag and weapons just beside the door behind him. He then sat beside him about half a meter apart and leaned his back against the wall and stared at the other side of the room. He then suddenly felt the exhaustion and fell asleep.

After a while, Bolo woke up and saw Daedoran sitting beside him probably sleeping.

“M-my lord?”, He subtly called.

There was no response from the prince. While trying to understand the situation and recalling the faces of his captors, he tried to wake up Daedoran.

“Lord Daedoran!”, He reiterated in whisper-shout.

Daedoran then woke up and looked at Bolo in his eyes.

“Bolo...”, Daedoran said with regret.

Not knowing of the real situation and Daedoran’s role in his captivity, he interrupted,

“Don’t tire yourself, my lord! Let me handle this.”, Bolo insisted. “Those rebel scums don’t even know what awaits them once Lord Hidan gets a hold of our situation!”, he continued.

While Bolo is searching for weapons and other stuffs to try and break from their captivity, Daedoran reiterated,


“Yes, my lord!“, Bolo replied. “Don’t you worry, I’m gonna save you even if it costs me my life!”, He continued.

Bolo then found a sword on a distance placed beside the door(which is actually Daedoran’s). He crawled his way towards it for the purpose of cutting his ropes to break loose.

“My lord, I have found a sword here!“, he said. “We’re outta here in no time! They’ve probably never had any war experience than I do. Fighting our way out won’t even need much skills.”, he insisted.

As he reached the sword up-close-and-personal he saw, which is supposedly, the insignia of Prince Daedoran and realized how the accessories are neatly placed like the prince was never a prisoner, he asked in benefit of the doubt,


Daedoran replied in silence.

“Did you..fought your way through here for me?“, he continued.

The prince heavily sighed.

“You’re here because of me..I’m sorry.”, Daedoran said in desperation.

Bolo turned to Daedoran and tried to give his benefit of the doubt.

“What do you mean because of you, sir?”, he asked. “You mean you-”

“I told them to get you.”, Daedoran interrupted.

Trying to gloss over the response, Bolo withdraws aback and leaned at at the door.

“T-them--you mean the rebels?”, He anxiously asked.

Daedoran, responding in silence, looked at him in the eyes intently to signify assent.

“H-ha ha hahaha!“, Bolo laughed in disbelief. That’s a funny thing to say in this situatio--“,

“We’re taking over the castle in 3 days.“, Daedoran replied in interruption.

Bolo, left astounded, replied

“You joined the rebels to--kill your father--the king?”

Daedoran got up and vehemently smashed the wall with clenched fist in his outburst.

“It is necessary!”, he shouted in desperation. “There’s no other way!“, he continued.

As the others heard the shout and the smashing of the wall, Sarayah went to check the situation.

“Sir, is there seem to be a problem?”, She asked.

Daedoran, once realized he was making unnecessary ruckus, withdrew his fist and calmed himself.

“No.”, he replied. “It’s fine.”

“Just tell me if this pig is harassing you.“, she replied. “He’ll be the first to feel my knives.“, she warned.

“Thank you.. Sarayah.“, Daedoran replied in relief.

She then closed the door and got back to the others and discussed their plan.

“There must be another way, sir.“, Bolo suggested. “Don’t stain your hands with the blood of your own father.“, He continued.

Daedoran calmed himself and smiled at Bolo. He walked towards him and tapped his shoulder.

“You’re a good man, Bolo.“, he complimented.

“My lord...“, Bolo anxiously replied. “Why me..?“, he asked.

Daedoran turned away from Bolo and grabbed a small rusty shield and stared at it and started to reminisce.

“I’ve always loved you as a friend”, Daedoran said. “You were always there to protect me, to rescue me when we were kids.“, he continued.

“My lord...“, Bolo replied.

“I remember when sir Hidan was tasked to train me in my sword skills day and night. I was so exhausted and wounded because of my own weakness. He doesn’t want me to stop. My knees were shaking, my hands were swollen, and I was barely breathing. Then you stepped in and pleaded him to stop. He stroke you bad but he ceased the training afterwards.“, Daedoran recalled.

“Sir, that’s...”, Bolo replied. “What are you implying to say, my lord?“. he asked.

Daedoran looked at him confidently and intently.

“I need you to protect me again!“, he responded.

In great surprise, Bolo was in silence.

“Be my shield.“, Daedoran continued.

“There are others who are better than me, sir!“, Bolo responded. “You gained companions from the rebels to protect you! So why me?”, he asked in curiosity.

Daedoran walked towards Bolo and offered him the shield, reaching it in front of him.

“A knight needs to trust his shield to protect him.“, he replied. “I am entrusting my back to you.“, he continued.

Bolo got teary eyed and fell down to his knees.

“Sir..!”, Bolo replied.

They went outside afterwards.

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