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Summer Scott , a normal but mysterious girl knows as the best psychiatrist in fan Francisco. she can cure any kind of psychopathic, but one day when she met him, her whole life roll like rollercoaster, up and down...... The guy, Adam knight .. Who had a personality disorder. What will happen when Anna fall in love with his TWO FACE. they find out about their secrets .....

Fantasy / Mystery
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My Two Face Lover

My Two Face Lover

By PLatinum.POLO5

Summer Scott, a normal but mysterious girl known as the best psychiatrist in Francisco. She can cure any kind of psychopathic, any mental patient. But one day when she met him, her whole life roll like up and down... The psycho, Adam knight, who had a personality disorder.
What will happen when summer fall in love with this TWO FACE .
What will happen when they find out about their secrets

Today I'm watching the death from so much afar, I never thought before.. That I have to watch my own death by my love . Every single moment is important for me now. My body is becoming numb. I'm shaking in fear.. Fear of leaving my love,

But I don't have any regrets cause I am the one who choose this way this life this situation. And I will say until my last breath that it is not wrong......
I can't hold my breath anymore. All the oxygen inside of my body is leaving me, my vision become blurry... .as much as the energy I have.... It's slowly giving up from my body... But I try my best to fixed my gaze...
I am starting at the emotionless green eyes where once I saw love and my future, but now everything is empty... Nothing.... It's empty like a dark hole..... But full of mystery... He is yelling for help. I know, he also doesn't want it .

i know that he is messed up, he is in worse condition than me... He is fighting, ...fighting with him,.. He is fighting with His demon side .Today he will also die with my death.. That devil who lived in him will be win...
His hand on my neck were squeezing harder and harder.... I couldn't breathe.. My soul was leaving my body .“Babygirl, I tell you that you don't knew me and don't try to. I don't wanted your help ‘LOVE’ .I warned you at the first to stay the fucking away from me ”
I can't handle it and.. Its not hurting me that I'm dying the this is hurting me is HE IS KILLING ME... The love of my life.... I don't want him to hurt himself after know that I'm dead because of him... I know him better than anyone better than him.. He will kill himself.. I can't help but say, “Maybe that's the one thing I can't do.. Stay away from you ‘love’,stop loving you. I don't love you to just left you. If death is the one way to leave you then I will not complain. Just remember my man, I was in love with you I am in love with you and I WILL be in LOVE with you.
I lose my all energy for survive to tell him that I love him.. At the bottom of my heart.. I never know that I will fall in love with a PSYCHO. I know he never felt in same way that I'm just his obsession. But that's never stop me to loving him.... But before The darkness is Taking control of me. Before my mind and heart stopped working. Before I closed my eyes I hear THE THING I was waiting for so hard....
His dark deep husky voice was the last this I hear and remember..... “I love you my Babygirl ” Was the last thing I heard.. Now I can die peacefully
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