The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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I practically flew towards the gates but was stopped by........"a shield? "

Rv:"New Skill acquired ,Black Flame Combustion Accept or Deny." "ACCEPT" I felt my arms get warmer and warmer until they were raging black flames, I blew the shield to peices but apparently I was already acknowledged by the kingdoms ruler and he greeted me at the gate

"Young one,what is your purpose in coming to this kingdom." I rushed at him in fury,he raised one arm and suddenly,darkness.I awoke to the voice of that man explaining something about a pet to someone, I opened my eyes and sat up,"Excuse me."

The man turned and said "oh,so the trouble maker has finally awakened."" You can leave Vincent."He opened what seemed to be a black hole and walked through it with a smile.

I asked in a low voice"who are you?"He didn't reply but instead he asked "who are you?" I looked at him and looked away.

He marched up to me and grabbed me by my chin and looked me dead in my eyes, in a cold voice he said"So you don't want to answer me?Well since you are in my portal who do you think will bring you food?"

I smirked and yanked my chin from his grasp and walked in the other direction towards the empty nothingness,he scoffed"OK,we'll have it your way"

And he left, I quickly started to talk to RV I said"who is this man?"Rv"this man is the ruler of this kingdom,Arthur Sacrule he is also known for his heavy blood lust,killing whenever he feels like it,it would be advised to obey his command or the hosts' life span may be cut to three years and eight months.

"I replied with a heavy sigh "Okay,can I have something to eat?" Rv"magic cannot be used into his dimension. " I stood up straight as an arrow "WHHHAAT,SO I CANT EVEN EAT??!!"

Rv did not reply. "Talk to me you hunk of junk!" No reply.I sat down legs crossed and stared at the pitch blackness and fell asleep, I awoke later that day, night?

I did not know what time it was I screamed at the top of my lungs"IM READY TO TALK"soon enough the black hole opened and the man entered with a smug look on his face,"what is your name trouble maker" I replied"Yukai" He said in a slightly annoyed tone"Full name."

Mc"Yukai Sua." As"Where are you from?" Mc"I don't know"As"what is your purpose in coming here?"Mc "I don't have a purpose,I was simply in a rage." As"A rage?"........

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