The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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He walked towards the darkness and opened a portal "I'll be back." I screamed "WAIT! I ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS DIDN'T I?!"It was too late he was gone i sat there left to my own thoughts the silence slowly killing me.

He came back in a few minutes with what looked like clothes in hand,he threw them at me and turned around" Put them on." I did as he said,the clothes were really pretty but they were .....male clothes I stopped putting on the pants"What is this?"

As"you are going to a prestigious magic school BUT you have to go to the male school as the female section is to soft or in other words weak,you are too strong to go there."I sighed and resumed,he then said i also have something to ask you."Mc "like what ?" Without turning around he said "Follow me."

I finished dressing and followed him out of the portal and into a pink room, he turned around and sat on the also pink and frilly bed and patted the spot beside him,once more I obeyed he smirked triumphantly but I still sat,he began to speak"Do you know who your mother and father are?

"Mc "No" he then asked"why?"I let out a heavy sigh"I was alone from the very beginning, I have never seen my mother or my father." He muttered under his breath "well that's odd." Although i heard him i said "hmmm? He then said " I am your father." I looked at him confused and said"You are?How?You don't look like you came from that small village." He replied with"I didn't." Mc"" He then said.........

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