The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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This feeling of freedom as I fall

Fantasy / Horror
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Walking the bustling streets of Tokyo feeling as if everyone was staring at me..... judging my every step.

With every step closer I became more and more anxious,I started to question myself creating arguments with myself "Was I really about

It was the only option wasn't it?" The contradicting voices in my head chimed in "Do it!You have nothing left.No one cares about you anyway."

The voices in my head though harsh, they were right, I lost my job..... my mom and I was about to lose my life to the battle of depression. I laughed out loud "AGGGHH.....what a wreck."

Why was I only now starting to rethink this decision?It's too late now anyway!Theres no time to rethink!

I reached the bridge, a single tear dropped from my eye,this was the last straw. I picked up the pace quickening my stride when finally I found a spot that would be easily accessible.

I stood on the edge of the bridge looking onto the watery grave below and sighed looking up to the sky, with a whisper I said"I'm coming mom."I threw my body off of the bridge.

As I was falling I felt something I had never felt, an unknown feeling that I had never acknowledged.This feeling.... this feeling is called......freedom!

My body slammed onto the water and I felt nothing as I faded into the darkness.I felt my body sink slowly to the bottom of the ocean barely grazing the soft sand this feeling so calming and therapeutic and ....... I lost consciousness.

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